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Top Articles

1The Rise and Fall of the Environmental Kuznets CurveWorld Development20042,518
2Enchantment and Disenchantment: The Role of Community in Natural Resource ConservationWorld Development19991,949
3Returns to investment in education: A global updateWorld Development19941,936
4Technological capabilities and industrializationWorld Development19921,603
5The origins and practice of participatory rural appraisalWorld Development19941,583
6Crossing the great divide: Coproduction, synergy, and developmentWorld Development19961,570
7Common Property Institutions and Sustainable Governance of ResourcesWorld Development20011,403
8Sustainable development: A critical reviewWorld Development19911,401
9Capitals and Capabilities: A Framework for Analyzing Peasant Viability, Rural Livelihoods and PovertyWorld Development19991,357
10Economic growth and environmental degradation: The environmental Kuznets curve and sustainable developmentWorld Development19961,251
11The asset vulnerability framework: Reassessing urban poverty reduction strategiesWorld Development19981,238
12Social Capital and the EnvironmentWorld Development20011,189
13The Number, Size, and Distribution of Farms, Smallholder Farms, and Family Farms WorldwideWorld Development20161,030
14Participatory learning for sustainable agricultureWorld Development19951,026
15Environmental Entitlements: Dynamics and Institutions in Community-Based Natural Resource ManagementWorld Development19991,020
16On the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment to Developing Countries: Is Africa Different?World Development2002954
17Informality RevisitedWorld Development2004953
18Social Vulnerability to Climate Change and Extremes in Coastal VietnamWorld Development1999936
19On the state, democratization and some conceptual problems: A Latin American view with glances at some postcommunist countriesWorld Development1993907
20Do international migration and remittances reduce poverty in developing countries?World Development2005899
21Weapons of the weak: Everyday forms of peasant resistanceWorld Development1986891
22Government action, social capital and development: Reviewing the evidence on synergyWorld Development1996890
23Participatory Exclusions, Community Forestry, and Gender: An Analysis for South Asia and a Conceptual FrameworkWorld Development2001880
24Capital Market Liberalization, Economic Growth, and InstabilityWorld Development2000877
25The Effect of Health on Economic Growth: A Production Function ApproachWorld Development2004840
26Rural credit programs and women's empowerment in BangladeshWorld Development1996832
27Who takes the credit? Gender, power, and control over loan use in rural credit programs in BangladeshWorld Development1996825
28Economic growth and the environment: Whose growth? whose environment?World Development1992815
29Growth, Inequality and Poverty: Looking Beyond AveragesWorld Development2001791
30Participatory rural appraisal (PRA): Analysis of experienceWorld Development1994768
31Environmental Income and Rural Livelihoods: A Global-Comparative AnalysisWorld Development2014757
32Can Payments for Environmental Services Help Reduce Poverty? An Exploration of the Issues and the Evidence to Date from Latin AmericaWorld Development2005739
33Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: An Increasingly Endogenous RelationshipWorld Development2005735
34Accountability In Practice: Mechanisms for NGOsWorld Development2003713
35Small island developing states and their economic vulnerabilitiesWorld Development1995707
36Upgrading in Global Value Chains: Lessons from Latin American ClustersWorld Development2005706
37Financial development and economic growthWorld Development1995702
38Gender planning in the third world: Meeting practical and strategic gender needsWorld Development1989699
39From Linear Fuel Switching to Multiple Cooking Strategies: A Critique and Alternative to the Energy Ladder ModelWorld Development2000696
40Livelihoods, forests, and conservation in developing countries: An OverviewWorld Development2005688
41Conflicts Over Credit: Re-Evaluating the Empowerment Potential of Loans to Women in Rural BangladeshWorld Development2001681
42Global Foreign Direct Investment Flows: The Role of Governance InfrastructureWorld Development2002675
43Too close for comfort? the impact of official aid on nongovernmental organizationsWorld Development1996674
44Economic and political determinants of foreign direct investmentWorld Development1985648
45Recentralizing While Decentralizing: How National Governments Reappropriate Forest ResourcesWorld Development2006646
46Dimensions of Human DevelopmentWorld Development2002613
47Participation and Accountability at the Periphery: Democratic Local Governance in Six CountriesWorld Development2000610
48Human Capital and FDI Inflows to Developing Countries: New Empirical EvidenceWorld Development2001598
49Calculating a Water Poverty IndexWorld Development2002589
50Trade, Standards, and Poverty: Evidence from SenegalWorld Development2009584