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Top Articles

1Biological Consequences of Ecosystem Fragmentation: A ReviewConservation Biology19913,023
2Indicators for Monitoring Biodiversity: A Hierarchical ApproachConservation Biology19902,358
3A Method for Assessing Hydrologic Alteration within EcosystemsConservation Biology19961,955
4Review of Ecological Effects of Roads on Terrestrial and Aquatic CommunitiesConservation Biology20001,898
5Correlation between Fitness and Genetic DiversityConservation Biology20031,891
6Disturbance, Diversity, and Invasion: Implications for ConservationConservation Biology19921,885
7Habitat Loss and Extinction in the Hotspots of BiodiversityConservation Biology20021,518
8Command and Control and the Pathology of Natural Resource ManagementConservation Biology19961,474
9Biodiversity and Ecological RedundancyConservation Biology19921,375
10Ecosystem Decay of Amazonian Forest Fragments: a 22‐Year InvestigationConservation Biology20021,372
11Identifying Populations for Conservation on the Basis of Genetic MarkersConservation Biology19981,276
12Rethinking Community-Based ConservationConservation Biology20041,221
13The Global 200: A Representation Approach to Conserving the Earth's Most Biologically Valuable EcoregionsConservation Biology19981,213
14Relationship of Genetic Variation to Population Size in WildlifeConservation Biology19961,208
15Natural Capital and Sustainable DevelopmentConservation Biology19921,194
16Human-Carnivore Conflict and Perspectives on Carnivore Management WorldwideConservation Biology20031,179
17Conservation of the Brazilian CerradoConservation Biology20051,122
18A Survey and Overview of Habitat Fragmentation ExperimentsConservation Biology20001,100
19Scenario Planning: a Tool for Conservation in an Uncertain WorldConservation Biology20031,068
20What Is Ecosystem Management?Conservation Biology19941,049
21Quantification of Extinction Risk: IUCN's System for Classifying Threatened SpeciesConservation Biology20081,048
22Extinction Rates of North American Freshwater FaunaConservation Biology19991,042
23Biodiversity Hotspots and Major Tropical Wilderness Areas: Approaches to Setting Conservation PrioritiesConservation Biology19981,032
24Five Potential Consequences of Climate Change for Invasive SpeciesConservation Biology2008997
25Edge Influence on Forest Structure and Composition in Fragmented LandscapesConservation Biology2005985
26Assessing the Effects of Climate Change on Aquatic Invasive SpeciesConservation Biology2008944
27Developing the Science of Reintroduction BiologyConservation Biology2007888
28When Are Peripheral Populations Valuable for Conservation?Conservation Biology1995876
29Focal Species: A Multi-Species Umbrella for Nature Conservation. Especies Focales: Una Sombrilla Multiespecifica para Conservar la NaturalezaConservation Biology1997845
30Empirical Evaluation of a Test for Identifying Recently Bottlenecked Populations from Allele Frequency DataConservation Biology1998843
31Conservation of Fragmented PopulationsConservation Biology1994834
32Guidelines for Systematic Review in Conservation and Environmental ManagementConservation Biology2006812
33Ecological Costs of Livestock Grazing in Western North AmericaConservation Biology1994805
34Ecological Consequences of Recent Climate ChangeConservation Biology2001805
35When Good Animals Love Bad Habitats: Ecological Traps and the Conservation of Animal PopulationsConservation Biology2004794
36Biodiversity Hotspots in the Mediterranean Basin: Setting Global Conservation PrioritiesConservation Biology1999765
37Selectivity in Mammalian Extinction Risk and Threat Types: a New Measure of Phylogenetic Signal Strength in Binary TraitsConservation Biology2010748
38Deforestation in Brazilian Amazonia: History, Rates, and ConsequencesConservation Biology2005743
39On the Use of Surrogate Species in Conservation BiologyConservation Biology1999742
40The Melting Himalayas: Cascading Effects of Climate Change on Water, Biodiversity, and LivelihoodsConservation Biology2009735
41Biodiversity Conservation in Traditional Coffee Systems of MexicoConservation Biology1999734
42The Effect of Edge on Avian Nest Success: How Strong Is the Evidence?Conservation Biology1994733
43Global Warming and Extinctions of Endemic Species from Biodiversity HotspotsConservation Biology2006728
44A Framework for Debate of Assisted Migration in an Era of Climate ChangeConservation Biology2007727
45Assessing Extinction Threats: Toward a Reevaluation of IUCN Threatened Species CategoriesConservation Biology1991725
46Usefulness of the Umbrella Species Concept as a Conservation ToolConservation Biology2004698
47The role of agri‐environment schemes in conservation and environmental managementConservation Biology2015687
48The One-Migrant-per-Generation Rule in Conservation and ManagementConservation Biology1996682
49Indicators of Biodiversity for Ecologically Sustainable Forest ManagementConservation Biology2000679
50Relative Sensitivities of Mammalian Carnivores to Habitat FragmentationConservation Biology2002679