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1Soft set theory—First resultsComputers and Mathematics With Applications19992,987
2A dual algorithm for the solution of nonlinear variational problems via finite element approximationComputers and Mathematics With Applications19761,690
3Soft set theoryComputers and Mathematics With Applications20031,662
4Multiquadrics—A scattered data approximation scheme with applications to computational fluid-dynamics—I surface approximations and partial derivative estimatesComputers and Mathematics With Applications19901,594
5Multiquadrics—A scattered data approximation scheme with applications to computational fluid-dynamics—II solutions to parabolic, hyperbolic and elliptic partial differential equationsComputers and Mathematics With Applications19901,582
6A computational approach to fuzzy quantifiers in natural languagesComputers and Mathematics With Applications19831,536
7Stability of fractional-order nonlinear dynamic systems: Lyapunov direct method and generalized Mittag–Leffler stabilityComputers and Mathematics With Applications20101,277
8An application of soft sets in a decision making problemComputers and Mathematics With Applications20021,249
9An improvement of a dynamic cryptographic key assignment scheme in a tree hierarchyComputers and Mathematics With Applications19991,072
10On some new operations in soft set theoryComputers and Mathematics With Applications2009975
11Modified Riemann-Liouville derivative and fractional Taylor series of nondifferentiable functions further resultsComputers and Mathematics With Applications2006869
12Theory and applications of the multiquadric-biharmonic method 20 years of discovery 1968–1988Computers and Mathematics With Applications1990712
13Fractional calculus models of complex dynamics in biological tissuesComputers and Mathematics With Applications2010697
14A dynamic systems approach to the development of cognition and actionComputers and Mathematics With Applications1996670
15Using MPI: Portable parallel programming with the message-passing interfaceComputers and Mathematics With Applications1995658
16A new operational matrix for solving fractional-order differential equationsComputers and Mathematics With Applications2010625
17Dynamic patterns: The self-organization of brain and behaviorComputers and Mathematics With Applications1997605
18On soft topological spacesComputers and Mathematics With Applications2011590
19Existence of mild solutions for fractional neutral evolution equationsComputers and Mathematics With Applications2010555
20Variational iteration method: New development and applicationsComputers and Mathematics With Applications2007536
21Real-time systems: Design principles for distributed embedded applicationsComputers and Mathematics With Applications1997518
22The parameterization reduction of soft sets and its applicationsComputers and Mathematics With Applications2005502
23Positive solutions for a quasilinear elliptic equation of Kirchhoff typeComputers and Mathematics With Applications2005497
24On Riemann and Caputo fractional differencesComputers and Mathematics With Applications2011475
25Color image encryption based on one-time keys and robust chaotic mapsComputers and Mathematics With Applications2010469
26Soft semiringsComputers and Mathematics With Applications2008456
27Finite element solution of the Helmholtz equation with high wave number Part I: The h-version of the FEMComputers and Mathematics With Applications1995441
28Genetic programming II: Automatic discovery of reusable programsComputers and Mathematics With Applications1995409
29Concept lattices and conceptual knowledge systemsComputers and Mathematics With Applications1992401
30Existence results for a coupled system of nonlinear fractional differential equations with three-point boundary conditionsComputers and Mathematics With Applications2009401
31Ranking fuzzy numbers with an area between the centroid point and original pointComputers and Mathematics With Applications2002400
32Equivalent projectors for virtual element methodsComputers and Mathematics With Applications2013393
33On equations of state in a lattice Boltzmann methodComputers and Mathematics With Applications2009388
34Combination of interval-valued fuzzy set and soft setComputers and Mathematics With Applications2009376
35Linear superposition principle applying to Hirota bilinear equationsComputers and Mathematics With Applications2011367
36Comparison of fuzzy numbers based on the probability measure of fuzzy eventsComputers and Mathematics With Applications1988366
37Implicit finite difference approximation for time fractional diffusion equationsComputers and Mathematics With Applications2008365
38Anomalous diffusion modeling by fractal and fractional derivativesComputers and Mathematics With Applications2010363
39Circumventing the ill-conditioning problem with multiquadric radial basis functions: Applications to elliptic partial differential equationsComputers and Mathematics With Applications2000362
40LMI stability conditions for fractional order systemsComputers and Mathematics With Applications2010362
41The capability maturity model: Guidelines for improving the software processComputers and Mathematics With Applications1996347
42Soft BCK/BCI-algebrasComputers and Mathematics With Applications2008344
43A new approach for ranking of trapezoidal fuzzy numbersComputers and Mathematics With Applications2009337
44Soft matrix theory and its decision makingComputers and Mathematics With Applications2010331
45Comparison of multi-objective optimization methodologies for engineering applicationsComputers and Mathematics With Applications2012310
46Goal-oriented error estimation and adaptivity for the finite element methodComputers and Mathematics With Applications2001307
47Generalizing TOPSIS for fuzzy multiple-criteria group decision-makingComputers and Mathematics With Applications2007307
48Convergence of Adomian's method applied to differential equationsComputers and Mathematics With Applications1994306
49A ratio ranking method of triangular intuitionistic fuzzy numbers and its application to MADM problemsComputers and Mathematics With Applications2010304
50Stability, accuracy and efficiency of a semi-implicit method for three-dimensional shallow water flowComputers and Mathematics With Applications1994300