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1Wing Design by Numerical OptimizationJournal of Aircraft1978846
2Progress in analysis and prediction of dynamic stallJournal of Aircraft1988610
3Interpolation using surface splines.Journal of Aircraft1972602
4Erosion Prediction in Turbomachinery Resulting from Environmental Solid ParticlesJournal of Aircraft1975567
5Delay of airfoil stall by periodic excitationJournal of Aircraft1996544
6Design of the Blended Wing Body Subsonic TransportJournal of Aircraft2004535
7Challenges Facing Future Micro-Air-Vehicle DevelopmentJournal of Aircraft2006482
8Universal Parametric Geometry Representation MethodJournal of Aircraft2008473
9Design of Subsonic Airfoils for High LiftJournal of Aircraft1978452
10Predictions of vortex-lift characteristics by a leading-edge suctionanalogyJournal of Aircraft1971448
11High-Lift AerodynamicsJournal of Aircraft1975405
12Efficient Optimization Design Method Using Kriging ModelJournal of Aircraft2005404
13Nonlinear AeroelasticityJournal of Aircraft2003356
14Aircraft anti-icing and de-icing techniques and modelingJournal of Aircraft1996353
15Design for Active Flutter Suppression and Gust Alleviation Using State-Space Aeroelastic ModelingJournal of Aircraft1982351
16State-space representation of aerodynamic characteristics of an aircraft at high angles of attackJournal of Aircraft1994343
17An approximate true damping solution of the flutter equation by determinant iteration.Journal of Aircraft1971335
18Almost 40 Years of Airframe Noise Research: What Did We Achieve?Journal of Aircraft2010318
19Aeroelastic tailoring - Theory, practice, and promiseJournal of Aircraft1986312
20Finite state induced flow models. I - Two-dimensional thin airfoilJournal of Aircraft1995305
21Flight dynamics of aeroelastic vehiclesJournal of Aircraft1988298
22Low Reynolds Number Aerodynamics of Low-Aspect-Ratio, Thin/Flat/Cambered-Plate WingsJournal of Aircraft2000297
23Multipoint High-Fidelity Aerostructural Optimization of a Transport Aircraft ConfigurationJournal of Aircraft2014295
24Vortex Noise of Isolated AirfoilsJournal of Aircraft1973291
25Nonlinear Aeroelasticity and Flight Dynamics of High-Altitude Long-Endurance AircraftJournal of Aircraft2001290
26Morphing Aircraft Systems: Historical Perspectives and Future ChallengesJournal of Aircraft2013286
27Preliminary Design of Composite Wings for Buckling, Strength, and Displacement ConstraintsJournal of Aircraft1979277
28Flight Dynamics of Highly Flexible Flying WingsJournal of Aircraft2006270
29Approximation and Model Management in Aerodynamic Optimization with Variable-Fidelity ModelsJournal of Aircraft2001249
30Nonlinear Flight Dynamics of Very Flexible AircraftJournal of Aircraft2007239
31Vortex breakdown on slender sharp-edged wingsJournal of Aircraft1971233
32Constrained Multipoint Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Using an Adjoint Formulation and Parallel Computers, Part 1Journal of Aircraft1999230
33Continuous Descent Approach: Design and Flight Test for Louisville International AirportJournal of Aircraft2004227
34Endothermic fuels for hypersonic vehiclesJournal of Aircraft1971222
35The joined wing - An overviewJournal of Aircraft1986215
36Energy-state approximation in performance optimization of supersonicaircraftJournal of Aircraft1969213
37Evolution of flight vehicle system identificationJournal of Aircraft1996213
38Value-Driven DesignJournal of Aircraft2011212
39High-Fidelity Aerostructural Design Optimization of a Supersonic Business JetJournal of Aircraft2004211
40Experimental Evaluation of Sinusoidal Leading EdgesJournal of Aircraft2007211
41Thin-walled composite beams under bending, torsional, and extensional loadsJournal of Aircraft1990209
42Uncertainty Quantification in Aeroelasticity: Recent Results and Research ChallengesJournal of Aircraft2004209
43Active Aeroelastic Wing Flight Research Program: Technical Program and Model Analytical DevelopmentJournal of Aircraft2000208
44An approximate model of vortex decay in the atmosphereJournal of Aircraft1986206
45Modern Adaptation of Prandtl's Classic Lifting-Line TheoryJournal of Aircraft2000201
46Evaluation of internal heat-transfer coefficients for impingement-cooled turbine airfoils.Journal of Aircraft1969198
47Lift enhancement of an airfoil using a Gurney flap and vortex generatorsJournal of Aircraft1994198
48FENSAP-ICE's Three-Dimensional In-Flight Ice Accretion Module: ICE3DJournal of Aircraft2003189
49Limit Cycle Oscillation Flight Test Results of a Fighter with External StoresJournal of Aircraft2000186
50Identification and optimization of aircraft dynamics.Journal of Aircraft1973182