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1Production of cellulose nanofibrils: A review of recent advancesIndustrial Crops and Products20161,186
2Zein: the industrial protein from cornIndustrial Crops and Products20011,126
3Extraction, preparation and characterization of cellulose fibres and nanocrystals from rice huskIndustrial Crops and Products20121,045
4Review of current and future softwood kraft lignin process chemistryIndustrial Crops and Products2004961
5A status review on the medicinal properties of essential oilsIndustrial Crops and Products2014826
6Value-adding to cellulosic ethanol: Lignin polymersIndustrial Crops and Products2011772
7Chitosan–starch composite film: preparation and characterizationIndustrial Crops and Products2005686
8Characterisation of structure-dependent functional properties of lignin with infrared spectroscopyIndustrial Crops and Products2004685
9Lignin as a base material for materials applications: Chemistry, application and economicsIndustrial Crops and Products2008657
10A concise review of current lignin production, applications, products and their environmental impactIndustrial Crops and Products2019612
11Lignin in straw of herbaceous cropsIndustrial Crops and Products2008609
12An evaluation of multipurpose oil seed crop for industrial uses (Jatropha curcas L.): A reviewIndustrial Crops and Products2008576
13Chenopodium quinoa—An Indian perspectiveIndustrial Crops and Products2006554
14Extraction and characterization of cellulose nanocrystals from agro-industrial residue – Soy hullsIndustrial Crops and Products2013523
15Fiber dimensions, lignin and cellulose content of various plant materials and their suitability for paper productionIndustrial Crops and Products2004521
16Essential oils for the development of eco-friendly mosquito larvicides: A reviewIndustrial Crops and Products2015516
17Dissolution of lignocellulosic materials and its constituents using ionic liquids—A reviewIndustrial Crops and Products2010506
18Structural characterization of technical lignins for the production of adhesives: Application to lignosulfonate, kraft, soda-anthraquinone, organosolv and ethanol process ligninsIndustrial Crops and Products2006483
19Bioprocess preparation of wheat straw fibers and their characterizationIndustrial Crops and Products2006456
20Co-ordination network for lignin—standardisation, production and applications adapted to market requirements (EUROLIGNIN)Industrial Crops and Products2004451
21Cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants for specialty industrial materialsIndustrial Crops and Products2011426
22Extraction and characterization of cellulose nanocrystals from corncob for application as reinforcing agent in nanocompositesIndustrial Crops and Products2013414
23Nanocellulose in bio-based food packaging applicationsIndustrial Crops and Products2017406
24Oil palm fiber (OPF) and its composites: A reviewIndustrial Crops and Products2011404
25Evaluation of antioxidant activity, total phenols and phenolic compounds in thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.), sage (Salvia officinalis L.), and marjoram (Origanum majorana L.) extractsIndustrial Crops and Products2013398
26Preparation and characterization of activated carbon from bamboo by microwave-induced phosphoric acid activationIndustrial Crops and Products2010387
27Influence of natural fibres on the mechanical properties of biodegradable polymersIndustrial Crops and Products1998385
28Epoxidized soybean oil as a potential source of high-temperature lubricantsIndustrial Crops and Products2002385
29Adhesives and plastics based on soy protein productsIndustrial Crops and Products2002385
30Modeling the process and costs of fuel ethanol production by the corn dry-grind processIndustrial Crops and Products2006381
31Maximizing total phenolics, total flavonoids contents and antioxidant activity of Moringa oleifera leaf extract by the appropriate extraction methodIndustrial Crops and Products2013372
32Oil-seed crop: Camelina sativaIndustrial Crops and Products1997371
33Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles using seed aqueous extract of Abelmoschus esculentus and its antifungal activityIndustrial Crops and Products2013371
34Crystallinity in starch bioplasticsIndustrial Crops and Products1996370
35Application of the factorial design of experiments and response surface methodology to optimize biodiesel productionIndustrial Crops and Products1998364
36Chemical composition and antibacterial and antioxidant properties of commercial essential oilsIndustrial Crops and Products2013356
37Improving the barrier and mechanical properties of corn starch-based edible films: Effect of citric acid and carboxymethyl celluloseIndustrial Crops and Products2011353
38Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam. seed extract and its antibacterial activityIndustrial Crops and Products2013337
39Lubricant basestocks from vegetable oilsIndustrial Crops and Products2000336
40Low-cost and eco-friendly phyto-synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Cocos nucifera coir extract and its larvicidal activityIndustrial Crops and Products2013329
41Green synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles using Boerhaavia diffusa plant extract and their anti bacterial activityIndustrial Crops and Products2014328
42Plant extract synthesized silver nanoparticles: An ongoing source of novel biocompatible materialsIndustrial Crops and Products2015325
43Biodegradable packaging based on raw materials from crops and their impact on waste managementIndustrial Crops and Products2006322
44Growth, yield and mineral content of Miscanthus×giganteus grown as a biofuel for 14 successive harvestsIndustrial Crops and Products2008314
45Mechanical, barrier, and biodegradability properties of bagasse cellulose whiskers reinforced natural rubber nanocompositesIndustrial Crops and Products2010314
46Effects of carbonization temperatures on characteristics of porosity in coconut shell chars and activated carbons derived from carbonized coconut shell charsIndustrial Crops and Products2008310
47Antioxidant and antibacterial lignin nanoparticles in polyvinyl alcohol/chitosan films for active packagingIndustrial Crops and Products2016307
48Oxidation and low temperature stability of vegetable oil-based lubricantsIndustrial Crops and Products2006302
49Analysis and evaluation of essential oil components of cinnamon barks using GC–MS and FTIR spectroscopyIndustrial Crops and Products2013297
50Characterization of banana, sugarcane bagasse and sponge gourd fibers of BrazilIndustrial Crops and Products2009296