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1Cell-mediated immunity in arthropods: Hematopoiesis, coagulation, melanization and opsonizationImmunobiology2006718
2Macrophages in skin injury and repairImmunobiology2011624
3Tumor associated macrophages and neutrophils in cancerImmunobiology2013500
4Nuclear factor kappa B, a mediator of lipopolysaccharide effectsImmunobiology1993469
5Migratory fate and differentiation of blood monocyte subsetsImmunobiology2006452
6Macrophages: Their role, activation and polarization in pulmonary diseasesImmunobiology2018390
7Does a Th1 over Th2 dominancy really exist in the early stages of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infections?Immunobiology2011376
8C1q and Systemic Lupus ErythematosusImmunobiology1998370
9The macrophage scavenger receptor CD163Immunobiology2005366
10TLR2 – promiscuous or specific? A critical re-evaluation of a receptor expressing apparent broad specificityImmunobiology2008357
11Chronic helminth infections induce immunomodulation: Consequences and mechanismsImmunobiology2007341
12Influence of the mannose receptor in host immune responsesImmunobiology2009339
13Reactive oxygen species (ROS) in macrophage activation and function in diabetesImmunobiology2019333
14Regulation of NF-κB Activation by MAP Kinase CascadesImmunobiology1997328
15Human macrophage polarization in vitro: Maturation and activation methods comparedImmunobiology2014327
16Classical and alternative activation of mononuclear phagocytes: Picking the best of both worlds for tumor promotionImmunobiology2006309
17Alternative activation of macrophages: Immune function and cellular biologyImmunobiology2009306
18Signal integration between IFNγ and TLR signalling pathways in macrophagesImmunobiology2006265
19Dendritic Cells Shuttle Microbes Across Gut Epithelial MonolayersImmunobiology2001256
20Response of man to endotoxinImmunobiology1993252
21C1q, Autoimmunity and ApoptosisImmunobiology2002250
22C-type lectins and phagocytosisImmunobiology2009248
23Mechanisms of interleukin-1β releaseImmunobiology2009248
24Macrophages: Supportive cells for tissue repair and regenerationImmunobiology2014246
25Statement on the Nomenclature of Human C4 AllotypesImmunobiology1983241
26Characterization and Biological Effects of Recombinant Human ErythropoietinImmunobiology1986238
27Cellular and molecular pathways linking inflammation and cancerImmunobiology2009238
28Host defence peptides from invertebrates – emerging antimicrobial strategiesImmunobiology2006237
29Allergies, infections and the hygiene hypothesis – The epidemiological evidenceImmunobiology2007236
30TNF-Induced Activation of NF-κBImmunobiology1995235
31Iron-withholding strategy in innate immunityImmunobiology2006233
32Current View on the Mononuclear Phagocyte SystemImmunobiology1982227
33The interferon response to intracellular DNA: Why so many receptors?Immunobiology2013222
34The C/EBP Family of Transcription FactorsImmunobiology1995221
35Lactate and short chain fatty acids produced by microbial fermentation downregulate proinflammatory responses in intestinal epithelial cells and myeloid cellsImmunobiology2015220
36Cannabinoid activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors: Potential for modulation of inflammatory diseaseImmunobiology2010212
37Cannabinoids and the immune system: An overviewImmunobiology2010209
38Quercetin disrupts tyrosine-phosphorylated phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and myeloid differentiation factor-88 association, and inhibits MAPK/AP-1 and IKK/NF-κB-induced inflammatory mediators production in RAW 264.7 cellsImmunobiology2013209
39The impact of interferon-regulatory factors to macrophage differentiation and polarization into M1 and M2Immunobiology2018209
40A New Type of Perinuclear Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody (p-ANCA) in Active Ulcerative Colitis but not in Crohn's DiseaseImmunobiology1990206
41The chemical structure of bacterial endotoxin in relation to bioactivityImmunobiology1993204
42Role of macrophage scavenger receptors in atherosclerosisImmunobiology2012203
43Cell-mediated Immunity to Toxoplasma Gondii: Initiation, Regulation and Effector FunctionImmunobiology1999200
44Host defense peptides and their antimicrobial-immunomodulatory dualityImmunobiology2011198
45Cannabinoid-induced apoptosis in immune cells as a pathway to immunosuppressionImmunobiology2010195
46Lipo-oligosaccharides (LOS) of mucosal pathogens: Molecular mimicry and host-modification of LOSImmunobiology1993192
47Master sensors of pathogenic RNA – RIG-I like receptorsImmunobiology2013192
48Relation between Langerhans Cells, Veiled Cells, and Interdigitating CellsImmunobiology1982189
49Expansion of CD19CD21 B Cells in Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID) Patients with Autoimmune CytopeniaImmunobiology2002189
50From expression to signaling: Roles of TREM-1 and TREM-2 in innate immunity and bacterial infectionImmunobiology2008183