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Most Cited Articles of Osteoarthritis and Cartilage in 1997

Arthroscopic evaluation of potential structure modifying activity of hyaluronan (Hyalgan) in osteoarthritis of the knee1997204
The Bristol 'OA500' study: progression of osteoarthritis (OA) over 3 years and the relationship between clinical and radiographic changes at the knee joint1997200
Prevalence of degenerative morphological changes in the joints of the lower extremity1997199
Axial lower-limb alignment: comparison of knee geometry in normal volunteers and osteoarthritis patients1997152
Defining radiographic osteoarthritis for the whole knee1997126
Differences in patellofemoral joint cartilage material properties and their significance to the etiology of cartilage surface fibrillation1997123
Ex vivo gene transfer to chondrocytes in full-thickness articular cartilage defects: a feasibility study1997113
Detection of interleukin-1 in the cartilage of patients with osteoarthritis: a possible autocrine/paracrine role in pathogenesis1997107
Transplantation of adenovirally transduced allogeneic chondrocytes into articular cartilage defects in vivo1997101
The effects of hyaluronan during the development of osteoarthritis199795
Chondrocyte cytokine and growth factor expression in murine osteoarthritis199795
Biochemical effects of estrogen on articular cartilage in ovariectomized sheep199782
Isolated chondrons: a viable alternative for studies of chondrocyte metabolism in vitro199776
Mechanical behavior and biochemical composition of canine knee cartilage following periods of joint disuse and disuse with remobilization199776
Sport practice and osteoarthritis of the limbs199775
Variation in proteoglycan metabolism by articular chondrocytes in different joint regions is determined by post-natal mechanical loading199773
Activation of fibrillar collagen synthesis and phenotypic modulation of chondrocytes in early human osteoarthritic cartilage lesions199768
Hyaluronic acid suppresses fibronectin fragment mediated cartilage chondrolysis: I. In vitro199766
Is conventional radiography suitable for evaluation of a disease-modifying drug in patients with knee osteoarthritis?199762
Quantitation and localization of cartilage degeneration following the induction of osteoarthritis in the rabbit knee199759
Immunolocalization of type IX collagen in normal and spontaneously osteoarthritic canine tibial cartilage and isolated chondrons199749
The effects of position on the radiographic joint space in osteoarthritis of the hip199749
Effects of diacerhein in an accelerated canine model of osteoarthritis199749
Hyaluronic acid suppresses fibronectin fragment mediated cartilage chondrolysis: II. In vivo199744
Intermittent cyclic loading of cartilage explants modulates fibronectin metabolism199743