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1Table of Equivalent Populations of North American Small MammalsAmerican Midland Naturalist19471,372
2On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural SelectionAmerican Midland Naturalist1953584
3An Evaluation of Some Techniques for the Collection and Analysis of Benthic Samples with Special Emphasis on Lotic WatersAmerican Midland Naturalist1962539
4The Comparative Internal Morphology of SeedsAmerican Midland Naturalist1946513
5Body Temperatures of ReptilesAmerican Midland Naturalist1965471
6The Individualistic Concept of the Plant AssociationAmerican Midland Naturalist1939424
7Innate and Environmental Dispersal of Individual VertebratesAmerican Midland Naturalist1960378
8Effects of White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) on Plants, Plant Populations and Communities: A ReviewAmerican Midland Naturalist2001366
9Reproduction of Chaparral Shrubs After Fire: A Comparison of Sprouting and Seeding StrategiesAmerican Midland Naturalist1978345
10An Ecological Analysis of the Plant Communities of Piedmont, North CarolinaAmerican Midland Naturalist1942338
11The Strategy of Body Size in Mammalian CarnivoresAmerican Midland Naturalist1968302
12The Structure and Reproduction of the Algae.American Midland Naturalist1935301
13A Study of Dog Carcass Communities in Tennessee, with Special Reference to the InsectsAmerican Midland Naturalist1958301
14Chance-corrected Classification for Use in Discriminant Analysis: Ecological ApplicationsAmerican Midland Naturalist1984270
15Cave Adaptation in Amblyopsid FishesAmerican Midland Naturalist1963263
16A Review of Ecological Determinants of Territoriality within Vertebrate SpeciesAmerican Midland Naturalist2000255
17The Role of Territory in Bird LifeAmerican Midland Naturalist1941249
18Anatomy of the Dicotyledons.American Midland Naturalist1950242
19A Study of Mosquito Behavior. An Experimental Laboratory Study of the Sexual Behavior of Aedes aegypti (Linnaeus)American Midland Naturalist1948241
20Adaptive Design of the Floral Display in Asclepias syriaca L.American Midland Naturalist1974239
21The Dynamics of Crayfish and Their Role in EcosystemsAmerican Midland Naturalist1978239
22The Allelopathic Effects of Eucalyptus camaldulensisAmerican Midland Naturalist1970233
23Diminished Plant Richness and Abundance Below Lonicera maackii, an Invasive ShrubAmerican Midland Naturalist2002221
24Effects of the Exotic Invasive Shrub Lonicera maackii on the Survival and Fecundity of Three Species of Native AnnualsAmerican Midland Naturalist2000211
25Expansion of Woody Plants in Tallgrass Prairie: A Fifteen-year Study of Fire and Fire-grazing InteractionsAmerican Midland Naturalist2002200
26Death Feigning by Ducks in Response to Predation by Red Foxes (Vulpes fulva)American Midland Naturalist1975196
27Microsite Requirements for Germination and Establishment of Three Grass SpeciesAmerican Midland Naturalist1986191
28Disturbance and Recovery of an Algal Assemblage Following Flooding in an Oklahoma StreamAmerican Midland Naturalist1987190
29Effect of Garlic Mustard [Alliaria petiolata (Beib. Cavara & Grande)] Extracts on Plants and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) FungiAmerican Midland Naturalist2001190
30A Study of Cockroach BehaviorAmerican Midland Naturalist1952188
31The Species-Area CurveAmerican Midland Naturalist1938186
32The Digenetic Trematodes of Marine Fishes of Tortugas, FloridaAmerican Midland Naturalist1947185
33The Secondary Chemistry and Complex Morphology of Galls Formed by the Cynipinae (Hymenoptera): Why and How?American Midland Naturalist1983184
34Estimation of Insect Biomass by Length and WidthAmerican Midland Naturalist1993181
35New Species of Trematodes from the Gills of Illinois FishesAmerican Midland Naturalist1936177
36On the Calculation of Information-theoretical Measures of DiversityAmerican Midland Naturalist1968177
37Reproductive Modes and the Number and Sizes of Ova in the UrodelesAmerican Midland Naturalist1969175
38The Role of Aquatic Invertebrates in Processing of Wood Debris in Coniferous Forest StreamsAmerican Midland Naturalist1978169
39Invertebrate Resistance and Resilience to Intermittency in a Desert StreamAmerican Midland Naturalist1994167
40Red Imported Fire Ant Impacts on Wildlife: A Decade of ResearchAmerican Midland Naturalist2004165
41Some Chemical Factors Influencing the Distribution of Aquatic Plants in MinnesotaAmerican Midland Naturalist1945164
42Species Composition and Life Histories of Aquatic Insects in a Lowland Sonoran Desert StreamAmerican Midland Naturalist1981162
43A Study of the Breeding Biology of the European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris L.) in North AmericaAmerican Midland Naturalist1957161
44Oceanic Birds of South America.American Midland Naturalist1950152
45Effects of Stand Composition on Insect Visitation in Two-Species Mixtures of HieraciumAmerican Midland Naturalist1978151
46Paleoecology of the Large-Mammal Community in Interior Alaska during the Late PleistoceneAmerican Midland Naturalist1968150
47Prey Capture in the Largemouth BassAmerican Midland Naturalist1971150
48Interactive Effects of Fire, Bison (Bison bison) Grazing and Plant Community Composition in Tallgrass PrairieAmerican Midland Naturalist1993149
49Effects of Invasion by Lonicera tatarica L. On Herbs and Tree Seedlings in Four New England ForestsAmerican Midland Naturalist1993149
50Study of Snake Populations in Central CaliforniaAmerican Midland Naturalist1949145