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Impact Factor of Scientific American based on the number of citations over 2-year window
The graph shows the changes in the impact factor of Scientific American and its the corresponding percentile for the sake of comparison with the entire literature. Impact Factor is the most common scientometric index, which is defined by the number of citations of papers in two preceding years divided by the number of papers published in those years.
This graph shows how the impact factor of Scientific American is computed. The left axis depicts the number of papers published in years X-1 and X2, and the right axis displays their citations in year X.

How Influential is Scientific American?

Scientific American is the 51st out of 116 General Sciences journals. This Journal is the 212nd out of 2,527 History journals. This means the journal is among the top 9% in the discipline of History. This Journal is the 5838th out of 20,139 Social Sciences journals.