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1A New Metaheuristic Bat-Inspired AlgorithmStudies in Computational Intelligence20102,880
2Supervised Sequence Labelling with Recurrent Neural NetworksStudies in Computational Intelligence20121,095
3Fog Computing: A Platform for Internet of Things and AnalyticsStudies in Computational Intelligence2014704
4Long Short-Term MemoryStudies in Computational Intelligence2012671
5Genetic AlgorithmStudies in Computational Intelligence2019644
6Uncertainty TheoryStudies in Computational Intelligence2010584
7A Tutorial on Learning with Bayesian NetworksStudies in Computational Intelligence2008401
8RotorS—A Modular Gazebo MAV Simulator FrameworkStudies in Computational Intelligence2016351
9Feature Selection and Enhanced Krill Herd Algorithm for Text Document ClusteringStudies in Computational Intelligence2019340
10Advances in Differential EvolutionStudies in Computational Intelligence2008302
11Supervised Sequence LabellingStudies in Computational Intelligence2012301
12Complex-Valued Neural NetworksStudies in Computational Intelligence2012280
13Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning: An OverviewStudies in Computational Intelligence2010278
14Harmony Search as a Metaheuristic AlgorithmStudies in Computational Intelligence2009276
15Chaos-Based CryptographyStudies in Computational Intelligence2011251
16Workflow Scheduling Algorithms for Grid ComputingStudies in Computational Intelligence2008243
17Genetic Algorithm EssentialsStudies in Computational Intelligence2017243
18Particle Swarm Optimization and Differential Evolution Algorithms: Technical Analysis, Applications and Hybridization PerspectivesStudies in Computational Intelligence2008233
19Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm: Theoretical Foundations, Analysis, and ApplicationsStudies in Computational Intelligence2009230
20Music-Inspired Harmony Search AlgorithmStudies in Computational Intelligence2009220
21Multi-robot Task Allocation: A Review of the State-of-the-ArtStudies in Computational Intelligence2015214
22RDF Support in the Virtuoso DBMSStudies in Computational Intelligence2009209
23Evolutionary Algorithms and Neural NetworksStudies in Computational Intelligence2019197
24Computational Optimization, Methods and AlgorithmsStudies in Computational Intelligence2011192
25Handbook of Memetic AlgorithmsStudies in Computational Intelligence2012191
26Surrogate-Based MethodsStudies in Computational Intelligence2011181
27Applying Data Mining Techniques to e-Learning ProblemsStudies in Computational Intelligence2007170
28Index Matrices: Towards an Augmented Matrix CalculusStudies in Computational Intelligence2014170
29Human-Centric Information Processing Through Granular ModellingStudies in Computational Intelligence2009150
30Advances and Applications in Sliding Mode Control systemsStudies in Computational Intelligence2015147
31A Universal Grid Map Library: Implementation and Use Case for Rough Terrain NavigationStudies in Computational Intelligence2016147
32Eagle Strategy Using Lévy Walk and Firefly Algorithms for Stochastic OptimizationStudies in Computational Intelligence2010145
33Complex-Valued Neural Networks with Multi-Valued NeuronsStudies in Computational Intelligence2011144
34Tuning MetaheuristicsStudies in Computational Intelligence2009143
35Hybrid MetaheuristicsStudies in Computational Intelligence2008140
36An Introduction to Multi-Agent SystemsStudies in Computational Intelligence2010140
37Image Features Detection, Description and MatchingStudies in Computational Intelligence2016137
38Chaos Modeling and Control Systems DesignStudies in Computational Intelligence2015136
39Advances in Intelligent Tutoring SystemsStudies in Computational Intelligence2010134
40A Comprehensive Survey on Fitness Landscape AnalysisStudies in Computational Intelligence2012127
41Review of Classifier Combination MethodsStudies in Computational Intelligence2008126
42A BERT-Based Transfer Learning Approach for Hate Speech Detection in Online Social MediaStudies in Computational Intelligence2020125
43An Overview of Sentiment Analysis in Social Media and Its Applications in Disaster ReliefStudies in Computational Intelligence2016122
44Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms: Methodologies, Architectures, and ReviewsStudies in Computational Intelligence2007122
45Computational Intelligence Applications in Modeling and ControlStudies in Computational Intelligence2015119
46Particle Swarm Optimization in Dynamic EnvironmentsStudies in Computational Intelligence2007118
47Fractional Order Control and Synchronization of Chaotic SystemsStudies in Computational Intelligence2017117
48Quality and Complexity Measures for Data Linkage and DeduplicationStudies in Computational Intelligence2007116
49Infeasibility Driven Evolutionary Algorithm for Constrained OptimizationStudies in Computational Intelligence2009115
50The Self-Organizing Maps: Background, Theories, Extensions and ApplicationsStudies in Computational Intelligence2008114