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Top Institutions (by citations)

#InstitutionArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Russian Academy of Sciences2,2869,2131660
2National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine2399703794
3Islamic Azad University59508278564
4Kazan National Research Technological University18644624
5Moscow State University78417210519
6Tomsk State University963431455
7National Academy of Sciences of Belarus1483081155
8Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences141237211
9Southwest Petroleum University3422849140
10Volgograd State Technical University10021467
11Belarusian State University641991093
12Bashkir State University7319337
13N. I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod451792151
14Saratov State Technical University30154917
15Irkutsk State University47151427
16D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia4815038
17Ukrainian State University of Chemical Engineering3714839
18Tomsk Polytechnic University2913456130
18Samara State Technical University431341528
20Voronezh State University591292659
21Kazan Federal University3211469268
22State National Research Polytechnical University of Perm45109711
23Siberian Federal University259533110
24Baku State University3488943
25Murmansk State Technical University148569
26Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute98443
26Novosibirsk State Technical University19843051
26Perm State University33841134
29Jiangnan University1378364793
30Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv1173246278
30Ufa Institute of Chemistry267358
30Tver State University18731734
30Ufa State Petroleum Technological University12732013
30Ural State Technical University16731531
35United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority772114218
36Belarusian State Technological University166967
37Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University761114
38Ioffe Institute958107181
39Yaroslavl State Technical University275759
39Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University9571722
41Southern Federal University295661305
41Vyatka State University215688
43National Academy of Sciences225364486
44Plekhanov Russian Economic University45110442
45Ural Federal University1349159317
45Tambov State Technical University21491129
47Northeast Petroleum University548143210
47A. N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds21482198
49Penza State University10452424
50Government College University344478556
50Gubkin University5442852
50Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology15441951
53Riga Technical University144358200
54Al-Farabi Kazakh National University124164161
54Ural State University124146136
56National Academy of Sciences of Armenia11402574
57Lovely Professional University239506473
58Northern (Arctic) Federal University638911
59Federal Research Center "Kazan Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences"11372477
60Far Eastern Federal University83488230
60Ufa State Aviation Technical University63462100
62Royal Institute of Technology3331.8K2.5K
62South Ural State University533121219
62Arkhangelsk State Technical University93311
65Altai State University14322378
66TU Dresden2302.8K3.2K
66Irkutsk State Technical University16302047
68National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"15291668
68Buryat State University929715
68Tula State University6294345
71Academy of Sciences of Moldova327122140
72China University of Mining and Technology2261.2K1.3K
72Binzhou University126219145
72Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute326113250
72Shandong University of Science and Technology1261.2K914
76Vasyl' Stus Donetsk National University1825744
76Indian Institutes of Technology1254.5K3.6K
76Banaras Hindu University1252.6K2.1K
76Novosibirsk State University525394797
76King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals1251.5K1.2K
76Dagestan State University6252833
76Kuzbass State Technical University5252022
83Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University1245212
83Saratov State University924102320
83Chinese Academy of Sciences7244.2K6.3K
86Herzen University14232259
87North Maharashtra University322101240
87Joint Institute for High Temperatures42277124
89Tajik Academy of Sciences1521144
89Kuban State University72173128
89Samara State University9212387
89National Research Centre2211.5K1.7K
89Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority42144133
89Lviv Polytechnic National University421167220
95National Research Centre Kurchatov Institute62067169
95Lodz University of Technology1201.1K956
95Sichuan University2204.0K4.2K
95National Agrarian University32058137
95Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology1920410
95Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology10205142
101Omsk State Technical University6193552
101Czech Academy of Sciences2192.6K3.1K
101Donghua University3197671.2K
101Ain Shams University2192.1K2.4K
101Ovidius University119238145
101Bahauddin Zakariya University319349692
101Christ University119362240
101Vologda State University2194511
109Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motor Development2183531
109University of Karachi1181.0K856
109Liaoning Shihua University118321312
109North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power81882344
113Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University617914
113University of Regina1171.4K1.4K
116Ferdowsi University of Mashhad4168611.9K
116Yerevan State University121654368
116Sochi State University216146
116Imam Khomeini International University516108526
116Krasnoyarsk State Technical University2161619
116Shanghai University of Engineering Science116714601
116Hebei University of Science and Technology81680510
123Zagazig University3151.0K1.8K
123North-Eastern Federal University31556123
123Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics115912
126Istanbul Technical University2141.5K2.0K
126Udmurt State University3147479
126Heilongjiang University514233667
126Belgorod State University61448135
126Rostov State Transport University3144050
131Shevchenko Transnistria State University113103
131Marmara University1132.0K2.0K
131University of Hull1132.7K3.0K
131Moscow State University of Technology STANKIN3132947
131Karadeniz Technical University1131.6K1.7K
131Jiangsu University3131.3K2.3K
131Tafresh University21355145
131Romanian Academy213370633
139Joint Institute for Nuclear Research512279586
139Lille University of Science and Technology2124031.0K
139National Polytechnic University of Armenia4121232
139Bashkir State Medical University212126105
139University of Lorraine1122.2K2.3K
139Ural State Forest Engineering University4121323
139Shandong Normal University3126451.3K
139Payame Noor University212618958
148Beijing Institute of Technology2111.8K2.4K
148Cairo University1114.8K4.5K
148Guizhou University1111.2K1.3K
148Feng Chia University2116871.1K
148University of Trento1112.5K2.9K
148Bulgarian Academy of Sciences3111.4K2.4K
148Ulyanovsk State University111216135
148Ulyanovsk State Technical University1116736
148Beijing University of Chemical Technology2111.0K1.5K
148Southeast University2112.5K3.5K
148Urmia University4113971.2K
148Odessa National Medical University3113741
148Petroleum University of Technology111156226
148University of Agriculture1111.6K1.7K
148Centurion University of Technology and Management11196131
163Zhejiang University of Technology3101.1K1.9K
163Siberian State Medical University210117187
163King Saud University3102.6K4.9K
163Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation310185362
163Voronezh State Technical University4107691
163Kazan State Technical University named after A. N. Tupolev2101845
163Kursk State University2104846
163Surgut State University6102037
163Wenzhou University3104251.0K
163China University of Petroleum1101.6K1.6K
173Belarusian National Technical University2978103
173Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology49312801
173Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy2972155
173Yerevan State Medical University3932117
173Francisk Skorina Gomel State University493087
173Nanjing University of Science and Technology291.4K1.9K
173Mordovia State University1915992
173Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering109221
173Tyumen Industrial University395074
173South-West State University591952
173Amirkabir University of Technology498792.0K
173Isfahan University of Medical Sciences291.1K2.0K
173Nanjing Xiaozhuang University19240286
173University of Hail29137396
173University of Gonabad39750
173Samara National Research University49121255
189Adıyaman University18382532
189Xi'an Jiaotong University183.6K4.1K
189Curtin University184.3K5.3K
189Ege University281.7K2.9K
189Maria Curie-Skłodowska University286661.1K
189University of Tabriz281.3K2.2K
189Mongolian Academy of Sciences18207330
189Chelyabinsk State University7852175
189Don State Technical University8863190
189Karaganda State Technical University185426
189Hebei University of Technology181.1K1.2K
189King Khalid University288251.5K
189National Institute of Technology481.6K3.2K
189Shahrud University of Technology18778913
189Hunan University of Technology28234497
189Uttaranchal University1869127
189Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects in the Defense Industry1811
189Universidad de Santiago de Chile189211.3K
189Universidad del Bío-Bío18353413
189National Institute of Technology Srinagar18137170
209Nahrain University27157317
209Siberian State Aerospace University272250
209Technion – Israel Institute of Technology173.8K4.6K
209Pasteur Institute171.7K2.2K
209Southwest University172.2K2.6K
209Pamukkale University171.1K1.5K
209University of Santiago de Compostela271.6K3.1K
209Tajik National University372024
209Osmania University179461.2K
209University of Zanjan472581.0K
209Malek Ashtar University of Technology37113379
209Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute27141325
209Qilu Institute of Technology172243
222University of Jena163.0K3.9K
222Fudan University165.4K6.0K
222University of Tehran263.3K5.2K
222Hebei University169861.3K
222Omsk State University16143107
222Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research1661154
222Jadavpur University162.1K2.6K
222Université Djillali Liabes1671110
222Ibn Zohr University26151444
222Bashkir State Agrarian University264135
222Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service264351
222National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine4653158
222Babol University of Medical Sciences16540823
222University Of Zabol16391647
222Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University16166311
222Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman267571.5K
222Xi'an Shiyou University26123305
222Xuzhou University of Technology4657366
222Agrophysical Research Institute262453
222Physico-Technical Institute164250
222Korea University of Science and Technology263.1K5.1K
244Monash University158.0K9.3K
244Shanghai University152.5K3.0K
244Ton Duc Thang University159001.4K
244University of the Punjab151.4K1.9K
244Syktyvkar State University253891
244University of Oviedo152.8K3.7K
244Université de Sétif15108219
244Iran University of Science and Technology15413648
244Ivanovo State Medical Academy154845
244Kemerovo State University4578193
244Privolzhsky Research Medical University15166159
244Anhui University of Science and Technology15568761
244Guangxi University for Nationalities25194513
244Institute for Surface Chemistry251864
244Isfahan University of Technology151.6K2.1K
244Punjab Agricultural University25465817
244Semnan University255831.2K
244Shenyang University of Chemical Technology35154495
244University of Misan1571114
244Thai Nguyen University154698
244Heze University15123222
244Yancheng Institute of Technology15492637
244Tver State Agricultural Academy1564
244All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Fats2511
244Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute152886
244Institute for the Structure of Matter15211306
244ITMO University25347782
244Moscow Technological University1580128
244Ho Chi Minh City University of Education157284
273National Institute of Technology Karnataka146991.1K
273Zhejiang University245.0K7.1K
273National Center for Scientific Research149.0K10.0K
273Vilnius University241.1K2.5K
273Nanyang Technological University144.8K6.1K
273Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University245671
273University of Shanghai for Science and Technology141.3K1.7K
273Yaroslavl State University14175207
273Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering143840
273Silesian University of Technology141.2K1.7K
273Kazakh-British Technical University2425117
273University of Benin148401.1K
273Beirut Arab University14283575
273Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz149251.4K
273Ivanovo State University2471107
273Siberian Transport University143427
273Siberian State Technological University54943
273Ulba Metallurgical Plant1424
273COMSATS University Islamabad241.3K2.6K
273Chengdu University of Technology14705988
273Cherepovets State University244861
273Çankırı Karatekin University14244492
273University of Ilorin149881.4K
273University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy24134342
273Yulin University2469224
273Edo University, Iyamho144280
273Islamic Azad University of Nishapur1412
273National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra14192342
301Peking University135.5K6.9K
301National Research Nuclear University13177334
301University of Vienna135.6K7.0K
301Sun Yat-sen University135.3K6.4K
301National Research University of Electronic Technology13130192
301University of Belgrade134.4K5.6K
301Zhejiang Chinese Medical University136511.1K
301Eindhoven University of Technology132.7K4.0K
301Tallinn University of Technology131.1K1.8K
301University of Colorado Boulder133.2K4.7K
301Queen's University Belfast133.9K5.6K
301Slovak Academy of Sciences132.2K3.2K
301University of Béjaïa13384726
301Thammasat University131.1K2.1K
301Tomsk State Pedagogical University137393
301Bauman Moscow State Technical University13535630
301Prince of Songkla University231.1K2.7K
301Sumqayit State University10317
301Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava131.1K1.5K
301Brest State Technical University6324177
301Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University13332689
301Dalian Jiaotong University13357574
301Tianjin Chengjian University13286442
301Bratsk State University132422
301Vladimir State University13124136
301Ganja State University132029
301Volga State University of Technology233981
301Russian Academy of Natural Sciences33836
301Tver State Technical University13101106
301Yugra State University136494
301Guangdong Pharmaceutical University13589986
301Harbin University3317169
301Laxminarayan Institute of Technology1356132
301South Valley University136981.2K
301University of al-Jazirah13137311
301University of Science and Technology Liaoning23266563
301Sami Shamoon College of Engineering3324301
301Shandong Management University134089
301Mudanjiang Medical University1394231
301Jundi-shapur University of Technology338124
301Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University13211
301East Ukrainian Volodymyr Dahl National University139575
301International Council for Traditional Music1343100
301Hermitage Museum133133
301National University of Sciences & Technology136141.2K
301Moscow Pedagogical State University13168138
347Harbin Engineering University121.3K1.7K
347Charles University124.6K6.1K
347Ariel University129191.8K
347Polytechnic University of Turin122.4K3.4K
347Soochow University122.7K3.8K
347Harbin Institute of Technology322.0K3.8K
347University of Delhi123.1K4.5K
347University of Montpellier122.4K3.9K
347Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics12153221
347Wuhan University of Technology121.7K2.3K
347Katholieke Universiteit Leuven127.2K9.5K
347Walailak University12336708
347Chiang Mai University122.3K3.7K
347Great Wall Motors22110
347Bar-Ilan University123.2K4.8K
347Umeå University123.9K5.8K
347FH Aachen1279237
347Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences22818
347Sharif University of Technology121.9K2.7K
347University of Kragujevac128791.5K
347Chuvash State University2266137
347Sahand University of Technology12604965
347Volgograd State University12184184
347Kabardino-Balkarian State University126087
347Kazan State Power Engineering University1294113
347Sumy State University12347437
347Federal Biomedical Agency123478
347Angarsk State Technical Academy1299
347Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology12133348
347Hebei University of Engineering12456762
347Wuhan Institute of Technology126921.1K
347University of Electronic Science and Technology of China122.3K3.3K
347Islamic Azad University North Tehran Branch122074
347National Textile University12135326
347North China University of Science and Technology12537947
347Northwestern Technological Institute1260155
347Rostov State Medical University12151159
347South Central University for Nationalities12554990
347State University of Medan22192205
347Taiyuan University of Technology229211.7K
347University of Tikrit12212367
347Changzhou University423771.2K
347Cherkasy National University124545
347Nanjing Tech University121.2K1.7K
347Anyang Normal University22150412
347Huaiyin Institute of Technology12462825
347State Research Institute of Highly Pure Biopreparations124286
347Ivan Franko National University of Lviv12408516
395Yeungnam University112.0K3.2K
395Voronezh State Agrarian University111018
395McGill University119.0K11.8K
395University of the Western Cape111.4K2.5K
395University of Isfahan111.5K2.5K
395Kaunas University of Technology116931.2K
395McMaster University116.7K9.2K
395National University of Uzbekistan11211382
395Hohai University111.6K2.4K
395City University of Hong Kong113.4K5.1K
395Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University11293477
395South China University of Technology112.8K3.9K
395Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf11547902
395University of Calcutta111.9K3.1K
395Jilin University113.5K4.8K
395S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy1183110
395Dalian University of Technology112.9K3.9K
395Guangxi University111.6K2.4K
395Atomic Energy Organization of Iran1174168
395Vitebsk State University111838
395Pacific State Medical University1176112
395Najran University11392772
395Tashkent State Technical University212776
395Jan Kochanowski University11505807
395Kafkas University31105836
395Vitebsk State Medical University113143
395Belgorod State Technological University113051
395Irkutsk State Medical University2150100
395Kemerovo State Medical University118384
395Moscow State Regional University11140139
395Moscow State Textile University411053
395Moscow State University of Food Production1176109
395Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University1194155
395Russian State Hydrometeorological University1170109
395North Kazakhstan State University1137
395Baikal State University115159
395Chongqing Jiaotong University11475879
395Coimbatore Institute of Technology11177399
395Guilin University of Technology116531.1K
395Harran University117651.5K
395Karunya University11460887
395Ningbo University of Technology31129568
395Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University115021.1K
395Qiqihar University11337590
395Siirt University11209476
395Taiyuan University of Science and Technology11432753
395Telangana University111847
395University of Sistan and Baluchestan115341.0K
395Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology11249582
395Zhejiang Sci-Tech University111.1K1.8K
395Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering11304639
395Nanjing Institute of Technology11481807
395Changzhou Institute of Technology11155349
395Zhejiang Shuren University11137344
395University of Tyumen21185459
395Baku Higher Oil School11411
395Xuchang University3191483
395Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences11385864
395Ufa State University of Economics and Service1138
395Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry11181299
395Hamma Lakhdar Eloued University1170207
395The Textile Institute114276
395Udmurt Federal Research Center116284
395Toulouse III University - Paul-Sabatier114861.3K
395University of Civil Protection1155
395Wrocław University of Science and Technology111.3K2.1K
395M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology1162151
395Gomel State Medical University114376
395Suzhou University21299890
464Kuban State Agrarian University1063110
464Anna University101.7K2.8K
464Imperial College London107.3K10.1K
464Istanbul University103.5K5.5K
464Vilnius Gediminas Technical University10432835
464Georgian National Academy of Sciences10192398
464Anhui University101.2K2.0K
464National Taiwan University of Science and Technology101.4K2.2K
464Atatürk University101.9K3.3K
464Northwestern Polytechnical University102.0K3.1K
464University of Queensland108.7K12.0K
464Qingdao University of Science and Technology108731.4K
464Åbo Akademi University101.3K2.7K
464Changchun University of Science and Technology105841.0K
464North University of China107661.2K
464China University of Geosciences101.6K2.4K
464National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology101.7K2.7K
464Alexandria University102.8K4.6K
464Lithuanian University of Health Sciences107461.5K
464Beihang University102.4K3.5K
464Polotsk State University202166
464Azerbaijan Medical University1058106
464Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan10213442
464Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University10119352
464Altai State Technical University3019106
464Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University102641
464Astrakhan State Technical University303999
464Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology10210
464Lipetsk State Technical University1074127
464Moscow Polytechnic University10153227
464Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technologies104186
464Samarkand State University1082178
464Stavropol State Agrarian University105477
464Auezov South Kazakhstan State University101432
464Al-Balqaʼ Applied University104721.1K
464Hefei Normal University2084410
464Nanjing Forestry University101.3K2.1K
464Tianjin University of Technology107351.2K
464Anhui Jianzhu University10341652
464Shenyang University of Technology20315784
464National Institute of Technology Raipur10265629
464Lahore Garrison University1068186
464Weifang University10209481
464Navrachana University101450
464GSFC University10422
464Luoyang Normal University10340671
464Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute1016
464Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences & Technology10824
464Informatics Philippines1086332
464Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University101640
464Indian Institute of Technology Indore105581.1K
464National Library of Russia101415
464Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies2030153