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1Global nutrition transition and the pandemic of obesity in developing countriesNutrition Reviews20122,923
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22Antioxidants and Human Disease: A General IntroductionNutrition Reviews1997551
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25Parents Are Key Players in the Prevention and Treatment of Weight-related ProblemsNutrition Reviews2004505
26Environmental and Societal Factors Affect Food Choice and Physical Activity: Rationale, Influences, and Leverage PointsNutrition Reviews2001498
27The Validity and Reliability of Maternal Recall of Breastfeeding PracticeNutrition Reviews2005475
28Empirically Derived Eating Patterns Using Factor or Cluster Analysis: A ReviewNutrition Reviews2004467
29How Accurate Is Self-Reported Dietary Energy Intake?Nutrition Reviews1990460
30Healthy Traditional Mediterranean Diet: An Expression of Culture, History, and LifestyleNutrition Reviews1997459
31Dietary pattern analysis and biomarkers of low-grade inflammation: a systematic literature reviewNutrition Reviews2013444
32Neighborhoods and obesityNutrition Reviews2008440
33Inflammatory Mechanisms: The Molecular Basis of Inflammation and DiseaseNutrition Reviews2007433
34Scientific Evidence of Interventions Using the Mediterranean Diet: A Systematic ReviewNutrition Reviews2006428
35Propionate as a health-promoting microbial metabolite in the human gutNutrition Reviews2011426
36Obesity, diets, and social inequalitiesNutrition Reviews2009422
37Fundamental constructs in food parenting practices: a content map to guide future researchNutrition Reviews2016421
38Assessment of iodine nutrition in populations: past, present, and futureNutrition Reviews2012406
39Growth and Maturation during AdolescenceNutrition Reviews1981401
40Role of gut microbiota and nutrients in amyloid formation and pathogenesis of Alzheimer diseaseNutrition Reviews2016401
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