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Top Articles

1A comprehensive review on PEM water electrolysisInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy20133,509
2Metal hydride materials for solid hydrogen storage: A review☆International Journal of Hydrogen Energy20072,915
3Hydrogen energy, economy and storage: Review and recommendationInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy20191,804
4Hydrogen production by biological processes: a survey of literatureInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy20011,732
5Review of the proton exchange membranes for fuel cell applicationsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy20101,696
6Review and evaluation of hydrogen production methods for better sustainabilityInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy20151,666
7Hydrogen production for energy: An overviewInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy20201,441
8Photo-electrochemical hydrogen generation from water using solar energy. Materials-related aspectsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy20021,385
9Biohydrogen production: prospects and limitations to practical applicationInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy20041,297
10Progress of electrochemical capacitor electrode materials: A reviewInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy20091,280
11Future cost and performance of water electrolysis: An expert elicitation studyInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy20171,240
12Hydrogen futures: toward a sustainable energy systemInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy20021,197
13A review on reforming bio-ethanol for hydrogen productionInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy20071,061
14Potential importance of hydrogen as a future solution to environmental and transportation problemsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy20081,046
15Hydrogen storage in Mg: A most promising materialInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2010953
16Hydrogen from renewable electricity: An international review of power-to-gas pilot plants for stationary applicationsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2013907
17Biological hydrogen production; fundamentals and limiting processesInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2002866
18Ammonia and related chemicals as potential indirect hydrogen storage materialsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2012852
19Green methods for hydrogen productionInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2012841
20The properties of hydrogen as fuel tomorrow in sustainable energy system for a cleaner planetInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2005838
21The hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine: a technical reviewInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2006806
22A review on the current progress of metal hydrides material for solid-state hydrogen storage applicationsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2016789
23Efficiency of solar water splitting using semiconductor electrodesInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2006786
24Factors influencing fermentative hydrogen production: A reviewInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2009785
25Sustainable fermentative hydrogen production: challenges for process optimisationInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2002780
26The future of hydrogen – opportunities and challenges☆International Journal of Hydrogen Energy2009775
27Hydrogen the fuel for 21st centuryInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2009763
28“Green” path from fossil-based to hydrogen economy: An overview of carbon-neutral technologiesInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2008759
29The hydrogen economy in the 21st century: a sustainable development scenarioInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2003745
30Hydrogen production by methane decomposition: A reviewInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2010740
31Bipolar plates for PEM fuel cells: A reviewInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2005738
32Review of bipolar plates in PEM fuel cells: Flow-field designsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2005727
33Towards the hydrogen economy?International Journal of Hydrogen Energy2007713
34Large-scale storage of hydrogenInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2019703
35Review of hydrogen storage techniques for on board vehicle applicationsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2013701
36Hydrogen storage and delivery: Review of the state of the art technologies and risk and reliability analysisInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2019684
37Hydrogen from hydrocarbon fuels for fuel cellsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2001683
38Hydrogen production from agricultural waste by dark fermentation: A reviewInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2010679
39Overview on the application of direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) for portable electronic devicesInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2009678
40Comparative assessment of hydrogen production methods from renewable and non-renewable sourcesInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2014665
41Modeling of advanced alkaline electrolyzers: a system simulation approachInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2003644
42Advances in biological hydrogen production processesInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2008644
43A safe, portable, hydrogen gas generator using aqueous borohydride solution and Ru catalystInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2000641
44Solar hydrogen production via a two-step water-splitting thermochemical cycle based on Zn/ZnO redox reactionsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2002638
45From hydrocarbon to hydrogen?carbon to hydrogen economyInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2005637
46Power to gas: Technological overview, systems analysis and economic assessment for a case study in GermanyInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2015629
47Hydrogen from biomass – Present scenario and future prospectsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2010618
48Electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reactionInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2017613
49Review of electrochemical ammonia production technologies and materialsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2013611
50The survey of key technologies in hydrogen energy storageInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2016611