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1The discovery of processing stages: Extensions of Donders' methodActa Psychologica19692,668
2Early selective-attention effect on evoked potential reinterpretedActa Psychologica19782,327
3Some functions of gaze-direction in social interactionActa Psychologica19671,589
4Are we all less risky and more skillful than our fellow drivers?Acta Psychologica19811,536
5On the speed of mental processesActa Psychologica19691,253
6Optimal number of response categories in rating scales: reliability, validity, discriminating power, and respondent preferencesActa Psychologica20001,162
7Speed-accuracy tradeoff and information processing dynamicsActa Psychologica19771,079
8Age differences in fluid and crystallized intelligenceActa Psychologica19671,070
9The base-rate fallacy in probability judgmentsActa Psychologica19801,041
10The cerebral basis of lateral asymmetries in attentionActa Psychologica1970999
11Top–down and bottom–up control of visual selectionActa Psychologica2010987
12fMR-adaptation: a tool for studying the functional properties of human cortical neuronsActa Psychologica2001978
13ERP components in Go/Nogo tasks and their relation to inhibitionActa Psychologica1999938
14A mathematical model for the transition rule in Piaget's developmental stagesActa Psychologica1970849
15The stroop color-word test: A reviewActa Psychologica1966803
16Towards a model of stress and human performanceActa Psychologica1983778
17Effects of acute bouts of exercise on cognitionActa Psychologica2003768
18The effects of video game playing on attention, memory, and executive controlActa Psychologica2008725
19Processing speed as a mental capacityActa Psychologica1994648
20Attention and choice: A review on eye movements in decision makingActa Psychologica2013626
21Movement observation affects movement execution in a simple response taskActa Psychologica2001623
22The law relating the kinematic and figural aspects of drawing movementsActa Psychologica1983620
23Horse-race model simulations of the stop-signal procedureActa Psychologica2003608
24Task combination and selective intake of informationActa Psychologica1982558
25Successive approximations to a model for short term memoryActa Psychologica1967553
26Dynamic decision making: Human control of complex systemsActa Psychologica1992542
27Mean response times, variability, and skew in the responding of ADHD children: a response time distributional approachActa Psychologica2000496
28Using the visual world paradigm to study language processing: A review and critical evaluationActa Psychologica2011458
29The linear logistic test model as an instrument in educational researchActa Psychologica1973452
30Neural aspects of second language representation and language controlActa Psychologica2008451
31Calibration and probability judgements: Conceptual and methodological issuesActa Psychologica1991450
32In one word: Not from experienceActa Psychologica1980449
33Prefrontal cortex regulates inhibition and excitation in distributed neural networksActa Psychologica1999449
34Mental fatigue and the control of cognitive processes: effects on perseveration and planningActa Psychologica2003449
35Picture-plane inversion leads to qualitative changes of face perceptionActa Psychologica2008439
36Language selection in bilingual speech: Evidence for inhibitory processesActa Psychologica2008412
37Executive function across the life spanActa Psychologica2004407
38The effect of time pressure on risky choice behaviorActa Psychologica1981396
39A theory of requisite decision modelsActa Psychologica1984392
40The Simon effect as tool and heuristicActa Psychologica2011389
41Action priming by briefly presented objectsActa Psychologica2004384
42Not me or thee but we: The importance of group identity in eliciting cooperation in dilemma situations: Experimental manipulationsActa Psychologica1988379
43How cognitive load affects duration judgments: A meta-analytic reviewActa Psychologica2010377
44Dominance of accuracy information and neglect of base rates in probability estimationActa Psychologica1976375
45The effects of action video game experience on the time course of inhibition of return and the efficiency of visual searchActa Psychologica2005371
46Where is capacity limited? A survey and a modelActa Psychologica1967362
47Association between individual differences in non-symbolic number acuity and math performance: A meta-analysisActa Psychologica2014362
48Task coordination and aging: explorations of executive control processes in the task switching paradigmActa Psychologica1999360
49Mind-wandering: Phenomenology and function as assessed with a novel experience sampling methodActa Psychologica2011358
50Does bilingualism hamper lexical access in speech production?Acta Psychologica2008348