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1Independent component analysis, A new concept?Signal Processing19946,637
2Blind separation of sources, part I: An adaptive algorithm based on neuromimetic architectureSignal Processing19912,129
3Digital image steganography: Survey and analysis of current methodsSignal Processing20101,251
4Topographic distance and watershed linesSignal Processing19941,161
5A review of novelty detectionSignal Processing20141,122
6Novelty detection: a review—part 1: statistical approachesSignal Processing20031,106
7Algorithms for simultaneous sparse approximation. Part I: Greedy pursuitSignal Processing20061,091
8Wavelets for fault diagnosis of rotary machines: A review with applicationsSignal Processing20141,081
9Fast fourier transforms: A tutorial review and a state of the artSignal Processing1990754
10Cyclostationarity: Half a century of researchSignal Processing2006747
11Overview of total least-squares methodsSignal Processing2007738
12A new 1D chaotic system for image encryptionSignal Processing2014706
13Rotation, scale and translation invariant spread spectrum digital image watermarkingSignal Processing1998665
14Novelty detection: a review—part 2:Signal Processing2003643
15Extensions of compressed sensingSignal Processing2006643
16Fault diagnosis of rotary machinery components using a stacked denoising autoencoder-based health state identificationSignal Processing2017624
17A novel colour image encryption algorithm based on chaosSignal Processing2012623
18Watermarking of uncompressed and compressed videoSignal Processing1998621
19A DCT-domain system for robust image watermarkingSignal Processing1998611
20Underdetermined blind source separation using sparse representationsSignal Processing2001597
21Generalized gradient vector flow external forces for active contoursSignal Processing1998596
22A new method for grey-level picture thresholding using the entropy of the histogramSignal Processing1980572
23Multifocus image fusion using the nonsubsampled contourlet transformSignal Processing2009565
24On compressive sensing applied to radarSignal Processing2010546
25Multirate digital signal processingSignal Processing1983531
26Reversible image hiding scheme using predictive coding and histogram shiftingSignal Processing2009529
27Algorithms for simultaneous sparse approximation. Part II: Convex relaxationSignal Processing2006500
28Selective review of offline change point detection methodsSignal Processing2020486
29Speech enhancement for non-stationary noise environmentsSignal Processing2001479
30A fusion-based enhancing method for weakly illuminated imagesSignal Processing2016479
31Distance measures for signal processing and pattern recognitionSignal Processing1989471
32A new color image encryption using combination of the 1D chaotic mapSignal Processing2017467
33Active contours driven by local Gaussian distribution fitting energySignal Processing2009463
34The Synchrosqueezing algorithm for time-varying spectral analysis: Robustness properties and new paleoclimate applicationsSignal Processing2013450
35Adaptive blind separation of independent sources: A deflation approachSignal Processing1995437
36Multi-dimensional sub-band coding: Some theory and algorithmsSignal Processing1984436
37Using penalized contrasts for the change-point problemSignal Processing2005431
38Studies on fractional order differentiators and integrators: A surveySignal Processing2011430
39Robust image watermarking in the spatial domainSignal Processing1998426
40A color image cryptosystem based on dynamic DNA encryption and chaosSignal Processing2019426
412D Logistic-Sine-coupling map for image encryptionSignal Processing2018415
42Discrete Gabor expansionsSignal Processing1990411
43A novel image encryption scheme based on substitution-permutation network and chaosSignal Processing2016398
44High-fidelity reversible data hiding scheme based on pixel-value-ordering and prediction-error expansionSignal Processing2013397
45Tuning of fractional PID controllers with Ziegler–Nichols-type rulesSignal Processing2006395
46The propagator method for source bearing estimationSignal Processing1995392
47Digital coding of waveforms. Principles and applications to speech and videoSignal Processing1985385
48Robust audio watermarking using perceptual maskingSignal Processing1998377
49Image super-resolution: The techniques, applications, and futureSignal Processing2016375
50Covariance matrix estimation for CFAR detection in correlated heavy tailed clutterSignal Processing2002338