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1GLM versus CCA spatial modeling of plant species distributionPlant Ecology1999612
2(null)Plant Ecology2000578
3Multiple regression on distance matrices: a multivariate spatial analysis toolPlant Ecology2007559
4The evolution of vegetative desiccation tolerance in land plantsPlant Ecology2000382
5Pines and oaks in the restoration of Mediterranean landscapes of Spain: New perspectives for an old practice – a reviewPlant Ecology2004322
6Conifer seedling distribution and survival in an alpine-treeline ecotonePlant Ecology2002304
7Life histories of Mediterranean pinesPlant Ecology2004297
8(null)Plant Ecology2000296
9Vegetation and microclimatic edge effects in two mixed-mesophytic forest fragmentsPlant Ecology2000292
10(null)Plant Ecology1999284
11(null)Plant Ecology2000277
12A comparison of methods for the statistical analysis of spatial point patterns in plant ecologyPlant Ecology2006277
13Continuum or zonation? Altitudinal gradients in the forest vegetation of Mt. KilimanjaroPlant Ecology2006263
14(null)Plant Ecology2000262
15The influence of savanna trees on nutrient, water and light availability and the understorey vegetationPlant Ecology2004246
16Influence of light and soil moisture on Sierran mixed-conifer understory communitiesPlant Ecology2005242
17Riparian zones as havens for exotic plant species in the central grasslandsPlant Ecology1998235
18(null)Plant Ecology1999235
19Ecological buffering mechanisms in savannas: A unifying theory of long-term tree-grass coexistencePlant Ecology2000234
20Effects of rain, nitrogen, fire and grazing on tree recruitment and early survival in bush-encroached savanna, South AfricaPlant Ecology2006227
21(null)Plant Ecology2002225
22(null)Plant Ecology2003219
23The Role of Seed and Vegetative Reproduction in Plant Recruitment and Demography in Tallgrass PrairiePlant Ecology2006217
24Diversity, composition, and structure of tropical dry forests in Central AmericaPlant Ecology2000206
25Biomacromolecules of Algae and Plants and their Fossil AnaloguesPlant Ecology2006205
26Namaqualand, South Africa – an overview of a unique winter-rainfall desert ecosystemPlant Ecology1999203
27(null)Plant Ecology1999189
28(null)Plant Ecology2000188
29Structure and floristics of secondary and old-growth forest stands in lowland Costa RicaPlant Ecology1997187
30Intra-annual rainfall variability and grassland productivity: can the past predict the future?Plant Ecology2006185
31High white-tailed deer densities benefit graminoids and contribute to biotic homogenization of forest ground-layer vegetationPlant Ecology2009183
32(null)Plant Ecology2001182
33Marine Birds on Land: A Review of Plant Biomass, Species Richness, and Community Composition in Seabird ColoniesPlant Ecology2005179
34Impacts of the exotic, nitrogen-fixing black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) on nitrogen-cycling in a pine–oak ecosystemPlant Ecology2004178
35Effects of past disturbance and edges on tree community structure and dynamics within a fragment of tropical semideciduous forest in south-eastern Brazil over a five-year period (1987–1992)Plant Ecology1997176
36The hydraulic architecture of Pinaceae – a reviewPlant Ecology2004172
37(null)Plant Ecology1998171
38Species richness and cover along a 60-year chronosequence in old-fields of southeastern SpainPlant Ecology2004165
39Measuring plant dispersal: an introduction to field methods and experimental designPlant Ecology2006165
40(null)Plant Ecology1998163
41Neotropical bats in the canopy: diversity, community structure, and implications for conservationPlant Ecology2001163
42The discovery, scope, and puzzle of desiccation tolerance in plantsPlant Ecology2000162
43Reproductive traits of Pinus halepensis in the light of fire – a critical reviewPlant Ecology2004161
44Effect of grazing on community structure and productivity of a Uruguayan grasslandPlant Ecology2005161
45Influence of heat on seed germination of seven Mediterranean Leguminosae speciesPlant Ecology1998160
46(null)Plant Ecology2000160
47(null)Plant Ecology2000159
48Fire-stimulated flowering among resprouters and geophytes in Australia and South AfricaPlant Ecology2011159
49(null)Plant Ecology2002158
50(null)Plant Ecology1999155