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1Gold catalysts prepared by coprecipitation for low-temperature oxidation of hydrogen and of carbon monoxideJournal of Catalysis19893,040
2Determination of Integrated Molar Extinction Coefficients for Infrared Absorption Bands of Pyridine Adsorbed on Solid Acid CatalystsJournal of Catalysis19932,508
3Low-Temperature Oxidation of CO over Gold Supported on TiO2, α-Fe2O3, and Co3O4Journal of Catalysis19932,148
4Studies on pore systems in catalysts V. The t methodJournal of Catalysis19652,080
5Photocatalytic degradation of organic water contaminants: Mechanisms involving hydroxyl radical attackJournal of Catalysis19901,894
6Ceria in automotive exhaust catalysts I. Oxygen storageJournal of Catalysis19841,759
7The design and development of highly reactive titanium oxide photocatalysts operating under visible light irradiationJournal of Catalysis20031,529
8An infrared study of pyridine adsorbed on acidic solids. Characterization of surface acidityJournal of Catalysis19631,498
9The Brønsted–Evans–Polanyi relation and the volcano curve in heterogeneous catalysisJournal of Catalysis20041,348
10The conversion of methanol and other O-compounds to hydrocarbons over zeolite catalystsJournal of Catalysis19771,288
11From the Sabatier principle to a predictive theory of transition-metal heterogeneous catalysisJournal of Catalysis20151,271
12CO2-Reforming of Methane over Transition MetalsJournal of Catalysis19931,231
13Universality in Heterogeneous CatalysisJournal of Catalysis20021,167
14On the origin of the catalytic activity of gold nanoparticles for low-temperature CO oxidationJournal of Catalysis20041,122
15Selective Vapor-Phase Epoxidation of Propylene over Au/TiO2Catalysts in the Presence of Oxygen and HydrogenJournal of Catalysis19981,121
16Synthesis of ethylene via oxidative coupling of methane I. Determination of active catalystsJournal of Catalysis19821,105
17CO Oxidation over Supported Gold Catalysts—“Inert” and “Active” Support Materials and Their Role for the Oxygen Supply during ReactionJournal of Catalysis20011,094
18State of the art and future challenges of zeolites as catalystsJournal of Catalysis20031,088
19Nucleation and growth of carbon deposits from the nickel catalyzed decomposition of acetyleneJournal of Catalysis19721,080
20The Preparation, Characterization, and their Photocatalytic Activities of Rare-Earth-Doped TiO2 NanoparticlesJournal of Catalysis20021,062
21Visible-light-driven hydrogen production with extremely high quantum efficiency on Pt–PdS/CdS photocatalystJournal of Catalysis20091,039
22Structure and Surface and Catalytic Properties of Mg-Al Basic OxidesJournal of Catalysis19981,036
23Morphology of a TiO2 Photocatalyst (Degussa, P-25) Consisting of Anatase and Rutile Crystalline PhasesJournal of Catalysis20011,013
24Enhanced catalytic activity of ceria nanorods from well-defined reactive crystal planesJournal of Catalysis20051,010
25Steam Reforming and Graphite Formation on Ni CatalystsJournal of Catalysis2002980
26Ziegler-Natta catalysis I. Mechanism of polymerization of $alpha;-olefins with Ziegler-Natta catalysts*1Journal of Catalysis1964966
27Investigation into the shape selectivity of zeolite catalysts for biomass conversionJournal of Catalysis2011963
28Conversion of methanol to hydrocarbons over zeolite H-ZSM-5: On the origin of the olefinic speciesJournal of Catalysis2007893
29Use of DFT to achieve a rational understanding of acid?basic properties of ?-alumina surfacesJournal of Catalysis2004880
30The role of nanostructure in nitrogen-containing carbon catalysts for the oxygen reduction reactionJournal of Catalysis2006838
31Rh-Loaded CeO2-ZrO2 Solid-Solutions as Highly Efficient Oxygen Exchangers: Dependence of the Reduction Behavior and the Oxygen Storage Capacity on the Structural-PropertiesJournal of Catalysis1995830
32Vapor phase hydrochlorination of acetylene: Correlation of catalytic activity of supported metal chloride catalystsJournal of Catalysis1985819
33Isotopic and kinetic assessment of the mechanism of reactions of CH4 with CO2 or H2O to form synthesis gas and carbon on nickel catalystsJournal of Catalysis2004799
34Hydrodesulfurization catalysis by transition metal sulfidesJournal of Catalysis1981737
35Studies on pore systems in catalysts I. The adsorption of nitrogen; apparatus and calculationJournal of Catalysis1964727
36Structure and Chemical Composition of a Supported Pt-Ru Electrocatalyst for Methanol OxidationJournal of Catalysis1995724
37A direct Z-scheme g-C3N4/SnS2 photocatalyst with superior visible-light CO2 reduction performanceJournal of Catalysis2017721
38Novel catalysts for advanced hydroprocessing: transition metal phosphidesJournal of Catalysis2003717
39Synthesis of propylene oxide from propylene and hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by titanium silicaliteJournal of Catalysis1991715
40Strong metal-support interactions: Occurrence among the binary oxides of groups IIA?VBJournal of Catalysis1978705
41Partial oxidation of methane to carbon monoxide and hydrogen over a Ni/Al2O3 catalystJournal of Catalysis1991705
42The catalytic synthesis of hydrocarbons from H2/CO mixtures over the group VIII metals I. The specific activities and product distributions of supported metalsJournal of Catalysis1975698
43Epoxidation of Lower Olefins with Hydrogen Peroxide and Titanium SilicaliteJournal of Catalysis1993687
44Modification of the Redox Behaviour of CeO2Induced by Structural Doping with ZrO2Journal of Catalysis1996679
45Automotive exhaust catalysisJournal of Catalysis2003677
46Excellent activity and selectivity of Cu-SSZ-13 in the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3Journal of Catalysis2010674
47Structure-Function Relations in Molybdenum Sulfide Catalysts: The "Rim-Edge" ModelJournal of Catalysis1994651
48TiO2/MXene Ti3C2 composite with excellent photocatalytic CO2 reduction activityJournal of Catalysis2018647
49Ziegler-Natta catalysis III. Stereospecific polymerization of propene with the catalyst system TiCl3$z.sbnd;AlEt3Journal of Catalysis1964639
50Acidity and Stability of MCM-41 Crystalline AluminosilicatesJournal of Catalysis1994628