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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Division of Biology1218452160
2Department of Zoology131751448
3Department of Biology112553
4Department of Biology61041551
5Department of Biology384613
6Department of Biology283121133
7Department of Biology2828687
8Department of Biology481314
9Department of Zoology5733066
10Department of Biology3671121
11Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology36666139
12Department of Biology1655038
13Department of Biology156312227
14Department of Zoology449103250
15Department of Biology4481141
15Department of Biology348329
17School of Forestry and Wood Products1474144
18Department of Biology34645113
19Department of Biology2412028
20Department of Biology240191250
21Department of Biology1396561
22Department of Biology1373952
22Department of Life Sciences1375364
24Department of Zoology1362024
24Department of Biology13684
26Department of Geography13522
27Department of Biology3341353
27Department of Biology3341862
27Department of Biology and Microbiology1349797
30Department of Geography1331115
30Biology Department1331013
32Department of Biology1323435
33Department of Zoology131173198
33Department of Biology33160135
33Department of Biology131712
36Department of Biochemistry130386455
36Department of Biology1301313
36Department of Biology130814
39Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology1295679
39Department of Biology12934
39Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management32946110
42Department of Ecology and Organismal Biology228724
43Department of Biology1274572
43Department of Zoology1272223
45Department of Agronomy1267792
45Department of Biology1262323
45Department of Biology1266072
45Department of Biology126812
49Department of Biology125379520
49Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology62544158
49Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology32580229
49Department of Biology125119160
49Department of Biology72518147
54Department of Forest Ecology and Management1243464
54Department of Fishery and Wildlife Sciences224917
54Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology224127237
57Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology123193266
57Department of Biology123156193
57Department of Biology22360118
57Department of Biology22357151
57Department of Biology2231940
57Department of Biology223267544
63Department of Geography1227682
63Department of Biology12272
65Department of Biology32151234
66Department of Geography1202242
66Department of Natural Resource Management4201968
68Department of Zoology11965102
68Biology Department11948
68Department of Biology1193036
68Department of Biology2191319
72Department of Zoology118714
72Department of Zoology118175265
72Department of Geography1183141
75Department of Biology117306458
75Department of Biology117185287
75Department of Biology117212315
78Department of Biology41629134
78Department of Biology416640
80Department of Biology215261532
80Department of Ecology and Evolution11568128
80Department of Biology1153176
83Department of Zoology114163242
83School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences31466223
83Department of Anthropology21443111
83Department of Biology1144487
87Department of Biology113320482
87Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology41325127
87Department of Biology11348
87Section of Invertebrate Zoology11367
91Department of Zoology11273104
91Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management21250135
91Department of Biology112153266
91Department of Biology1124471
91Department of Biology112117195
91Department of Biology11228
91Department of Biology112274403
98Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology211119291
98Wildlife Biology Program21148106
100School of Forestry110115170
101Department of Biology2973212
101Department of Biology19309523
101Department of Biology29749
101Department of Biology and Health Sciences1923
101Department of Biology19523
101Department of Biology1935
101Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology191737
108Department of Ecosystem Science and Management18123223
108Department of Biology183066
108Ohio Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies18517
108Department of Biology2894294
112Department of Agronomy17191276
112Department of Biology17915
112Department of Zoology1769118
112Department of Geography17121226
112Department of Biology17110197
112Botany Department171033
112College of Agriculture and Bioresources1788190
112Department of Biology1767155
112Department of Biology17214361
112School of Life Sciences1757151
122Department of Biology4617171
122Department of Biology16392674
122Department of Biology16217393
122Department of Biology1647105
122Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology165395
122Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit16915
122Department of Biology2624122
122Department of Environmental Studies16319
122Department of Biology1642112
131Department of Geography15214374
131Department of Zoology15145253
131Department of Biology15205371
131Department of Biology152468
131Department of Biology152072
131Department of Biology151018
131College of Forestry and Conservation1593194
131Department of Biology154690
139Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology24174400
139Department of Life Sciences14413
139Department of Biology2464207
139Department of Biology1428
139Science and Mathematics Division14610
139Department of Biology141242
139Biology Department14620
146Division of Forestry and Natural Resources2347188
146Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology13210364
146Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering232398
146Department of Biology13315
146Department of Biology134196
146Department of Biology13127252
146Department of Biology13314
146Department of Environmental Studies13927
146Department of Mathematics13131241
146Department of Plant Biology and Center for Ecology131750
146Department of Biology132054
146Department of Biology and Environmental Health1324
146Department of Biology1315
146Department of Biology13625
146Department of Biology13832
146Department of Biology132364
162Department of Biology125441.0K
162Department of Biology12103226
162Department of Biology1283186
162Department of Psychology12329607
162Department of Biology12266508
162Department of Plant and Microbial Biology1274199
162Ecosystem Science and Management Program1246154
162Department of Agronomy and Horticulture12153305
162Department of Biology122050
162Department of Biology12421
162Department of Biology122090
162Department of Biology and Geology121039
162Department of Biology12625
162Department of Pharmacology12143280
162Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology1296173
177Faculty of Geology11104187
177Department of Biology112793
177Department of Psychology11114
177Department of Biology11838
177Department of Biology111557
177Department of Biology113478
177Plant Ecology Program11313
177Department of Agronomy112458
177Department of Biology112775
177Department of Biology11935
187Department of Geography1042139
187Department of Biology10297620
187Department of Biology10828
187Department of Biology10735
187Department of Biology10935
187Department of Biology and Geology1029
187Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics10215
187Department of Biology103098
187Department of Biology1058157
187Department of Biology1025
187Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology10100228