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Most Cited Articles of Archives of Disease in Childhood in 2009

Folic acid supplements in pregnancy and early childhood respiratory health2009197
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Which clinical features distinguish inflicted from non-inflicted brain injury? A systematic review2009147
Teenage pregnancy: who suffers?2009140
Pre-existing disease is associated with a significantly higher risk of death in severe respiratory syncytial virus infection2009138
The importance of nurse-led home visits in the assessment of children with problematic asthma2009133
Incidence and clinical features of Langerhans cell histiocytosis in the UK and Ireland2009124
The descriptive epidemiology of congenital and acquired cryptorchidism in a UK infant cohort2009120
Adverse drug reactions in childhood: a review of prospective studies and safety alerts2009112
Early introduction of fish decreases the risk of eczema in infants2009105
Prospective follow-up oral food challenge in food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome2009105
Effects of early childhood lead exposure on academic performance and behaviour of school age children2009103
Improvement of walking abilities after robotic-assisted locomotion training in children with cerebral palsy200999
Hyperinsulinaemic hypoglycaemia200999
Dyskinetic cerebral palsy in Europe: trends in prevalence and severity200994
Growth and growth biomarker changes after adenotonsillectomy: systematic review and meta-analysis200989
Parent based language intervention for 2-year-old children with specific expressive language delay: a randomised controlled trial200987
Mothers' experiences of bottle-feeding: a systematic review of qualitative and quantitative studies200987
Developmental coordination disorder in "apparently normal" schoolchildren born extremely preterm200986
Child health and living at high altitude200986
Effects of infant feeding practice on weight gain from birth to 3 years200984
How well do vital signs identify children with serious infections in paediatric emergency care?200982
Lifestyle intervention in obese children with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: 2-year follow-up study200980
Currently recommended treatments of childhood constipation are not evidence based: a systematic literature review on the effect of laxative treatment and dietary measures200979
Prevention and treatment of renal disease in Henoch-Schönlein purpura: a systematic review200979