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1The Spectral Determination of Chlorophylls a and b, as well as Total Carotenoids, Using Various Solvents with Spectrophotometers of Different ResolutionJournal of Plant Physiology19944,118
2Drought-induced responses of photosynthesis and antioxidant metabolism in higher plantsJournal of Plant Physiology20041,699
3Relationships between leaf chlorophyll content and spectral reflectance and algorithms for non-destructive chlorophyll assessment in higher plant leavesJournal of Plant Physiology20031,660
4NH4+ toxicity in higher plants: a critical reviewJournal of Plant Physiology20021,409
5Spectral Reflectance Changes Associated with Autumn Senescence of Aesculus hippocastanum L. and Acer platanoides L. Leaves. Spectral Features and Relation to Chlorophyll EstimationJournal of Plant Physiology1994998
6Wide Dynamic Range Vegetation Index for Remote Quantification of Biophysical Characteristics of VegetationJournal of Plant Physiology2004827
7Potassium in agriculture – Status and perspectivesJournal of Plant Physiology2014725
8Signature Analysis of Leaf Reflectance Spectra: Algorithm Development for Remote Sensing of ChlorophyllJournal of Plant Physiology1996641
9Vegetation Stress: an Introduction to the Stress Concept in PlantsJournal of Plant Physiology1996617
10Exogenous silicon (Si) increases antioxidant enzyme activity and reduces lipid peroxidation in roots of salt-stressed barley (Hordeum vulgareL.)Journal of Plant Physiology2003599
11The role of -tocopherol in plant stress toleranceJournal of Plant Physiology2005514
12The interactive effects of simultaneous biotic and abiotic stresses on plants: Mechanistic understanding from drought and pathogen combinationJournal of Plant Physiology2015493
13Seed priming to alleviate salinity stress in germinating seedsJournal of Plant Physiology2016486
14Salicylic acid induced changes on some physiological parameters symptomatic for oxidative stress and mineral nutrition in maize (Zea mays L.) grown under salinityJournal of Plant Physiology2007483
15High temperature effects on photosynthetic activity of two tomato cultivars with different heat susceptibilityJournal of Plant Physiology2005479
16Photosynthetic responses of corn and soybean to foliar application of salicylatesJournal of Plant Physiology2003442
17Detection of Red Edge Position and Chlorophyll Content by Reflectance Measurements Near 700 nmJournal of Plant Physiology1996437
18Treatment with salicylic acid decreases the effect of cadmium on photosynthesis in maize plantsJournal of Plant Physiology2008430
19Photosynthetic activity, pigment composition and antioxidative response of two mustard (Brassica juncea) cultivars differing in photosynthetic capacity subjected to cadmium stressJournal of Plant Physiology2007426
20Electrolyte leakage and lipid degradation account for cold sensitivity in leaves ofCoffea sp. plantsJournal of Plant Physiology2003420
21Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi influence growth, osmotic adjustment and photosynthesis of citrus under well-watered and water stress conditionsJournal of Plant Physiology2006418
22Salicylic acid alleviates decreases in photosynthesis under salt stress by enhancing nitrogen and sulfur assimilation and antioxidant metabolism differentially in two mungbean cultivarsJournal of Plant Physiology2011416
23Thermotolerance and antioxidant systems in Agrostis stolonifera: Involvement of salicylic acid, abscisic acid, calcium, hydrogen peroxide, and ethyleneJournal of Plant Physiology2004410
24Selenium and sulfur influence ethylene formation and alleviate cadmium-induced oxidative stress by improving proline and glutathione production in wheatJournal of Plant Physiology2015401
25Going beyond nutrition: Regulation of potassium homoeostasis as a common denominator of plant adaptive responses to environmentJournal of Plant Physiology2014388
26Stress-induced synthesis of proline confers tolerance to water deficit in transgenic wheatJournal of Plant Physiology2007385
27A New Reflectance Index for Remote Sensing of Chlorophyll Content in Higher Plants: Tests using Eucalyptus LeavesJournal of Plant Physiology1999375
28Nutrients mobilized from leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana during leaf senescenceJournal of Plant Physiology2001360
29Lipoxygenases: Occurrence, functions and catalysisJournal of Plant Physiology2006358
30Biodiversity of NPQJournal of Plant Physiology2015353
31Reactive oxygen species: response of algal cellsJournal of Plant Physiology2000352
32Silicon alleviates the deleterious salt effect on tomato plant growth by improving plant water statusJournal of Plant Physiology2006352
33OsWRKY71, a rice transcription factor, is involved in rice defense responseJournal of Plant Physiology2007346
34The inductive responses of the antioxidant enzymes by salt stress in the rice (Oryza sativa L.)Journal of Plant Physiology2001341
35The Characterization and Contrasting Effects of the Nitric Oxide Free Radical in Vegetative Stress and Senescence of Pisum sativum Linn. FoliageJournal of Plant Physiology1996340
36Does exogenous application of salicylic acid through the rooting medium modulate growth and photosynthetic capacity in two differently adapted spring wheat cultivars under salt stress?Journal of Plant Physiology2007338
37Piriformospora indica confers drought tolerance in Chinese cabbage leaves by stimulating antioxidant enzymes, the expression of drought-related genes and the plastid-localized CAS proteinJournal of Plant Physiology2010334
38Developing Cell and Tissue Culture Systems for the Improvement of Cereal and Grass CropsJournal of Plant Physiology1987327
39Local and Systemic Production of Volatile Herbivore-induced Terpenoids: Their Role in Plant-carnivore MutualismJournal of Plant Physiology1994323
40Effects of cadmium on antioxidant enzyme and photosynthetic activities in leaves of two maize cultivarsJournal of Plant Physiology2008322
41Exogenous spermidine affects polyamine metabolism in salinity-stressed Cucumis sativus roots and enhances short-term salinity toleranceJournal of Plant Physiology2008322
42Photosynthetic response of transgenic soybean plants, containing an Arabidopsis P5CR gene, during heat and drought stressJournal of Plant Physiology2004320
43When and how to kill a plant cell: Infection strategies of plant pathogenic fungiJournal of Plant Physiology2011314
44Putrescine alleviation of growth in salt stressed Brassica juncea by inducing antioxidative defense systemJournal of Plant Physiology2005313
45Simultaneous overexpression of both CuZn superoxide dismutase and ascorbate peroxidase in transgenic tall fescue plants confers increased tolerance to a wide range of abiotic stressesJournal of Plant Physiology2007310
46Enhanced drought tolerance of transgenic rice plants expressing a pea manganese superoxide dismutaseJournal of Plant Physiology2005305
47Non-Destructive Determination of Chlorophyll Content of Leaves of a Green and an Aurea Mutant of Tobacco by Reflectance MeasurementsJournal of Plant Physiology1996303
48Exogenously applied melatonin stimulates root growth and raises endogenous indoleacetic acid in roots of etiolated seedlings of Brassica junceaJournal of Plant Physiology2009300
49Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis influences strigolactone production under salinity and alleviates salt stress in lettuce plantsJournal of Plant Physiology2013299
50The cellular redox state as a modulator in cadmium and copper responses in Arabidopsis thaliana seedlingsJournal of Plant Physiology2011298