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1Polychromatic staining of plant cell walls by toluidine blue OProtoplasma19641,659
2?Transfer cells? Plant cells with wall ingrowths, specialized in relation to short distance transport of solutes?Their occurrence, structure, and developmentProtoplasma1969451
3On the alignment of cellulose microfibrils by cortical microtubules: A review and a modelProtoplasma2001376
4A berberine-aniline blue fluorescent staining procedure for suberin, lignin, and callose in plant tissueProtoplasma1988368
5AP2/EREBP transcription factors are part of gene regulatory networks and integrate metabolic, hormonal and environmental signals in stress acclimation and retrograde signallingProtoplasma2010355
6Cytoplasmic fibrils in living cultured cellsProtoplasma1967333
7The dynamic roles of intracellular lipid droplets: from archaea to mammalsProtoplasma2012325
8Role of nitric oxide in tolerance of plants to abiotic stressProtoplasma2011293
9Minimising toxicity of cadmium in plants—role of plant growth regulatorsProtoplasma2015292
10The evolutionary phylogeny of the oomycete “fungi”Protoplasma2012280
11Plant regeneration from cultured immature embryos and inflorescences ofTriticum aestivum L. (wheat): Evidence for somatic embryogenesisProtoplasma1982273
12Computer simulation of fungal morphogenesis and the mathematical basis for hyphal (tip) growthProtoplasma1989265
13Die Ultrastruktur der Apikalregion von PilzhyphenProtoplasma1969254
14Biology of callose (β-1,3-glucan) turnover at plasmodesmataProtoplasma2011252
15Ultrastructure of microsporogenesis and microgametogenesis inArabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. ecotype Wassilewskija (Brassicaceae)Protoplasma1995250
16Ultrastructure of the cytoskeleton in freeze-substituted pollen tubes ofNicotiana alataProtoplasma1987242
17Redox homeostasis, antioxidant defense, and methylglyoxal detoxification as markers for salt tolerance in Pokkali riceProtoplasma2010242
18Visualization of microtubules in living cells of transgenicArabidopsis thalianaProtoplasma1999234
19Abscisic-acid-dependent basic leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factors in plant abiotic stressProtoplasma2017234
20The redox state of the ascorbate-dehydroascorbate pair as a specific sensor of cell division in tobacco BY-2 cellsProtoplasma1999228
21Elektronenmikroskopische Lokalisation von Na+ und Cl− in Zellen und GewebenProtoplasma1962227
22Studies on microtubules in Heliozoa I.Protoplasma1965226
23Physiological changes induced by chromium stress in plants: an overviewProtoplasma2012226
24Substructure of freeze-substituted plasmodesmataProtoplasma1992223
25Freeze-etch appearance of the tight junctions in the epithelium of small and large intestine of miceProtoplasma1969221
26Leaf senescence and abiotic stresses share reactive oxygen species-mediated chloroplast degradationProtoplasma2012220
27Microtubules and pigment migration in the melanophores ofFundulus heteroclitus L.Protoplasma1966210
28Endoplasmic reticulum in the formation of the cell plate and plasmodesmataProtoplasma1982208
29Ultrastructure of freeze-substituted pollen tubes ofLilium longiflorumProtoplasma1992206
30Arsenite treatment induces oxidative stress, upregulates antioxidant system, and causes phytochelatin synthesis in rice seedlingsProtoplasma2011206
31Transport of rosettes from the golgi apparatus to the plasma membrane in isolated mesophyll cells ofZinnia elegans during differentiation to tracheary elements in suspension cultureProtoplasma1986196
32Actin associated with plasmodesmataProtoplasma1994191
33Aniline blue and fluorescence microscopy of callose in bulb scales ofAllium cepa LProtoplasma1956190
34Differential responses of antioxidative defense system to prolonged salinity stress in salt-tolerant and salt-sensitive Indica rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlingsProtoplasma2013189
35Exogenous application of nitric oxide modulates osmolyte metabolism, antioxidants, enzymes of ascorbate-glutathione cycle and promotes growth under cadmium stress in tomatoProtoplasma2018189
36A critical evaluation of the specificity of aniline blue induced fluorescenceProtoplasma1978186
37The embryonic development of Drosophila melanogasterProtoplasma1938183
38O -4-Linked coniferyl and sinapyl aldehydes in lignifying cell walls are the main targets of the Wiesner (phloroglucinol-HCl) reactionProtoplasma2002181
39The greening process in plastidsProtoplasma1965178
40Primary and secondary plasmodesmata: structure, origin, and functioningProtoplasma2001177
41Ethylene reverses photosynthetic inhibition by nickel and zinc in mustard through changes in PS II activity, photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency, and antioxidant metabolismProtoplasma2014176
42Somatic embryogenesis in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) I. The morphology and physiology of callus formation and the ontogeny of somatic embryosProtoplasma1983173
43The structure of barley roots in relation to the transport of ions into the steleProtoplasma1973172
44Cadmium and lead interactive effects on oxidative stress and antioxidative responses in rice seedlingsProtoplasma2014172
45Programmed cell death of plant tracheary elements differentiating in vitroProtoplasma1997170
46Actin localization and function in higher plantsProtoplasma1987168
47Changes in the structure ofArabidopsis thaliana during female development of the plant-parasitic nematodeHeterodera schachtiiProtoplasma1996167
48Programmed-cell-death events during tapetum development of angiospermsProtoplasma1999167
49Wall morphogenesis in diatoms: Deposition of silica by cytoplasmic vesiclesProtoplasma1979166
50Endocytosis and vesicle trafficking during tip growth of root hairsProtoplasma2005166