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1Structure and solubility of natural silk fibroinRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry2006171
2Humin-like substances formed under the conditions of industrial hydrolysis of woodRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry2010120
3Effect of Hydrogen Bonding on Cellulose Solubility in Aqueous and Nonaqueous SolventsRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry2003117
4Aggregation of Rhodamine B in WaterRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200488
5Thermally expanded graphite: Synthesis, properties, and prospects for useRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200679
6Antiwear Effect of Fullerene C6 0 Additives to Lubricating OilsRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200277
7Polythermal Study of the Systems M(ClO4)2-H2O (M2+ = Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+, Ba2+)Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry200568
8Factors affecting lignin solubilityRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry201167
9Determination of the Esterification Degree of Polygalacturonic AcidRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200164
10Applied Significance of PolyimidesRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200161
11Solubility of Adipic Acid in Organic Solvents and WaterRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200560
12Alkaline Hydrolysis of PolyacrylamideRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200158
13Ethylene to Propylene Conversion over Ni-W/ZSM-5 CatalystRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry201955
14Polymeric materials for water-lubricated plain bearingsRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200653
15Calorimetric study of dissolution of amino carboxylic acids in water at 298.15 KRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200752
16Synthesis and Characterization of AlPO4/ZSM-5 Catalyst for Methanol Conversion to Dimethyl EtherRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry201850
17Ethylene to Propylene over Zeolite ZSM-5: Improved Catalyst Performance by Treatment with CuORussian Journal of Applied Chemistry201950
18Nature of Gas Sensitivity in Nanocrystalline Metal OxidesRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200147
19Biobutanol: Biofuel of second generationRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200845
20Thermal Degradation of Polyvinylpyrrolidone on the Surface of Pyrogenic SilicaRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200144
21High-Energy-Capacity Cobalt(III) TetrazolatesRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200343
22Solubility of Polymethyl Methacrylate in Organic SolventsRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200543
23Furfuryl alcohol in synthesis of levulinic acid esters and difurylmethane with Fe and Rh complexesRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200742
24Controlled radical polymerization: Prospects for application for industrial synthesis of polymers (Review)Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry201142
25Deep desalination of water by evaporation through polymeric membranesRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200740
26Silver ion reduction with peat fulvic acidsRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200939
27Ethambutol: A new and effective corrosion inhibitor of mildsteel in acidic mediumRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry201638
28Catalytic partial oxidation of methane to formaldehydeRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200937
29Solubility of Double Alkali Metal (Na, K) Rare-Earth (La, Ce) Sulfates in Sulfuric-Phosphoric Acid Solutions at 20°CRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200536
30Synthesis and antioxidative properties of some 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)ones (-thiones)Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry200636
31Using hydrogen donor with oil-soluble catalysts for upgrading heavy oilRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry201436
32Synthesis and Structural Transformations of Hydrotalcite-like Materials Mg-Al and Zn-AlRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200135
33Synthesis in a gel as a new procedure for preparing carboxyethyl chitosanRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200734
34Sulfuric Acid Technology for Processing of Eudialyte ConcentrateRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200331
35Green synthesis and characterization of cobalt oxide nanoparticles and its electrocatalytic behaviorRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry201631
36Chemical Oxygen DemandRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200530
37Stability of aqueous-alkaline sodium borohydride formulationsRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200830
38Fluorinated proton-conduction nafion-type membranes, the past and the futureRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200830
39New method for synthesis of fullerenes and fullerene hydrides from benzeneRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry201230
40Hydration of portland cement in the presence of aluminum-containing setting acceleratorsRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry201330
41Synthesis of dense ceramics of single-phase mayenite (Ca12Al14O32)ORussian Journal of Applied Chemistry201129
42Oxidative Desulfurization of Hydrocarbon FeedstockRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry201829
43Effect of Hydrated Sodium Silicates on Cement Paste HardeningRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200228
44Scale inhibitor for boiler water systemsRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry201428
45Methane Pyrolysis for Hydrogen Production: Specific Features of Using Molten MetalsRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry202028
46Hydrogen Storage Using Liquid Organic CarriersRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry202028
47Modification of Paving Asphalts with SulfurRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200327
48Synthesis of Fine Carbon Nanotubes on Coprecipitated Metal Oxide CatalystsRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200527
49A new promising method for processing of serpentinitesRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200727
50Degradation of Polyacrylamide and Its Derivatives in Aqueous SolutionsRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry200226