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1Reconstruction of current profile parameters and plasma shapes in tokamaksNuclear Fusion19851,473
2Plasma-material interactions in current tokamaks and their implications for next step fusion reactorsNuclear Fusion20011,185
3Neoclassical transport of impurities in tokamak plasmasNuclear Fusion19811,068
4Chapter 1: Overview and summaryNuclear Fusion1999990
5Chapter 3: MHD stability, operational limits and disruptionsNuclear Fusion2007951
6Measurements of microturbulence in tokamaks and comparisons with theories of turbulence and anomalous transportNuclear Fusion1985928
7Chapter 4: Power and particle controlNuclear Fusion2007891
8Chapter 2: Plasma confinement and transportNuclear Fusion1999887
9Chapter 1: Overview and summaryNuclear Fusion2007714
10A new look at density limits in tokamaksNuclear Fusion1988679
11Improved formulas for fusion cross-sections and thermal reactivitiesNuclear Fusion1992659
12Fast-wave heating of a two-component plasmaNuclear Fusion1975650
13Chapter 2: Plasma confinement and transportNuclear Fusion2007649
14Electron cyclotron emission and absorption in fusion plasmasNuclear Fusion1983570
15Equilibrium analysis of current profiles in tokamaksNuclear Fusion1990570
16Scalings for tokamak energy confinementNuclear Fusion1990562
17Plasma boundary phenomena in tokamaksNuclear Fusion1990554
18Field reversed configurationsNuclear Fusion1988522
19Plasma-surface interactions in tokamaksNuclear Fusion1979499
20Formation process of tungsten nanostructure by the exposure to helium plasma under fusion relevant plasma conditionsNuclear Fusion2009494
21Helium induced nanoscopic morphology on tungsten under fusion relevant plasma conditionsNuclear Fusion2008482
22Cross–machine benchmarking for ITER of neoclassical tearing mode stabilization by electron cyclotron current driveNuclear Fusion2006480
23Chapter 5: Physics of energetic ionsNuclear Fusion2007478
24Reversed-field-pinch researchNuclear Fusion1980464
25A design retrospective of the DIII-D tokamakNuclear Fusion2002460
26Plasma equilibrium in a TokamakNuclear Fusion1971459
27The H-Mode of ASDEXNuclear Fusion1989450
28Scaling of the tokamak near the scrape-off layer H-mode power width and implications for ITERNuclear Fusion2013448
29Interaction of tearing modes with external structures in cylindrical geometry (plasma)Nuclear Fusion1993446
30Trapped particles in toroidal magnetic systemsNuclear Fusion1971432
31The behaviour of fast ions in tokamak experimentsNuclear Fusion1994420
32Overview of the present progress and activities on the CFETRNuclear Fusion2017417
33Status of the ITER heating neutral beam systemNuclear Fusion2009402
34Disruptions in JETNuclear Fusion1989399
35Control of plasma current during lower hybrid current drive in the JFT-2M tokamakNuclear Fusion1985386
36Features of spherical torus plasmasNuclear Fusion1986383
37MHD stability of SpheromakNuclear Fusion1979375
38Theory for avalanche of runaway electrons in tokamaksNuclear Fusion1997373
39Exploration of spherical torus physics in the NSTX deviceNuclear Fusion2000363
40Destruction of magnetic surfaces by magnetic field irregularitiesNuclear Fusion1966360
41Hydromagnetic stability of tokamaksNuclear Fusion1978357
42Overview of the RF source development programme at IPP GarchingNuclear Fusion2006356
43RMP ELM suppression in DIII-D plasmas with ITER similar shapes and collisionalitiesNuclear Fusion2008348
44The influence of helium on the bulk properties of fusion reactor structural materialsNuclear Fusion1984342
45A first-principles predictive model of the pedestal height and width: development, testing and ITER optimization with the EPED modelNuclear Fusion2011342
46Fusion energy production from a deuterium-tritium plasma in the JET tokamakNuclear Fusion1992334
47Chapter 7: DiagnosticsNuclear Fusion2007333
48Nonlinear oscillations of rarified plasmaNuclear Fusion1961329
49A review of zonal flow experimentsNuclear Fusion2009324
50Chapter 6: Steady state operationNuclear Fusion2007323