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1Nonlinear analysis of hydrodynamic instability in laminar flames—I. Derivation of basic equationsActa Astronautica19771,324
2The asymptotic structure of counterflow diffusion flames for large activation energiesActa Astronautica1974785
3Building components for an outpost on the Lunar soil by means of a novel 3D printing technologyActa Astronautica2014557
4Advanced ceramic matrix composite materials for current and future propulsion technology applicationsActa Astronautica2004517
5Fracture mechanics of piezoelectric materialsActa Astronautica1976468
6A technical comparison of three low earth orbit satellite constellation systems to provide global broadbandActa Astronautica2019468
7Accumulation of errors in numerical simulations of chemically reacting gas dynamicsActa Astronautica2015458
8Technology readiness assessments: A retrospectiveActa Astronautica2009408
9SCIAMACHY—scanning imaging absorption spectrometer for atmospheric chartographyActa Astronautica1995403
10System design of the Hayabusa 2—Asteroid sample return mission to 1999 JU3Acta Astronautica2013364
11A survey and assessment of the capabilities of Cubesats for Earth observationActa Astronautica2012355
12A unified statistical model of the premixed turbulent flameActa Astronautica1977352
13The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM): a breakthrough in remote sensing of topographyActa Astronautica2001331
14An approach to the autoignition of a turbulent mixtureActa Astronautica1974326
15Influences of the turbulence model and the slot width on the transverse slot injection flow field in supersonic flowsActa Astronautica2012326
16Validity and sensitivity of a brief psychomotor vigilance test (PVT-B) to total and partial sleep deprivationActa Astronautica2011295
17Flight status of IKAROS deep space solar sail demonstratorActa Astronautica2011284
18A review on large deployable structures for astrophysics missionsActa Astronautica2010265
19Propulsion for CubeSatsActa Astronautica2017263
20Photochemical initiation of gaseous detonationsActa Astronautica1978257
21Active debris removal: Recent progress and current trendsActa Astronautica2013252
22Nonlinear analysis of hydrodynamic instability in laminar flames—II. Numerical experimentsActa Astronautica1977242
23A study of on-orbit spacecraft failuresActa Astronautica2009242
24NanoSail-D: A solar sail demonstration missionActa Astronautica2011238
25Survey of worldwide pico- and nanosatellite missions, distributions and subsystem technologyActa Astronautica2010236
26Thermal protection systems for space vehicles: A review on technology development, current challenges and future prospectsActa Astronautica2020235
27Experiments on the transition from the steady to the oscillatory Marangoni-convection of a floating zone under reduced gravity effectActa Astronautica1979218
28Spacecraft formation flying: A review and new results on state feedback controlActa Astronautica2009218
29Results from the Deep Space 1 technology validation missionActa Astronautica2000215
30Hayabusa—Its technology and science accomplishment summary and Hayabusa-2Acta Astronautica2008207
31Prolonged weightlessness and calcium loss in manActa Astronautica1979206
32Controlling the growth of future LEO debris populations with active debris removalActa Astronautica2010199
33Electro-mechanical vibration analysis of functionally graded piezoelectric porous plates in the translation stateActa Astronautica2018190
34Dawn: A mission in development for exploration of main belt asteroids Vesta and CeresActa Astronautica2006178
35Achievement of IKAROS — Japanese deep space solar sail demonstration missionActa Astronautica2013174
36The technological and commercial expansion of electric propulsionActa Astronautica2019173
37Deflagration-to-detonation transition in highly reactive combustible mixturesActa Astronautica2010172
38Bending analysis of embedded carbon nanotubes resting on an elastic foundation using strain gradient theoryActa Astronautica2016172
39On a distorted flame front as a hydrodynamic discontinuityActa Astronautica1976171
40X-43A Hypersonic vehicle technology developmentActa Astronautica2006171
41Space debris removal system using a small satelliteActa Astronautica2009170
42TanDEM-X: A radar interferometer with two formation-flying satellitesActa Astronautica2013167
43Continuous path control of space manipulators mounted on OMVActa Astronautica1987166
44NASA hypersonic flight demonstrators—overview, status, and future plansActa Astronautica2004166
45Nonlinear behavior of acoustic waves in combustion chambers—IActa Astronautica1976164
46The EnMAP hyperspectral imager—An advanced optical payload for future applications in Earth observation programmesActa Astronautica2007156
47Psychology and culture during long-duration space missionsActa Astronautica2009155
48Large eddy simulation of a hydrogen-fueled scramjet combustor with dual cavityActa Astronautica2015154
49Status and trends of small satellite missions for Earth observationActa Astronautica2010150
50Variable geometry truss and its application to deployable truss and space crane armActa Astronautica1985147