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1Applications of spray-drying in microencapsulation of food ingredients: An overviewFood Research International20071,762
2Significance of biogenic amines to food safety and human healthFood Research International19961,040
3Nanocomposites for food packaging applicationsFood Research International20091,009
4Pulse proteins: Processing, characterization, functional properties and applications in food and feedFood Research International2010972
5A review on protein–phenolic interactions and associated changesFood Research International2013880
6Free amino acids and peptides as related to antioxidant properties in protein hydrolysates of mackerel (Scomber austriasicus)Food Research International2003812
7Applications of ultrasound in analysis, processing and quality control of food: A reviewFood Research International2012805
8Cereal-based fermented foods and beveragesFood Research International2003759
9Microwave food processing—A reviewFood Research International2013683
10Resistant starch as functional ingredient: A reviewFood Research International2010661
11Climate change associated effects on grape and wine quality and productionFood Research International2010638
12Color measurement in L∗a∗b∗ units from RGB digital imagesFood Research International2006629
13Making sense of the “clean label” trends: A review of consumer food choice behavior and discussion of industry implicationsFood Research International2017624
14Natural antioxidants against lipid–protein oxidative deterioration in meat and meat products: A reviewFood Research International2014589
15Bioactive compounds from marine processing byproducts – A reviewFood Research International2006583
16Functional properties of coffee and coffee by-productsFood Research International2012581
17Composition, molecular structure, properties, and modification of pulse starches: A reviewFood Research International2010567
18Ellagitannins, ellagic acid and their derived metabolites: A review about source, metabolism, functions and healthFood Research International2011566
19Antimicrobial activity of whey protein based edible films incorporated with oregano, rosemary and garlic essential oilsFood Research International2006553
20Sensory profiling, the blurred line between sensory and consumer science. A review of novel methods for product characterizationFood Research International2012553
21Purification of a radical scavenging peptide from fermented mussel sauce and its antioxidant propertiesFood Research International2005543
22Comparison of the functional properties of pea, chickpea and lentil protein concentrates processed using ultrafiltration and isoelectric precipitation techniquesFood Research International2010538
23Current applications and new opportunities for the use of pulsed electric fields in food science and industryFood Research International2015538
24Carotenoids from fruits and vegetables: Chemistry, analysis, occurrence, bioavailability and biological activitiesFood Research International2015531
25Emulsifying properties of chickpea, faba bean, lentil and pea proteins produced by isoelectric precipitation and salt extractionFood Research International2011530
26Characterization of vacuum microwave, air and freeze dried carrot slicesFood Research International1998517
27Updated methodology to determine antioxidant capacity in plant foods, oils and beverages: Extraction, measurement and expression of resultsFood Research International2008517
28Review on polyphenols in Theobroma cacao: changes in composition during the manufacture of chocolate and methodology for identification and quantificationFood Research International2000515
29Descriptive sensory analysis: past, present and futureFood Research International2001505
30Antibacterial and antioxidant activities of grape (Vitis vinifera) seed extractsFood Research International2003501
31Agro-industrial potential of exotic fruit byproducts as a source of food additivesFood Research International2011485
32In vitro antimicrobial effects and mechanism of action of selected plant essential oil combinations against four food-related microorganismsFood Research International2011468
33Screening of selected flavonoids and phenolic acids in 19 berriesFood Research International1999466
34Climate change and food safety: A reviewFood Research International2010464
35Effects of ultrasound on the structure and physical properties of black bean protein isolatesFood Research International2014460
36Importance of food in probiotic efficacyFood Research International2010458
37Bioactive proteins and peptides in pulse crops: Pea, chickpea and lentilFood Research International2010454
38Recent studies of the volatile compounds in teaFood Research International2013452
39Protective effect of whey cheese matrix on probiotic strains exposed to simulated gastrointestinal conditionsFood Research International2011450
40Lactic acid starter and probiotic bacteria: a comparative “in vitro” study of probiotic characteristics and biological barrier resistanceFood Research International2003443
41Barley β-glucans and arabinoxylans: Molecular structure, physicochemical properties, and uses in food products–a ReviewFood Research International2008443
42Stability of the total antioxidant capacity and total polyphenol content of 23 commercially available vegetable juices before and after in vitro digestion measured by FRAP, DPPH, ABTS and Folin–Ciocalteu methodsFood Research International2011439
43Structural and physical properties of dietary fibres, and consequences of processing on human physiologyFood Research International2000438
44Content of flavonols and selected phenolic acids in strawberries and Vaccinium species: influence of cultivar, cultivation site and techniqueFood Research International2000438
45Anthocyanin stability and antioxidant activity of spray-dried açai (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) juice produced with different carrier agentsFood Research International2010438
46Formation and physical properties of acid milk gels: a reviewFood Research International1997436
47Characterization and stability evaluation of β-carotene nanoemulsions prepared by high pressure homogenization under various emulsifying conditionsFood Research International2008434
48Functionality of oilseed protein products: A reviewFood Research International2006433
49Environmental impact of novel thermal and non-thermal technologies in food processingFood Research International2010433
50Asian noodles: History, classification, raw materials, and processingFood Research International2008430