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1Kinetics of Fluorescence Quenching by Electron and H‐Atom TransferIsrael Journal of Chemistry19703,741
2Combining Synchronous Transit and Quasi‐Newton Methods to Find Transition StatesIsrael Journal of Chemistry19931,830
3Scaling Factors for Obtaining Fundamental Vibrational Frequencies and Zero‐Point Energies from HF/6–31G* and MP2/6–31G* Harmonic FrequenciesIsrael Journal of Chemistry1993791
4Theory of Magnetic Susceptibilities and NMR Chemical Shifts in Terms of Localized QuantitiesIsrael Journal of Chemistry1980623
5ConSurf: Using Evolutionary Data to Raise Testable Hypotheses about Protein FunctionIsrael Journal of Chemistry2013459
6Electrochemical CO2 Reduction: Recent Advances and Current TrendsIsrael Journal of Chemistry2014356
7Deep Inside Cucurbiturils: Physical Properties and Volumes of their Inner Cavity Determine the Hydrophobic Driving Force for Host–Guest ComplexationIsrael Journal of Chemistry2011319
8The Natural Bite Angle of Chelating DiphosphinesIsrael Journal of Chemistry1990280
9Structural Features of Azurin at 2.7 Å ResolutionIsrael Journal of Chemistry1981250
10The Potential of Cucurbit[n]urils in Drug DeliveryIsrael Journal of Chemistry2011249
11Analysis of Conformations of Amino Acid Residues and Prediction of Backbone Topography in ProteinsIsrael Journal of Chemistry1974224
12Empirical Correlations Between Conformational Parameters in β‐D‐Furanoside Fragments Derived from a Statistical Survey of Crystal Structures of Nucleic Acid Constituents Full Description of Nucleoside Molecular Geometries in Terms of Four ParametersIsrael Journal of Chemistry1980224
13On the Quantum‐Mechanical Kinetic Energy as a Measure of the Information in a DistributionIsrael Journal of Chemistry1980216
14Issues and Challenges for Bulk‐Type All‐Solid‐State Rechargeable Lithium Batteries using Sulfide Solid ElectrolytesIsrael Journal of Chemistry2015216
15Oxidation‐Reduction Physical Chemistry of the Acceptor Quinone Complex in Bacterial Photosynthetic Reaction Centers: Evidence for a New Model of Herbicide ActivityIsrael Journal of Chemistry1981210
16JSmol and the Next‐Generation Web‐Based Representation of 3D Molecular Structure as Applied to ProteopediaIsrael Journal of Chemistry2013210
17Self-assembly of peptide nanotubes and amyloid-like structures by charged-termini-capped diphenylalanine peptide analoguesIsrael Journal of Chemistry2005201
18An Epistemological Note on ChiralityIsrael Journal of Chemistry1976189
19Quantum Topology: Theory of Molecular Structure and its ChangeIsrael Journal of Chemistry1980184
20How and Why Do Cluster Size, Charge State, and Ligands Affect the Course of Metal‐Mediated Gas‐Phase Activation of Methane?Israel Journal of Chemistry2014180
21Natural Bond Orbital Analysis of Internal Rotation Barriers and Related PhenomenaIsrael Journal of Chemistry1991179
22Recent Development on Anodes for Na‐Ion BatteriesIsrael Journal of Chemistry2015169
23Structure and Shear Response in Nanometer‐Thick FilmsIsrael Journal of Chemistry1995167
24Molecular Recognition of Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins by Cucurbit[n]uril ReceptorsIsrael Journal of Chemistry2011164
25Ultrasmall Metal Oxide Particles: Preparation, Photophysical Characterization, and Photocatalytic PropertiesIsrael Journal of Chemistry1993162
26Cytotoxicity from Coupled Redox Cycling of Autoxidizing Xenobiotics and Metals: A Selective Critical Review and Commentary on Work‐in‐ProgressIsrael Journal of Chemistry1984161
27Tackling Remote sp3 C−H Functionalization via Ni‐Catalyzed “chain‐walking” ReactionsIsrael Journal of Chemistry2020156
28The Fluorine Gauche Effect: A Brief HistoryIsrael Journal of Chemistry2017150
29Energy Parameters in Polypeptides. VI. Conformational Energy Analysis of the N‐Acetyl N′‐Methyl Amides of the Twenty Naturally Occurring Amino AcidsIsrael Journal of Chemistry1973145
30Supramolecular Polymers – we've Come Full CircleIsrael Journal of Chemistry2020145
31Rotary Resonance Recoupling in Heteronuclear Spin Pair SystemsIsrael Journal of Chemistry1988144
32The Photocycles of BacteriorhodopsinIsrael Journal of Chemistry1995144
33OHO Hydrogen Bond Geometries and NMR Chemical Shifts: From Equilibrium Structures to Geometric H/D Isotope Effects, with Applications for Water, Protonated Water, and Compressed IceIsrael Journal of Chemistry2009143
34The Development of Visible‐Light Photoredox Catalysis in FlowIsrael Journal of Chemistry2014143
35Electrochemistry of Single Nanoparticles via Electrocatalytic AmplificationIsrael Journal of Chemistry2010142
36Cross‐Coupling of C(sp3)–H Bonds with Organometallic Reagents via Pd(II)/Pd(0) CatalysisIsrael Journal of Chemistry2010141
37Encapsulation of Drug Molecules by Cucurbiturils: Effects on their Chemical Properties in Aqueous SolutionIsrael Journal of Chemistry2011141
38Decarboxylative Coupling ReactionsIsrael Journal of Chemistry2010137
39Indigo and Tyrian Purple – From Ancient Natural Dyes to Modern Organic SemiconductorsIsrael Journal of Chemistry2012130
40Application of FTIR Spectroscopy to the Structural Study on the Function of BacteriorhodopsinIsrael Journal of Chemistry1995129
41Empirical Double‐Hybrid Density Functional Theory: A ‘Third Way’ in Between WFT and DFTIsrael Journal of Chemistry2020129
42Mechanisms and Products of Photosensitized Degradation of Nucleic Acids and Related Model CompoundsIsrael Journal of Chemistry1983128
43Aspects of the Softness and Hardness Concepts of Density‐Functional TheoryIsrael Journal of Chemistry1991128
44Glass Transition Behavior in Ultra‐Thin Polystyrene FilmsIsrael Journal of Chemistry1995128
45Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization: From Mechanisms to ApplicationsIsrael Journal of Chemistry2012126
46Hydrogen‐Atom Transfer Reactions of Transition‐Metal HydridesIsrael Journal of Chemistry1991125
47Near Infra‐Red Absorption Spectra of the Chlorophyll a Cations and Triplet State in vitro and in vivoIsrael Journal of Chemistry1981124
48The Conformation of Free and Complexed OligoethersIsrael Journal of Chemistry1980121
49The Slow‐Release Strategy in Suzuki–Miyaura CouplingIsrael Journal of Chemistry2010119
50Studies on Warburganal, Muzigadial and Related CompoundsIsrael Journal of Chemistry1977116