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Top Articles

1Governance Innovation and the Citizen: The Janus Face of Governance-beyond-the-StateUrban Studies20051,136
2Social Cohesion, Social Capital and the NeighbourhoodUrban Studies20011,097
3Industrial Clusters: Complexes, Agglomeration and/or Social Networks?Urban Studies2000917
4Smartmentality: The Smart City as Disciplinary StrategyUrban Studies2014878
5The Concept of EmployabilityUrban Studies2005748
6Compact, Dispersed, Fragmented, Extensive? A Comparison of Urban Growth in Twenty-five Global Cities using Remotely Sensed Data, Pattern Metrics and Census InformationUrban Studies2008704
7Seeing from the South: Refocusing Urban Planning on the Globe’s Central Urban IssuesUrban Studies2009635
8Gentrification and Social Mixing: Towards an Inclusive Urban Renaissance?Urban Studies2008602
9Artists, Aestheticisation and the Field of GentrificationUrban Studies2003586
10The Compact City: Just or Just Compact? A Preliminary AnalysisUrban Studies2000585
11Tacit Knowledge, Innovation and Economic GeographyUrban Studies2002574
12The Right to Stay Put, Revisited: Gentrification and Resistance to Displacement in New York CityUrban Studies2006572
13Creative Cities, Creative Spaces and Urban PolicyUrban Studies2009562
14Creative Cities and Economic DevelopmentUrban Studies2000555
15A New Measure of the Local Regulatory Environment for Housing Markets: The Wharton Residential Land Use Regulatory IndexUrban Studies2008549
16Local Government and the Governing of Climate Change in Germany and the UKUrban Studies2006497
17Diversity and Specialisation in Cities: Why, Where and When Does it Matter?Urban Studies2000492
18Quantifying Urban Form: Compactness versus 'Sprawl'Urban Studies2005488
19Towards Alternative Model(s) of Local InnovationUrban Studies2005487
20Is the Journey to Work Explained by Urban Structure?Urban Studies1993461
21Zoning and Property Taxation in a System of Local GovernmentsUrban Studies1975457
22The Spatial Mismatch Hypothesis: What Has the Evidence Shown?Urban Studies1991454
23Cultural Clusters and the Post-industrial City: Towards the Remapping of Urban Cultural PolicyUrban Studies2004453
24The Polycentric Urban Region: Towards a Research AgendaUrban Studies2001448
25On the Nature of NeighbourhoodUrban Studies2001447
26Urban Lifestyles: Diversity and Standardisation in Spaces of ConsumptionUrban Studies1998444
27Gender, Race, Age and Fear in the CityUrban Studies2001443
28Sense of Community and Neighbourhood Form: An Assessment of the Social Doctrine of New UrbanismUrban Studies1999430
29Clusters from the Inside and Out: Local Dynamics and Global LinkagesUrban Studies2004429
30Super-gentrification: The Case of Brooklyn Heights, New York CityUrban Studies2003412
31Three Challenges for the Compact City as a Sustainable Urban Form: Household Consumption of Energy and Transport in Eight Residential Areas in the Greater Oslo RegionUrban Studies2005404
32Urban Form, Energy and the Environment: A Review of Issues, Evidence and PolicyUrban Studies1996387
33Tourism Gentrification: The Case of New Orleans' Vieux Carre (French Quarter)Urban Studies2005386
34Measure for Measure: Evaluating the Evidence of Culture's Contribution to RegenerationUrban Studies2005384
35Impact of Proximity to Light Rail Rapid Transit on Station-area Property Values in Buffalo, New YorkUrban Studies2007384
36What Makes People Dissatisfied with their Neighbourhoods?Urban Studies2002377
37People, Parks and the Urban Green: A Study of Popular Meanings and Values for Open Spaces in the CityUrban Studies1988372
38Can Land-use Policy Really Affect Travel Behaviour? A Study of the Link between Non-work Travel and Land-use CharacteristicsUrban Studies1998372
39On the Concept of Territorial Competitiveness: Sound or Misleading?Urban Studies2002370
40Urban Democracy and the Local TrapUrban Studies2006364
41City Marketing, Image Reconstruction and Urban RegenerationUrban Studies1993362
42The Impact of Cultural Events on City Image: Rotterdam, Cultural Capital of Europe 2001Urban Studies2004361
43Social Polarisation in Global Cities: Theory and EvidenceUrban Studies1994360
44The evolutionary dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystemsUrban Studies2016360
45Urban Neoliberalism with Islamic CharacteristicsUrban Studies2013359
46Cities and CompetitivenessUrban Studies1999357
47The Mechanisms of Spatial MismatchUrban Studies2007356
48Urban Form and Travel Behaviour: Micro-level Household Attributes and Residential ContextUrban Studies2002354
49An Entrepreneurial City in Action: Hong Kong's Emerging Strategies in and for (Inter)Urban CompetitionUrban Studies2000349
50Anatomy of a New Ethnic Settlement: The Chinese Ethnoburb in Los AngelesUrban Studies1998346