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Most Cited Articles of Energy and Environmental Science

Challenges in the development of advanced Li-ion batteries: a review20114.7K
Cesium-containing triple cation perovskite solar cells: improved stability, reproducibility and high efficiency20163.7K
Pseudocapacitive oxide materials for high-rate electrochemical energy storage20143.2K
Lithium metal anodes for rechargeable batteries20142.8K
Na-ion batteries, recent advances and present challenges to become low cost energy storage systems20122.7K
Formamidinium lead trihalide: a broadly tunable perovskite for efficient planar heterojunction solar cells20142.7K
Room-temperature stationary sodium-ion batteries for large-scale electric energy storage20132.4K
Lithium-ion batteries. A look into the future20111.9K
How copper catalyzes the electroreduction of carbon dioxide into hydrocarbon fuels20101.9K
Recent developments in nanostructured anode materials for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries20111.8K
Exploration of the active center structure of nitrogen-doped graphene-based catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction20121.8K
New insights into the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide on metallic copper surfaces20121.8K
Electrical energy storage for transportation—approaching the limits of, and going beyond, lithium-ion batteries20121.8K
Supercapacitor electrode materials: nanostructures from 0 to 3 dimensions20151.7K
Best practice methods for determining an electrode material's performance for ultracapacitors20101.7K
Visible-light driven heterojunction photocatalysts for water splitting – a critical review20151.7K
Graphene based new energy materials20111.6K
Lead-free organic–inorganic tin halide perovskites for photovoltaic applications20141.6K
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A review on non-precious metal electrocatalysts for PEM fuel cells20111.5K
Thermochemical biofuel production in hydrothermal media: A review of sub- and supercritical water technologies20081.5K
Bulk nanostructured thermoelectric materials: current research and future prospects20091.4K
A review of water treatment membrane nanotechnologies20111.4K
Carbon capture and storage update20141.4K
Graphitic carbon nitride materials: controllable synthesis and applications in fuel cells and photocatalysis20121.4K