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1Fluctuating resources in plant communities: a general theory of invasibilityJournal of Ecology20002,705
2The world‐wide ‘fast–slow’ plant economics spectrum: a traits manifestoJournal of Ecology20142,379
3Benefits of plant diversity to ecosystems: immediate, filter and founder effectsJournal of Ecology19982,093
4A Test of a Modified Line Intersect Method of Estimating Root LengthJournal of Ecology19751,838
5Pattern and Process in the Plant CommunityJournal of Ecology19471,794
6Evolution of Increased Competitive Ability in Invasive Nonindigenous Plants: A HypothesisJournal of Ecology19951,439
7The Exchange of Dissolved Substances Between Mud and Water in LakesJournal of Ecology19411,376
8The LEDA Traitbase: a database of life‐history traits of the Northwest European floraJournal of Ecology20081,306
9Species and AreaJournal of Ecology19211,296
10Plant–soil feedbacks: the past, the present and future challengesJournal of Ecology20131,259
11Seasonal Variation in the Seed Banks of Herbaceous Species in Ten Contrasting HabitatsJournal of Ecology19791,238
12Some Ecological Consequences of a Computer Model of Forest GrowthJournal of Ecology19721,095
13Rooting depths, lateral root spreads and below‐ground/above‐ground allometries of plants in water‐limited ecosystemsJournal of Ecology20021,081
14Refining the stress‐gradient hypothesis for competition and facilitation in plant communitiesJournal of Ecology20091,071
15The effects of air-borne nitrogen pollutants on species diversity in natural and semi-natural European vegetationJournal of Ecology19981,056
16Relative Growth-Rate: Its Range and Adaptive Significance in a Local FloraJournal of Ecology19751,003
17Comparative Phenological Studies of Trees in Tropical Wet and Dry Forests in the Lowlands of Costa RicaJournal of Ecology1974998
18Nutrient Resorption from Senescing Leaves of Perennials: Are there General Patterns?Journal of Ecology1996969
19Incorporating the Soil Community into Plant Population Dynamics: The Utility of the Feedback ApproachJournal of Ecology1997929
20Carbon limitation in treesJournal of Ecology2003908
21The use of chronosequences in studies of ecological succession and soil developmentJournal of Ecology2010896
22Nature and Structure of the ClimaxJournal of Ecology1936877
23Fire, resprouting and variability: a recipe for grass-tree coexistence in savannaJournal of Ecology2000860
24Reciprocal Averaging: An Eigenvector Method of OrdinationJournal of Ecology1973859
25Pollen Representation of Vegetation in Quaternary Sediments: Theory and Method in Patchy VegetationJournal of Ecology1994851
26Impact of invasive plants on the species richness, diversity and composition of invaded communitiesJournal of Ecology2009826
27A Comparative Study of Germination Characteristics in a Local FloraJournal of Ecology1981790
28Facilitation in plant communities: the past, the present, and the futureJournal of Ecology2008788
29How general are positive relationships between plant population size, fitness and genetic variation?Journal of Ecology2006756
30The Exchange of Dissolved Substances between Mud and Water in LakesJournal of Ecology1942738
31Seedling survival and seed size: a synthesis of the literatureJournal of Ecology2004724
32Quantitative estimation of phenotypic plasticity: bridging the gap between the evolutionary concept and its ecological applicationsJournal of Ecology2006711
33A biogeographical approach to plant invasions: the importance of studying exotics in their introduced and native rangeJournal of Ecology2005699
34Stability of Grazing Systems: An Application of Predator-Prey GraphsJournal of Ecology1975692
35Habitat associations of trees and shrubs in a 50-ha neotropical forest plotJournal of Ecology2001687
36Abandoned Pastures in Eastern Amazonia. I. Patterns of Plant SuccessionJournal of Ecology1988673
37Quantitative Plant Ecology.Journal of Ecology1965659
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39Population Dynamics and Local Specialization in a Clonal Perennial (Ranunculus Repens): I. The Dynamics of Ramets in Contrasting HabitatsJournal of Ecology1981626
40Is the change of plant-plant interactions with abiotic stress predictable? A meta-analysis of field results in arid environmentsJournal of Ecology2005623
41Global patterns in plant heightJournal of Ecology2009611
42Identification of 100 fundamental ecological questionsJournal of Ecology2013605
43Stability of Semi-Arid Savanna Grazing SystemsJournal of Ecology1981597
44Plant functional composition influences rates of soil carbon and nitrogen accumulationJournal of Ecology2008588
45Forest productivity increases with evenness, species richness and trait variation: a global meta‐analysisJournal of Ecology2012585
46Soil Development in Relation to Vegetation and Surface Age at Glacier Bay, AlaskaJournal of Ecology1955583
47An ecological perspective on extreme climatic events: a synthetic definition and framework to guide future researchJournal of Ecology2011572
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49The Ecology of Freshwater Phytoplankton.Journal of Ecology1985565
50Seeds: Physiology of Development and Germination.Journal of Ecology1995556