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1Conceptualizing Recovery Capital: Expansion of a Theoretical ConstructSubstance Use and Misuse2008405
2The Moral Economies of Homeless Heroin Addicts: Confronting Ethnography, HIV Risk, and Everyday Violence in San Francisco Shooting EncampmentsSubstance Use and Misuse1998341
4Primary Socialization Theory: The Etiology of Drug Use and Deviance. ISubstance Use and Misuse1998332
5Perceived Harm, Addictiveness, and Social Acceptability of Tobacco Products and Marijuana Among Young Adults: Marijuana, Hookah, and Electronic Cigarettes WinSubstance Use and Misuse2015299
6Recovery Capital as Prospective Predictor of Sustained Recovery, Life Satisfaction, and Stress Among Former Poly-Substance UsersSubstance Use and Misuse2008281
7Exercise Addiction: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Epidemiology, and EtiologySubstance Use and Misuse2012280
8Are Mindfulness-Based Interventions Effective for Substance Use Disorders? A Systematic Review of the EvidenceSubstance Use and Misuse2014262
9Cognitive Psychopathology of Problem GamblingSubstance Use and Misuse1999255
10Using Social Networks to Understand and Prevent Substance Use: A Transdisciplinary PerspectiveSubstance Use and Misuse2004245
11Do Needle Syringe Programs Reduce HIV Infection Among Injecting Drug Users: A Comprehensive Review of the International EvidenceSubstance Use and Misuse2006244
12Validity of Self-Reported Drug Use in High Risk Populations: A Meta-Analytical ReviewSubstance Use and Misuse1996232
13Methadone Maintenance and Addicts' Risk of Fatal Heroin OverdoseSubstance Use and Misuse1996216
14Gender and Other Factors Associated with the Nonmedical Use of Abusable Prescription DrugsSubstance Use and Misuse2004216
15Longitudinal Effects of Age at Onset and First Drinking Situations on Problem DrinkingSubstance Use and Misuse2003210
16Peer Influences on Adolescent Cigarette Smoking: A Theoretical Review of the LiteratureSubstance Use and Misuse2006206
17Alcohol Consumption and Women's Vulnerability to Sexual Victimization: Can Reducing Women's Drinking Prevent Rape?Substance Use and Misuse2009199
18Family-Based Interventions for Substance Use and Misuse PreventionSubstance Use and Misuse2003192
19Club Drugs as Causal Risk Factors for HIV Acquisition Among Men Who Have Sex with Men: A ReviewSubstance Use and Misuse2006179
20The Use, Misuse and Diversion of Prescription Stimulants Among Middle and High School StudentsSubstance Use and Misuse2004177
21Mindfulness-Based Treatment to Prevent Addictive Behavior Relapse: Theoretical Models and Hypothesized Mechanisms of ChangeSubstance Use and Misuse2014167
22Drinking Like a Guy: Frequent Binge Drinking Among Undergraduate WomenSubstance Use and Misuse2005164
23Validity of Adolescent Self-Report of Substance UseSubstance Use and Misuse2005162
24Don't Wanna Go Through That Madness No More: Quality of Life Satisfaction as Predictor of Sustained Remission from Illicit Drug MisuseSubstance Use and Misuse2009162
25Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work? The Results from a Meta-Analysis of Controlled ExperimentsSubstance Use and Misuse1999159
26Trends in Production, Trafficking, and Consumption of Methamphetamine and Cocaine in MexicoSubstance Use and Misuse2006159
27Back Propagation Neural NetworksSubstance Use and Misuse1998158
28Legal Highs on the InternetSubstance Use and Misuse2010158
29“Substance Abuse” Disorders among Runaway and Homeless YouthSubstance Use and Misuse1997156
30Effects of Thirty-Four Adolescent Tobacco Use Cessation and Prevention Trials on Regular Users of Tobacco ProductsSubstance Use and Misuse1999156
31The Use of Legal Coercion in the Treatment of Substance Abusers: An Overview and Critical Analysis of Thirty Years of ResearchSubstance Use and Misuse2005153
33Barriers to Medications for Addiction Treatment: How Stigma KillsSubstance Use and Misuse2018148
34Illicit Substance Use among Adolescents: A Matrix of Prospective PredictorsSubstance Use and Misuse1998147
35Alcohol Consumption, Dependence, and Treatment Barriers: Perceptions Among Nontreatment Seekers with Alcohol DependenceSubstance Use and Misuse2014146
36Barriers to Substance Abuse Treatment in Rural and Urban Communities: Counselor PerspectivesSubstance Use and Misuse2014146
37Substance Abuse Among AdolescentsSubstance Use and Misuse2008143
38Heroin and Methamphetamine Injection: An Emerging Drug Use PatternSubstance Use and Misuse2017142
39Measurement of Impulsivity in a Hierarchical Model of Personality Traits: Implications for Substance UseSubstance Use and Misuse2003139
40Qualitative Research: Contributions to the Study of Drug Use, Drug Abuse, and Drug Use(r)-Related InterventionsSubstance Use and Misuse2004139
41Gender Differences at Admission and Follow-up in a Sample of Methadone Maintenance ClientsSubstance Use and Misuse1999138
42Ethnicity and Ethnic Identity as Predictors of Drug Norms and Drug Use Among Preadolescents in the US SouthwestSubstance Use and Misuse2004137
43The Impact of T-ACASI Interviewing on Reported Drug Use among Men Who Have Sex with MenSubstance Use and Misuse2000135
44Emotional Intelligence and Addictions: A Systematic ReviewSubstance Use and Misuse2010135
45Health Care Need and Utilization: A Preliminary Comparison of Injection Drug Users, Other Illicit Drug Users, and NonusersSubstance Use and Misuse1999134
46Emotional Dysregulation: Association With Coping-Oriented Marijuana Use Motives Among Current Marijuana UsersSubstance Use and Misuse2008134
47Drug Treatment: Explaining the Gender ParadoxSubstance Use and Misuse1997133
48The Development and Psychometric Properties of a New Measure of Perceived Stigma Toward Substance UsersSubstance Use and Misuse2010133
49Alcohol Protracted Withdrawal Syndrome: The Role of AnhedoniaSubstance Use and Misuse2008131
50Mindfulness-Based Interventions: An Antidote to Suffering in the Context of Substance Use, Misuse, and AddictionSubstance Use and Misuse2014129