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1Population Structure and EigenanalysisPLoS Genetics20064,163
2A Flexible and Accurate Genotype Imputation Method for the Next Generation of Genome-Wide Association StudiesPLoS Genetics20093,526
3Bayesian Test for Colocalisation between Pairs of Genetic Association Studies Using Summary StatisticsPLoS Genetics20142,012
4Inference of Population Splits and Mixtures from Genome-Wide Allele Frequency DataPLoS Genetics20121,997
5Capturing Heterogeneity in Gene Expression Studies by Surrogate Variable AnalysisPLoS Genetics20071,599
6Cell-Type Specific Features of Circular RNA ExpressionPLoS Genetics20131,544
7Inferring the Joint Demographic History of Multiple Populations from Multidimensional SNP Frequency DataPLoS Genetics20091,522
8Detecting Individual Sites Subject to Episodic Diversifying SelectionPLoS Genetics20121,455
9Genome-Wide Association Scan Shows Genetic Variants in the FTO Gene Are Associated with Obesity-Related TraitsPLoS Genetics20071,446
10Power and Predictive Accuracy of Polygenic Risk ScoresPLoS Genetics20131,238
11Population Genomics of Parallel Adaptation in Threespine Stickleback using Sequenced RAD TagsPLoS Genetics20101,219
12Robust Demographic Inference from Genomic and SNP DataPLoS Genetics20131,185
13Trait-Associated SNPs Are More Likely to Be eQTLs: Annotation to Enhance Discovery from GWASPLoS Genetics20101,161
14A Molecular Phylogeny of Living PrimatesPLoS Genetics20111,130
15Iterative Usage of Fixed and Random Effect Models for Powerful and Efficient Genome-Wide Association StudiesPLoS Genetics20161,095
16Organised Genome Dynamics in the Escherichia coli Species Results in Highly Diverse Adaptive PathsPLoS Genetics20091,005
17A Groupwise Association Test for Rare Mutations Using a Weighted Sum StatisticPLoS Genetics2009989
18Inference of Population Structure using Dense Haplotype DataPLoS Genetics2012983
19Orienting the causal relationship between imprecisely measured traits using GWAS summary dataPLoS Genetics2017969
20Aging and Environmental Exposures Alter Tissue-Specific DNA Methylation Dependent upon CpG Island ContextPLoS Genetics2009931
21Repetitive Elements May Comprise Over Two-Thirds of the Human GenomePLoS Genetics2011907
22Genomic Analysis of the Necrotrophic Fungal Pathogens Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Botrytis cinereaPLoS Genetics2011902
23p53 Activation by Knockdown TechnologiesPLoS Genetics2007893
24Resolving Individuals Contributing Trace Amounts of DNA to Highly Complex Mixtures Using High-Density SNP Genotyping MicroarraysPLoS Genetics2008892
25Genomewide Analysis of PRC1 and PRC2 Occupancy Identifies Two Classes of Bivalent DomainsPLoS Genetics2008878
26Genic Intolerance to Functional Variation and the Interpretation of Personal GenomesPLoS Genetics2013844
27Data and Theory Point to Mainly Additive Genetic Variance for Complex TraitsPLoS Genetics2008823
28Gli2 and Gli3 Localize to Cilia and Require the Intraflagellar Transport Protein Polaris for Processing and FunctionPLoS Genetics2005815
29Genome-Wide Association Analysis Identifies Variants Associated with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease That Have Distinct Effects on Metabolic TraitsPLoS Genetics2011796
30Expression of Linear and Novel Circular Forms of an INK4/ARF-Associated Non-Coding RNA Correlates with Atherosclerosis RiskPLoS Genetics2010789
31Exploring Microbial Diversity and Taxonomy Using SSU rRNA Hypervariable Tag SequencingPLoS Genetics2008779
32The Population Genetics of dN/dSPLoS Genetics2008775
33Discordance of Species Trees with Their Most Likely Gene TreesPLoS Genetics2006761
34Abundant Quantitative Trait Loci Exist for DNA Methylation and Gene Expression in Human BrainPLoS Genetics2010722
35Alternative-NHEJ Is a Mechanistically Distinct Pathway of Mammalian Chromosome Break RepairPLoS Genetics2008708
36A Microhomology-Mediated Break-Induced Replication Model for the Origin of Human Copy Number VariationPLoS Genetics2009700
37Polygenic Modeling with Bayesian Sparse Linear Mixed ModelsPLoS Genetics2013686
38Ancient Protostome Origin of Chemosensory Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors and the Evolution of Insect Taste and OlfactionPLoS Genetics2010680
39Comparative Genomics of Multidrug Resistance in Acinetobacter baumanniiPLoS Genetics2006677
40Assessing the Impact of Transgenerational Epigenetic Variation on Complex TraitsPLoS Genetics2009669
41Genetic Analysis of the Capsular Biosynthetic Locus from All 90 Pneumococcal SerotypesPLoS Genetics2006661
42Genetics Meets Metabolomics: A Genome-Wide Association Study of Metabolite Profiles in Human SerumPLoS Genetics2008660
43A Genome-Wide Association Study in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Identification of Two Major Susceptibility LociPLoS Genetics2009656
44Long Noncoding RNA MALAT1 Controls Cell Cycle Progression by Regulating the Expression of Oncogenic Transcription Factor B-MYBPLoS Genetics2013655
45Pervasive Transcription of the Human Genome Produces Thousands of Previously Unidentified Long Intergenic Noncoding RNAsPLoS Genetics2013655
46A Mutation in the Myostatin Gene Increases Muscle Mass and Enhances Racing Performance in Heterozygote DogsPLoS Genetics2007654
47Bacterial Communities of Diverse Drosophila Species: Ecological Context of a Host–Microbe Model SystemPLoS Genetics2011650
48A Role for Autophagy in the Extension of Lifespan by Dietary Restriction in C. elegansPLoS Genetics2008639
49The Genetic Signatures of Noncoding RNAsPLoS Genetics2009639
50Why Do Hubs Tend to Be Essential in Protein Networks?PLoS Genetics2006634