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1Coronaviruses: An Overview of Their Replication and PathogenesisMethods in Molecular Biology20152,664
2Profiling Tumor Infiltrating Immune Cells with CIBERSORTMethods in Molecular Biology20181,936
3Small-Molecule Library Screening by Docking with PyRxMethods in Molecular Biology20151,807
4Cell Sensitivity Assays: The MTT AssayMethods in Molecular Biology20111,474
5The Gene Expression Omnibus DatabaseMethods in Molecular Biology20161,413
6BUSCO: Assessing Genome Assembly and Annotation CompletenessMethods in Molecular Biology20191,382
7LC3 and AutophagyMethods in Molecular Biology20081,311
8Identification of Mutations in Laboratory-Evolved Microbes from Next-Generation Sequencing Data Using breseqMethods in Molecular Biology20141,200
9Protein Structure Modeling with MODELLERMethods in Molecular Biology20081,187
10Multiple Alignment of DNA Sequences with MAFFTMethods in Molecular Biology20091,145
11Cytoscape: Software for Visualization and Analysis of Biological NetworksMethods in Molecular Biology20111,068
12tRNAscan-SE: Searching for tRNA Genes in Genomic SequencesMethods in Molecular Biology20191,023
13Clustal Omega, Accurate Alignment of Very Large Numbers of SequencesMethods in Molecular Biology2014980
14Identification of ROS Using Oxidized DCFDA and Flow-CytometryMethods in Molecular Biology2010916
15UNAFoldMethods in Molecular Biology2008843
16Predicting Secretory Proteins with SignalPMethods in Molecular Biology2017811
17High-Resolution Respirometry: OXPHOS Protocols for Human Cells and Permeabilized Fibers from Small Biopsies of Human MuscleMethods in Molecular Biology2012779
18Estimating Maximum Likelihood Phylogenies with PhyMLMethods in Molecular Biology2009771
19Visualizing Genomic Data Using Gviz and BioconductorMethods in Molecular Biology2016726
20Analyzing MiRNA–LncRNA InteractionsMethods in Molecular Biology2016690
21Principal Component Analysis: A Method for Determining the Essential Dynamics of ProteinsMethods in Molecular Biology2014677
22Enhanced Permeability and Retention (EPR) Effect for Anticancer Nanomedicine Drug TargetingMethods in Molecular Biology2010650
23Enumeration of Bacteriophages by Double Agar Overlay Plaque AssayMethods in Molecular Biology2009645
24Zeta Potential MeasurementMethods in Molecular Biology2011624
25UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, the Manually Annotated Section of the UniProt KnowledgeBase: How to Use the Entry ViewMethods in Molecular Biology2016624
26Considerations for the Use of SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cells in NeurobiologyMethods in Molecular Biology2013622
27Diversity Arrays Technology: A Generic Genome Profiling Technology on Open PlatformsMethods in Molecular Biology2012620
28Detection of Necrosis by Release of Lactate Dehydrogenase ActivityMethods in Molecular Biology2013604
29Protein Data Bank (PDB): The Single Global Macromolecular Structure ArchiveMethods in Molecular Biology2017592
30PANTHER Pathway: An Ontology-Based Pathway Database Coupled with Data Analysis ToolsMethods in Molecular Biology2009575
31Phylogeny-aware alignment with PRANKMethods in Molecular Biology2014558
32Mechanisms of Multidrug Resistance in CancerMethods in Molecular Biology2010555
33Molecular DockingMethods in Molecular Biology2008551
34Getting Across the Cell Membrane: An Overview for Small Molecules, Peptides, and ProteinsMethods in Molecular Biology2015538
35The Y-Maze for Assessment of Spatial Working and Reference Memory in MiceMethods in Molecular Biology2019538
36Tissue Processing and Hematoxylin and Eosin StainingMethods in Molecular Biology2014538
37Target-Decoy Search Strategy for Mass Spectrometry-Based ProteomicsMethods in Molecular Biology2010534
38Acute Brain Slice Methods for Adult and Aging Animals: Application of Targeted Patch Clamp Analysis and OptogeneticsMethods in Molecular Biology2014533
39Histone H2AX Phosphorylation: A Marker for DNA DamageMethods in Molecular Biology2012531
40En Passant Mutagenesis: A Two Step Markerless Red Recombination SystemMethods in Molecular Biology2010519
41Protein Structure Modeling with MODELLERMethods in Molecular Biology2014516
42A Protocol for Exosome Isolation and Characterization: Evaluation of Ultracentrifugation, Density-Gradient Separation, and Immunoaffinity Capture MethodsMethods in Molecular Biology2015512
43A User’s Guide to Support Vector MachinesMethods in Molecular Biology2010507
44MiRNA Biogenesis and Regulation of Diseases: An OverviewMethods in Molecular Biology2017505
45Epidemiology of Stomach CancerMethods in Molecular Biology2009499
46Pharmacological Inhibition of Endocytic Pathways: Is It Specific Enough to Be Useful?Methods in Molecular Biology2008493
47Automated Structure Solution with the PHENIX SuiteMethods in Molecular Biology2008492
48The MAP Kinase Signaling Cascades: A System of Hundreds of Components Regulates a Diverse Array of Physiological FunctionsMethods in Molecular Biology2010489
49Heterogeneity of Astrocytic Form and FunctionMethods in Molecular Biology2012480
50Measuring HIV Neutralization in a Luciferase Reporter Gene AssayMethods in Molecular Biology2009466