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118% Efficiency organic solar cellsScience Bulletin20202,380
2Stable classification with limited sample: transferring a 30-m resolution sample set collected in 2015 to mapping 10-m resolution global land cover in 2017Science Bulletin2019761
3Ternary organic solar cells offer 14% power conversion efficiencyScience Bulletin2017665
4In situ simultaneous determination of trace elements, U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopes in zircon and baddeleyiteScience Bulletin2008488
5Ultrafast epitaxial growth of metre-sized single-crystal graphene on industrial Cu foilScience Bulletin2017454
6Experimental realization of honeycomb boropheneScience Bulletin2018397
7Ultra-light MXene aerogel/wood-derived porous carbon composites with wall-like “mortar/brick” structures for electromagnetic interference shieldingScience Bulletin2020370
826 mA cm−2 Jsc from organic solar cells with a low-bandgap nonfullerene acceptorScience Bulletin2017368
9A perspective view on ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism and continental collision in the Dabie-Sulu orogenic beltScience Bulletin2008332
10Scutellaria baicalensis , the golden herb from the garden of Chinese medicinal plantsScience Bulletin2016329
11Meta-optics and bound states in the continuumScience Bulletin2019325
1240-Year (1978–2017) human settlement changes in China reflected by impervious surfaces from satellite remote sensingScience Bulletin2019319
13Porous spherical NiO@NiMoO4@PPy nanoarchitectures as advanced electrochemical pseudocapacitor materialsScience Bulletin2020292
14Insights into photoluminescence mechanisms of carbon dots: advances and perspectivesScience Bulletin2021288
152D materials via liquid exfoliation: a review on fabrication and applicationsScience Bulletin2015270
16Thermostable single-junction organic solar cells with a power conversion efficiency of 14.62%Science Bulletin2018260
17Alloy-like ternary polymer solar cells with over 17.2% efficiencyScience Bulletin2020252
18Solvent additive-free ternary polymer solar cells with 16.27% efficiencyScience Bulletin2019247
19Mapping essential urban land use categories in China (EULUC-China): preliminary results for 2018Science Bulletin2020247
20Why Lake Taihu continues to be plagued with cyanobacterial blooms through 10 years (2007–2017) effortsScience Bulletin2019243
21Near-infrared emissive carbon dots with 33.96% emission in aqueous solution for cellular sensing and light-emitting diodesScience Bulletin2019240
22In-situ incorporation of Copper(II) porphyrin functionalized zirconium MOF and TiO2 for efficient photocatalytic CO2 reductionScience Bulletin2019234
23Atomically dispersed Au1 catalyst towards efficient electrochemical synthesis of ammoniaScience Bulletin2018225
24Vertically-interlaced NiFeP/MXene electrocatalyst with tunable electronic structure for high-efficiency oxygen evolution reactionScience Bulletin2021220
25Interface structure prediction via CALYPSO methodScience Bulletin2019219
26Flexible conductive Ag nanowire/cellulose nanofibril hybrid nanopaper for strain and temperature sensing applicationsScience Bulletin2020219
27On the timing and duration of the destruction of the North China CratonScience Bulletin2009218
28Nanostructured transition metal oxides as advanced anodes for lithium-ion batteriesScience Bulletin2015217
29Observation of structure in the J/ψ-pair mass spectrumScience Bulletin2020212
30Experimental long-distance quantum secure direct communicationScience Bulletin2017208
31Few-layer Tellurium: one-dimensional-like layered elementary semiconductor with striking physical propertiesScience Bulletin2018207
32Selective photocatalytic CO2 reduction over Zn-based layered double hydroxides containing tri or tetravalent metalsScience Bulletin2020205
33S, N co-doped carbon nanotube-encapsulated core-shelled CoS2@Co nanoparticles: efficient and stable bifunctional catalysts for overall water splittingScience Bulletin2018202
34Out-of-time-order correlation for many-body localizationScience Bulletin2017201
35Applications of electrospun nanofibersScience Bulletin2008198
36Graphene: a promising 2D material for electrochemical energy storageScience Bulletin2017198
37Device-independent quantum secure direct communication against collective attacksScience Bulletin2020198
38Carbon-coating-increased working voltage and energy density towards an advanced Na3V2(PO4)2F3@C cathode in sodium-ion batteriesScience Bulletin2020197
39Distributed secure quantum machine learningScience Bulletin2017196
40Quantum hyperentanglement and its applications in quantum information processingScience Bulletin2017195
41New generation electromagnetic materials: harvesting instead of dissipation soloScience Bulletin2022192
42Compact broadband acoustic sink with coherently coupled weak resonancesScience Bulletin2020190
43Chiral flux phase in the Kagome superconductor AV3Sb5Science Bulletin2021187
44Boosting solar steam generation by structure enhanced energy managementScience Bulletin2020184
45Recent advances in organic electrosynthesis employing transition metal complexes as electrocatalystsScience Bulletin2021183
46Global monsoon in a geological perspectiveScience Bulletin2009182
47A robust but variable lake expansion on the Tibetan PlateauScience Bulletin2019182
48Comparison of CMIP6 and CMIP5 models in simulating climate extremesScience Bulletin2020182
49Interface-enhanced organic solar cells with extrapolated T80 lifetimes of over 20 yearsScience Bulletin2020181
50Ultrasensitive strain sensor based on superhydrophobic microcracked conductive Ti3C2T MXene/paper for human-motion monitoring and E-skinScience Bulletin2021181