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1Lattice BGK Models for Navier-Stokes EquationEurophysics Letters19924,346
2Simulating Microscopic Hydrodynamic Phenomena with Dissipative Particle DynamicsEurophysics Letters19923,258
3Recurrence Plots of Dynamical SystemsEurophysics Letters19872,486
4Statistical Mechanics of Dissipative Particle DynamicsEurophysics Letters19952,414
5Size-Dependent Depression of the Glass Transition Temperature in Polymer FilmsEurophysics Letters19941,672
6Simulated Tempering: A New Monte Carlo SchemeEurophysics Letters19921,440
7Stability and Band Gap Constancy of Boron Nitride NanotubesEurophysics Letters19941,406
8Interatomic Potentials from First-Principles Calculations: The Force-Matching MethodEurophysics Letters19941,310
9Micromagnetic understanding of current-driven domain wall motion in patterned nanowiresEurophysics Letters2005988
10Pearl dropsEurophysics Letters1999930
11Observation of Fermi-surface–dependent nodeless superconducting gaps in Ba 0.6 K 0.4 Fe 2 As 2Europhysics Letters2008905
12Phase Behaviour of Colloid + Polymer MixturesEurophysics Letters1992900
13Dynamics of Dzyaloshinskii domain walls in ultrathin magnetic filmsEurophysics Letters2012880
14Lattice Gas Dynamics with Enhanced CollisionsEurophysics Letters1989800
15Roughness-induced non-wettingEurophysics Letters2000786
16Competition and multiscaling in evolving networksEurophysics Letters2001780
17Experimental Evidence for a Photon Anticorrelation Effect on a Beam Splitter: A New Light on Single-Photon InterferencesEurophysics Letters1986766
18The Neutron Halo of Extremely Neutron-Rich NucleiEurophysics Letters1987762
19Dynamic Simulations of Hard-Sphere Suspensions Under Steady ShearEurophysics Letters1993751
20Boltzmann Approach to Lattice Gas SimulationsEurophysics Letters1989713
21Ab initio Force Constant Approach to Phonon Dispersion Relations of Diamond and GraphiteEurophysics Letters1995663
22Growth with Surface DiffusionEurophysics Letters1990660
23Structural Phase Transitions in the Fullerene C 60Europhysics Letters1992653
24Superconductivity and phase diagram in iron-based arsenic-oxides ReFeAsO 1−δ (Re = rare-earth metal) without fluorine dopingEurophysics Letters2008643
25Competing orders and spin-density-wave instability in La(O 1−x F x )FeAsEurophysics Letters2008627
26Superconductivity in the iron-based F-doped layered quaternary compound Nd[O 1 − x F x ]FeAsEurophysics Letters2008625
27Rough wettingEurophysics Letters2001607
28Random Networks of Automata: A Simple Annealed ApproximationEurophysics Letters1986578
29Thorium-doping–induced superconductivity up to 56 K in Gd 1−x Th x FeAsOEurophysics Letters2008576
30Bouncing or sticky droplets: Impalement transitions on superhydrophobic micropatterned surfacesEurophysics Letters2006566
31Unitary Phase Operator in Quantum MechanicsEurophysics Letters1988562
32Structure of the 100 K Superconductor Ba 2 YCu 3 O 7 between (5 ÷ 300) K by Neutron Powder DiffractionEurophysics Letters1987558
33Tellurium substitution effect on superconductivity of the α-phase iron selenideEurophysics Letters2008555
34Superconductivity at 25 K in hole-doped (La 1-x Sr x )OFeAsEurophysics Letters2008538
35Atomic Resolution with Atomic Force MicroscopeEurophysics Letters1987526
36An Exactly Solvable Asymmetric Neural Network ModelEurophysics Letters1987497
37Magnetoresistance Oscillations in a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas Induced by a Submicrometer Periodic PotentialEurophysics Letters1989490
38Generating Transferable Tight-Binding Parameters: Application to SiliconEurophysics Letters1989489
39Reward and cooperation in the spatial public goods gameEurophysics Letters2010479
40A new heavy-fermion superconductor CeIrIn 5 : A relative of the cuprates?Europhysics Letters2001476
41Single-Electron Pump Based on Charging EffectsEurophysics Letters1992469
42On the spontaneous symmetry breaking in the mesophases of achiral banana-shaped moleculesEurophysics Letters2001465
43A Stringy Nature Needs Just Two ConstantsEurophysics Letters1986462
44Superconductivity, Spin Gaps and Luttinger Liquids in a Class of CupratesEurophysics Letters1993446
45Link prediction based on local random walkEurophysics Letters2010440
46Efficiency at maximum power: An analytically solvable model for stochastic heat enginesEurophysics Letters2008434
47Superparamagnetic-like behavior in an octanuclear iron clusterEurophysics Letters1996430
48Active Transmission Channels and Universal Conductance FluctuationsEurophysics Letters1986428
49Presumption for a Quantum Energy Gap in the Quasi-One-Dimensional S = 1 Heisenberg Antiferromagnet Ni(C 2 H 8 N 2 ) 2 NO 2 (ClO 4 )Europhysics Letters1987424
50Slippery pre-suffused surfacesEurophysics Letters2011417