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1Direct numerical simulation of turbulent channel flow up to Reτ=590Physics of Fluids19992,184
2On pressure and velocity boundary conditions for the lattice Boltzmann BGK modelPhysics of Fluids19971,843
3The formation and evolution of synthetic jetsPhysics of Fluids19981,118
4Capillary effects during droplet impact on a solid surfacePhysics of Fluids1996995
5Momentum transfer of a Boltzmann-lattice fluid with boundariesPhysics of Fluids2001991
6Hairpin vortex organization in wall turbulencePhysics of Fluids2007959
7An eddy-viscosity subgrid-scale model for turbulent shear flow: Algebraic theory and applicationsPhysics of Fluids2004915
8Electrospinning and electrically forced jets. I. Stability theoryPhysics of Fluids2001909
9Laminar drag reduction in microchannels using ultrahydrophobic surfacesPhysics of Fluids2004888
10A thickened flame model for large eddy simulations of turbulent premixed combustionPhysics of Fluids2000866
11Apparent fluid slip at hydrophobic microchannel wallsPhysics of Fluids2002806
12Scaling of the velocity fluctuations in turbulent channels up to Reτ=2003Physics of Fluids2006770
13Equations of state in a lattice Boltzmann modelPhysics of Fluids2006719
14On a self-sustaining process in shear flowsPhysics of Fluids1997717
15Very large-scale motion in the outer layerPhysics of Fluids1999696
16An extrapolation method for boundary conditions in lattice Boltzmann methodPhysics of Fluids2002674
17Electrospinning and electrically forced jets. II. ApplicationsPhysics of Fluids2001628
18Large eddy simulation study of fully developed wind-turbine array boundary layersPhysics of Fluids2010622
19Scaling laws in granular flows down rough inclined planesPhysics of Fluids1999614
20Quick deposition of a fluid on the wall of a tubePhysics of Fluids2000613
21An approximate deconvolution procedure for large-eddy simulationPhysics of Fluids1999603
22Sparsity-promoting dynamic mode decompositionPhysics of Fluids2014595
23Numerical studies of flow over a circular cylinder at ReD=3900Physics of Fluids2000586
24Wall-bounded turbulent flows at high Reynolds numbers: Recent advances and key issuesPhysics of Fluids2010577
25On the universality of the Kolmogorov constantPhysics of Fluids1995573
26Charge and fission of droplets in electrostatic spraysPhysics of Fluids1994539
27Scaling of temperature‐ and stress‐dependent viscosity convectionPhysics of Fluids1995534
28Optimal disturbances and bypass transition in boundary layersPhysics of Fluids1999532
29A scale-dependent Lagrangian dynamic model for large eddy simulation of complex turbulent flowsPhysics of Fluids2005508
30Contribution of Reynolds stress distribution to the skin friction in wall-bounded flowsPhysics of Fluids2002504
31Grid-point requirements for large eddy simulation: Chapman’s estimates revisitedPhysics of Fluids2012501
32Drag reduction in turbulent flows over superhydrophobic surfacesPhysics of Fluids2009499
33Leading-edge tubercles delay stall on humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) flippersPhysics of Fluids2004487
34Measurements of the collision properties of small spheresPhysics of Fluids1994485
35On the breakup of viscous liquid threadsPhysics of Fluids1995484
36Energy dissipation rate and energy spectrum in high resolution direct numerical simulations of turbulence in a periodic boxPhysics of Fluids2003479
37Lagrangian coherent structures from approximate velocity dataPhysics of Fluids2002478
38Two-phase modeling of deflagration-to-detonation transition in granular materials: Reduced equationsPhysics of Fluids2001456
39Leidenfrost dropsPhysics of Fluids2003454
40Using singular values to build a subgrid-scale model for large eddy simulationsPhysics of Fluids2011443
41Numerical investigation of 2D convection with extremely large viscosity variationsPhysics of Fluids1995439
42An approximate deconvolution model for large-eddy simulation with application to incompressible wall-bounded flowsPhysics of Fluids2001433
43On boundary conditions in lattice Boltzmann methodsPhysics of Fluids1996432
44Direct velocity measurements of the flow past drag-reducing ultrahydrophobic surfacesPhysics of Fluids2005431
45Apparent slip flows in hydrophilic and hydrophobic microchannelsPhysics of Fluids2003430
46Wetting effects on the spreading of a liquid droplet colliding with a flat surface: Experiment and modelingPhysics of Fluids1995429
47On coughing and airborne droplet transmission to humansPhysics of Fluids2020428
48Filtered density function for large eddy simulation of turbulent reacting flowsPhysics of Fluids1998421
49Preferential concentration of heavy particles in a turbulent channel flowPhysics of Fluids1994415
50Large‐eddy simulation of rotating channel flows using a localized dynamic modelPhysics of Fluids1995413