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1A New Class of Polymers: Starburst-Dendritic MacromoleculesPolymer Journal19853,455
2Preparation of Phospholipid Polylners and Their Properties as Polymer Hydrogel MembranesPolymer Journal19901,041
3Crystal Structures of Three Crystalline Forms of Poly(vinylidene fluoride)Polymer Journal1972831
4Infrared Spectra of Poly(acetylene)Polymer Journal1971717
5Polymers of N-Vinylpyrrolidone: Synthesis, Characterization and UsesPolymer Journal1985469
6Thermally Stimulated Discharge of Polymer ElectretsPolymer Journal1971431
7Raman Scattering and Electronic Spectra of Poly(acetylene)Polymer Journal1973363
8Perparation of 2-Methacryloyloxyethyl Phosphorylcholine Copolymers with Alkyl Methacrylates and Their Blood Compatibility.Polymer Journal1992348
9Novel Cross-Linking Concept of Polymer Network: Synthesis, Structure, and Properties of Slide-Ring Gels with Freely Movable JunctionsPolymer Journal2007342
10Sol–Gel Transition during Inclusion Complex Formation between α-Cyclodextrin and High Molecular Weight Poly(ethylene glycol)s in Aqueous SolutionPolymer Journal1994304
11Transition Behavior and Dielectric Properties in Trifluoroethylene and Vinylidene Fluoride CopolymersPolymer Journal1980298
12Melamine formaldehyde: curing studies and reaction mechanismPolymer Journal2013297
13Recent advances in ring-opening metathesis polymerization, and application to synthesis of functional materialsPolymer Journal2010295
14Structural Studies of Polyesters. III. Crystal Structure of Poly-ε-caprolactonePolymer Journal1970293
15Molecular Conformation and Packing of Poly(vinylidene fluoride). Stability of Three Crystalline Forms and the Effect of High PressurePolymer Journal1972285
16Bending of Polyelectrolyte Membrane–Platinum Composites by Electric Stimuli I. Response Characteristics to Various WaveformsPolymer Journal1995270
17Preparation of a New Class of Polyimide-Silica Hybrid Films by Sol-Gel Process.Polymer Journal1992267
18Coloration of Aromatic Polyimides and Electronic Properties of Their Source MaterialsPolymer Journal1997264
19Synthesis and Functions of Polystyrene Derivatives Having Pendant OligosaccharidesPolymer Journal1985259
20Glucose Induced Permeation Control of Insulin through a Complex Membrane Consisting of Immobilized Glucose Oxidase and a Poly(amine)Polymer Journal1984248
21Statistical Thermodynamics of r-Mer Fluids and Their MixturesPolymer Journal1982237
22Solubility of Cellulose in NaOH/Urea Aqueous SolutionPolymer Journal2000233
23Study on the Effect of Magnetic Fields on Polymeric Materials and Its ApplicationPolymer Journal2003228
24Silk Fibroin Nanofiber. Electrospinning, Properties, and StructurePolymer Journal2003220
25Structural Distribution of Linear Low-Density PolyethylenesPolymer Journal1988217
26The roles of water molecules at the biointerface of medical polymersPolymer Journal2013216
27Solution Properties of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) in WaterPolymer Journal1990215
28Melting Temperature of Thermally Reversible Gel. VI. Effect of Branching on the Sol–Gel Transition of Polyethylene GelsPolymer Journal1980214
29Polyrotaxane and Polyrotaxane Network: Supramolecular Architectures Based on the Concept of Dynamic Covalent Bond ChemistryPolymer Journal2006212
30Polymerization of m-Chlorophenylacetylene Initiated by [Rh(norbornadiene)Cl]2-Triethylamine Catalyst Containing Long-Lived Propagation SpeciesPolymer Journal1990209
31Molecular Theory of Rubber ElasticityPolymer Journal1985207
32Living and Highly Isotactic Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate by t-C4H9MgBr in ToluenePolymer Journal1986207
33High Performance Polybenzoxazines as a Novel Type of Phenolic ResinPolymer Journal2008206
34What are the emerging concepts and challenges in NANO? Nanoarchitectonics, hand-operating nanotechnology and mechanobiologyPolymer Journal2016205
35Synthesis and properties of soft nanocomposite materials with novel organic/inorganic network structuresPolymer Journal2011201
36Small-angle neutron scattering on polymer gels: phase behavior, inhomogeneities and deformation mechanismsPolymer Journal2011196
37Hemocompatibility of zwitterionic interfaces and membranesPolymer Journal2014187
38Antimicrobial cationic polymers: from structural design to functional controlPolymer Journal2018187
39π-Conjugated Organoboron Polymers via the Vacant p-Orbital of the Boron AtomPolymer Journal2008182
40Electrospun poly(vinyl alcohol) nanofibers: effects of degree of hydrolysis and enhanced water stabilityPolymer Journal2010182
41Highly Transparent and Conducting Polypyrrole–Poly(vinyl alcohol) Composite Films Prepared by Gas State PolymerizationPolymer Journal1986181
42Effect of Tacticity of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) on the Phase Separation Temperature of Its Aqueous SolutionsPolymer Journal2005180
43Temperature Dependence of Spherulitic Growth Rate of Isotactic Polystyrene. A Critical Comparison with the Kinetic theory of Surface NucleationPolymer Journal1970176
44On the Development of Naphthalene-Based Sulfonated Polyimide Membranes for Fuel Cell ApplicationsPolymer Journal2006176
45Double-Stranded Helix of Xanthan in Dilute Solution: Evidence from Light ScatteringPolymer Journal1984174
46Study on the Solubility of Cellulose in Aqueous Alkali Solution by Deuteration IR and 13C NMRPolymer Journal1984171
47Crystal Structure of the α-Form of Syndiotactic PolystyrenePolymer Journal1991170
48Two Different Surface Properties of Regenerated Cellulose due to Structural AnisotropyPolymer Journal2006170
49The Order of the Molecular Chains in Isotactic Polypropylene CrystalsPolymer Journal1973169
50Artificial Muscles Based on Polypyrrole Actuators with Large Strain and Stress Induced ElectricallyPolymer Journal2004168