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1Neuropathological stageing of Alzheimer-related changesActa Neuropathologica199113,376
2The 2016 World Health Organization Classification of Tumors of the Central Nervous System: a summaryActa Neuropathologica201612,144
3The 2007 WHO Classification of Tumours of the Central Nervous SystemActa Neuropathologica20079,898
4Astrocytes: biology and pathologyActa Neuropathologica20103,978
5Staging of Alzheimer disease-associated neurofibrillary pathology using paraffin sections and immunocytochemistryActa Neuropathologica20062,318
6National Institute on Aging–Alzheimer’s Association guidelines for the neuropathologic assessment of Alzheimer’s disease: a practical approachActa Neuropathologica20122,002
7Molecular subgroups of medulloblastoma: the current consensusActa Neuropathologica20121,536
8Primary age-related tauopathy (PART): a common pathology associated with human agingActa Neuropathologica20141,060
9Epidemiology and etiology of gliomasActa Neuropathologica20051,041
10Type and frequency of IDH1 and IDH2 mutations are related to astrocytic and oligodendroglial differentiation and age: a study of 1,010 diffuse gliomasActa Neuropathologica20091,020
11Neuropathologic diagnostic and nosologic criteria for frontotemporal lobar degeneration: consensus of the Consortium for Frontotemporal Lobar DegenerationActa Neuropathologica2007978
12Analysis of BRAF V600E mutation in 1,320 nervous system tumors reveals high mutation frequencies in pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma, ganglioglioma and extra-cerebellar pilocytic astrocytomaActa Neuropathologica2011914
13The density and distribution of ischemic brain injury in the rat following 2?10 min of forebrain ischemiaActa Neuropathologica1984912
14Analysis of the IDH1 codon 132 mutation in brain tumorsActa Neuropathologica2008910
15Molecular subgroups of medulloblastoma: an international meta-analysis of transcriptome, genetic aberrations, and clinical data of WNT, SHH, Group 3, and Group 4 medulloblastomasActa Neuropathologica2012863
16Nomenclature and nosology for neuropathologic subtypes of frontotemporal lobar degeneration: an updateActa Neuropathologica2010854
17Specific tau phosphorylation sites correlate with severity of neuronal cytopathology in Alzheimer's diseaseActa Neuropathologica2002849
18A harmonized classification system for FTLD-TDP pathologyActa Neuropathologica2011817
19Classification and basic pathology of Alzheimer diseaseActa Neuropathologica2009805
20K27M mutation in histone H3.3 defines clinically and biologically distinct subgroups of pediatric diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomasActa Neuropathologica2012799
21Neurovascular mechanisms and blood–brain barrier disorder in Alzheimer’s diseaseActa Neuropathologica2009769
22Loss of neurons in the nucleus basalis of Meynert in Alzheimer's disease, paralysis agitans and Korsakoff's diseaseActa Neuropathologica1983768
23Multi-organ distribution of phosphorylated α-synuclein histopathology in subjects with Lewy body disordersActa Neuropathologica2010758
24Patients with IDH1 wild type anaplastic astrocytomas exhibit worse prognosis than IDH1-mutated glioblastomas, and IDH1 mutation status accounts for the unfavorable prognostic effect of higher age: implications for classification of gliomasActa Neuropathologica2010719
25Direct evidence of Parkinson pathology spread from the gastrointestinal tract to the brain in ratsActa Neuropathologica2014708
26The first NINDS/NIBIB consensus meeting to define neuropathological criteria for the diagnosis of chronic traumatic encephalopathyActa Neuropathologica2016708
27A sequence of cytoskeleton changes related to the formation of neurofibrillary tangles and neuropil threadsActa Neuropathologica1994689
28Oligodendrocytes: biology and pathologyActa Neuropathologica2010669
29The arterial lesions underlying lacunesActa Neuropathologica1969665
30The pathological process underlying Alzheimer’s disease in individuals under thirtyActa Neuropathologica2011654
31Roles of tau protein in health and diseaseActa Neuropathologica2017639
32Microglia: biology and pathologyActa Neuropathologica2010625
33Experimental cerebral ischemia in Mongolian gerbilsActa Neuropathologica1975624
34Distribution of major histocompatibility complex class II-positive microglia and cytokine profile of Parkinson's disease brainsActa Neuropathologica2003619
35Neuronal loss, neurofibrillary tangles and granulovacuolar degeneration in the hippocampus with ageing and dementiaActa Neuropathologica1977600
36cIMPACT-NOW update 3: recommended diagnostic criteria for “Diffuse astrocytic glioma, IDH-wildtype, with molecular features of glioblastoma, WHO grade IV”Acta Neuropathologica2018599
37Astrocytes: a central element in neurological diseasesActa Neuropathologica2016597
38Dystrophic (senescent) rather than activated microglial cells are associated with tau pathology and likely precede neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s diseaseActa Neuropathologica2009584
39Mechanisms of tau-induced neurodegenerationActa Neuropathologica2009577
40Unified staging system for Lewy body disorders: correlation with nigrostriatal degeneration, cognitive impairment and motor dysfunctionActa Neuropathologica2009553
41Functional morphology of the blood–brain barrier in health and diseaseActa Neuropathologica2018543
42Pathology of peripheral nerve sheath tumors: diagnostic overview and update on selected diagnostic problemsActa Neuropathologica2012525
43Selective vulnerability in the gerbil hippocampus following transient ischemiaActa Neuropathologica1984520
44Central neurocytomaActa Neuropathologica1982513
45Diffuse glioma growth: a guerilla warActa Neuropathologica2007513
46Alzheimer’s disease: experimental models and realityActa Neuropathologica2017513
47Antisense transcripts of the expanded C9ORF72 hexanucleotide repeat form nuclear RNA foci and undergo repeat-associated non-ATG translation in c9FTD/ALSActa Neuropathologica2013506
48Plasma exosomal α-synuclein is likely CNS-derived and increased in Parkinson’s diseaseActa Neuropathologica2014504
49Glioblastoma: pathology, molecular mechanisms and markersActa Neuropathologica2015503
50The synaptic pathology of α-synuclein aggregation in dementia with Lewy bodies, Parkinson’s disease and Parkinson’s disease dementiaActa Neuropathologica2010496