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1Sustainable Queuing-Network Design for Airport Security Based on the Monte Carlo MethodSustainability20181,574
2Bioremediation of Heavy Metals from Soil and Aquatic Environment: An Overview of Principles and Criteria of Fundamental ProcessesSustainability2015932
3Restoring Soil Quality to Mitigate Soil DegradationSustainability2015896
4Assessing Collective Measures in Rural Policy: The Effect of Minimum Participation Rules on the Distribution of Benefits from Irrigation InfrastructureSustainability2017859
5Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Life of Higher Education Students: A Global PerspectiveSustainability2020850
6Designing the Business Models for Circular Economy—Towards the Conceptual FrameworkSustainability2016839
7Spatial Association and Effect Evaluation of CO2 Emission in the Chengdu-Chongqing Urban Agglomeration: Quantitative Evidence from Social Network AnalysisSustainability2019827
8Comparative Influences of Precipitation and River Stage on Groundwater Levels in Near-River AreasSustainability2016814
9What is Sustainability?Sustainability2010656
10A Comprehensive Review of Thermal Energy StorageSustainability2018644
11Implementation of Circular Economy Business Models by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs): Barriers and EnablersSustainability2016599
12What Drives the Implementation of Industry 4.0? The Role of Opportunities and Challenges in the Context of SustainabilitySustainability2018596
13Industry 5.0—A Human-Centric SolutionSustainability2019592
14Towards Life Cycle Sustainability AssessmentSustainability2010581
15Consumer-Related Food Waste: Causes and Potential for ActionSustainability2015560
16The Bioeconomy in Europe: An OverviewSustainability2013535
17Life-Cycle Assessment and the Environmental Impact of Buildings: A ReviewSustainability2009530
18Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education during the Coronavirus Pandemic: Students’ PerspectiveSustainability2020482
19Multifunctional Urban Agriculture for Sustainable Land Use Planning in the United StatesSustainability2010469
20Social Sustainability: A New Conceptual FrameworkSustainability2017455
21What Is the Bioeconomy? A Review of the LiteratureSustainability2016441
22Teleworking in the Context of the Covid-19 CrisisSustainability2020431
23Peak Phosphorus: Clarifying the Key Issues of a Vigorous Debate about Long-Term Phosphorus SecuritySustainability2011422
24Transition towards Circular Economy in the Food SystemSustainability2016418
25Use of Incineration MSW Ash: A ReviewSustainability2010416
26Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Its Mitigation Strategies: A ReviewSustainability2021414
27Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) as Green Bioinoculants: Recent Developments, Constraints, and ProspectsSustainability2021410
28Is Overtourism Overused? Understanding the Impact of Tourism in a City ContextSustainability2018405
29Adapt or Perish: A Review of Planning Approaches for Adaptation under Deep UncertaintySustainability2013399
30Agricultural Biodiversity Is Essential for a Sustainable Improvement in Food and Nutrition SecuritySustainability2011383
31Blockchain Practices, Potentials, and Perspectives in Greening Supply ChainsSustainability2018382
32The Role and Impact of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things on the Business Strategy of the Value Chain—The Case of HungarySustainability2018381
33Agriculture and Eutrophication: Where Do We Go from Here?Sustainability2014370
34Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Crops for Sustainable AgricultureSustainability2011365
35Connecting Competences and Pedagogical Approaches for Sustainable Development in Higher Education: A Literature Review and Framework ProposalSustainability2017362
36Soil Degradation, Land Scarcity and Food Security: Reviewing a Complex ChallengeSustainability2016354
37Industry 4.0 and Sustainability Implications: A Scenario-Based Analysis of the Impacts and ChallengesSustainability2018351
38Reviewing Literature on Digitalization, Business Model Innovation, and Sustainable Industry: Past Achievements and Future PromisesSustainability2019350
39Effects of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Urban Mobility: Empirical Evidence from the City of Santander (Spain)Sustainability2020348
40Application of the Extended Theory of Planned Behavior Model to Investigate Purchase Intention of Green Products among Thai ConsumersSustainability2016347
41A Bibliometric Analysis and Visualization of Medical Big Data ResearchSustainability2018345
42Recycled Concrete as Aggregate for Structural Concrete ProductionSustainability2010339
43Waste Management through Composting: Challenges and PotentialsSustainability2020339
44Sustainable Urban Transport in the Developing World: Beyond MegacitiesSustainability2015334
45Exploring How Usage-Focused Business Models Enable Circular Economy through Digital TechnologiesSustainability2018328
46Beyond Cockpit-ism: Four Insights to Enhance the Transformative Potential of the Sustainable Development GoalsSustainability2015327
47Sustainability Assessment and Indicators: Tools in a Decision-Making Strategy for Sustainable DevelopmentSustainability2014326
48Soil Degradation in India: Challenges and Potential SolutionsSustainability2015324
49Global Sustainability Accounting—Developing EXIOBASE for Multi-Regional Footprint AnalysisSustainability2015321
50Industry 4.0 in Management Studies: A Systematic Literature ReviewSustainability2018320