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1Comparative physiology of salt and water stressPlant, Cell and Environment20024,529
2Reactive oxygen species homeostasis and signalling during drought and salinity stressesPlant, Cell and Environment20102,961
3The response of photosynthesis and stomatal conductance to rising [CO2]: mechanisms and environmental interactionsPlant, Cell and Environment20071,810
4Regulation and function of root exudatesPlant, Cell and Environment20091,569
5Oxidant and antioxidant signalling in plants: a re-evaluation of the concept of oxidative stress in a physiological contextPlant, Cell and Environment20051,529
6The effect of drought and ultraviolet radiation on growth and stress markers in pea and wheatPlant, Cell and Environment20011,491
7Photosynthetic carbon assimilation and associated metabolism in relation to water deficits in higher plantsPlant, Cell and Environment20021,470
8The effect of drought and heat stress on reproductive processes in cerealsPlant, Cell and Environment20081,435
9Effects of metals on enzyme activity in plantsPlant, Cell and Environment19901,341
10A critical appraisal of a combined stomatal-photosynthesis model for C3 plantsPlant, Cell and Environment19951,340
11ROS and redox signalling in the response of plants to abiotic stressPlant, Cell and Environment20121,339
12Can improvement in photosynthesis increase crop yields?Plant, Cell and Environment20061,236
13Glutathione in plants: an integrated overviewPlant, Cell and Environment20121,211
14Physiological processes limiting plant growth in saline soils: some dogmas and hypothesesPlant, Cell and Environment19931,161
15Dissecting the roles of osmolyte accumulation during stressPlant, Cell and Environment19981,148
16Protection against oxygen radicals: an important defence mechanism studied in transgenic plantsPlant, Cell and Environment19941,094
17Defining leaf area index for non-flat leavesPlant, Cell and Environment19921,093
18Fitting photosynthetic carbon dioxide response curves for C3 leavesPlant, Cell and Environment20071,084
19Simple scaling of photosynthesis from leaves to canopies without the errors of big-leaf modelsPlant, Cell and Environment19971,058
20Modification of the response of photosynthetic productivity to rising temperature by atmospheric CO2 concentrations: Has its importance been underestimated?Plant, Cell and Environment1991988
21Survey and synthesis of intra- and interspecific variation in stomatal sensitivity to vapour pressure deficitPlant, Cell and Environment1999986
22Improved temperature response functions for models of Rubisco-limited photosynthesisPlant, Cell and Environment2001974
23Rising CO2 levels and their potential significance for carbon flow in photosynthetic cellsPlant, Cell and Environment1991958
24Long-distance transport of gases in plants: a perspective on internal aeration and radial oxygen loss from rootsPlant, Cell and Environment2003950
25Photosynthetic acclimation of plants to growth irradiance: the relative importance of specific leaf area and nitrogen partitioning in maximizing carbon gainPlant, Cell and Environment2001945
26A method for measuring hydraulic conductivity and embolism in xylemPlant, Cell and Environment1988937
27Mesophyll conductance to CO2: current knowledge and future prospectsPlant, Cell and Environment2008926
28The interaction between elevated carbon dioxide and nitrogen nutrition: the physiological and molecular backgroundPlant, Cell and Environment1999905
29The temperature response of C3and C4photosynthesisPlant, Cell and Environment2007894
30Water uptake by plants: perspectives from stable isotope compositionPlant, Cell and Environment1992844
31Coordination of carbon supply and plant growthPlant, Cell and Environment2007838
32ABA-based chemical signalling: the co-ordination of responses to stress in plantsPlant, Cell and Environment2002831
33Intrinsic and environmental response pathways that regulate root system architecturePlant, Cell and Environment2005791
34Assessing the future global impacts of ozone on vegetationPlant, Cell and Environment2005787
35Effects of source-sink relations on photosynthetic acclimation to elevated CO2Plant, Cell and Environment1991775
36Modelling photosynthesis of cotton grown in elevated CO2Plant, Cell and Environment1992771
37Plant–rhizobacteria interactions alleviate abiotic stress conditionsPlant, Cell and Environment2009758
38Tolerance of pea ( Pisum sativum L. ) to long‐term salt stress is associated with induction of antioxidant defencesPlant, Cell and Environment2000720
39Water deficits and hydraulic limits to leaf water supplyPlant, Cell and Environment2002707
40Stomatal responses to increased CO2: implications from the plant to the global scalePlant, Cell and Environment1995702
41Molecular and genetic aspects of plant responses to osmotic stressPlant, Cell and Environment2002702
42The carbon balance of tropical, temperate and boreal forestsPlant, Cell and Environment1999696
43Tree responses to rising CO2in field experiments: implications for the future forestPlant, Cell and Environment1999691
44Cadmium-induced subcellular accumulation of O2.- and H2O2 in pea leavesPlant, Cell and Environment2004687
45Temperature response of parameters of a biochemically based model of photosynthesis. II. A review of experimental dataPlant, Cell and Environment2002685
46Limitation of plant water use by rhizosphere and xylem conductance: results from a modelPlant, Cell and Environment1998653
47Osmolyte accumulation: can it really help increase crop yield under drought conditions?Plant, Cell and Environment2002650
48The role of glycine betaine in the protection of plants from stress: clues from transgenic plantsPlant, Cell and Environment2002644
49Stomatal, mesophyll conductance and biochemical limitations to photosynthesis as affected by drought and leaf ontogeny in ash and oak treesPlant, Cell and Environment2005642
50How do trees die? A test of the hydraulic failure and carbon starvation hypothesesPlant, Cell and Environment2014642