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Most Cited Articles of American Journal of Cardiology in 1991

Accuracy of assessment of cardiac vagal tone by heart rate variability in normal subjects1991546
Intracellular compartmentation of cardiac troponin T and its release kinetics in patients with reperfused and nonreperfused myocardial infarction1991425
Echocardiographic evidence for the existence of a distinct diabetic cardiomyopathy (the Framingham Heart Study)1991419
Prediction of uneventful cardioversion and maintenance of sinus rhythm from direct-current electrical cardioversion of chronic atrial fibrillation and flutter1991386
Sudden unexpected death in persons less than 40 years of age1991329
Comparison of the predictive characteristics of heart rate variability index and left ventricular ejection fraction for all-cause mortality, arrhythmic events and sudden death after acute myocardial infarction1991294
Stability over time of variables measuring heart rate variability in normal subjects1991292
Use of a morphologic classification to predict clinical outcome after dissection from coronary angioplasty1991266
Relative importance of activation sequence compared to atrioventricular synchrony in left ventricular function1991263
Effects on quality of life with comprehensive rehabilitation after acute myocardial infarction1991258
Mechanisms of platelet activation: thromboxane A2 as an amplifying signal for other agonists1991244
Comparison of serial quantitative evaluation of calcified coronary artery plaque by ultrafast computed tomography in persons with and without obstructive coronary artery disease1991219
Update of effects of calcium antagonists in myocardial infarction or angina in light of the second Danish Verapamil Infarction Trial (DAVIT-II) and other recent studies1991214
Serial antiarrhythmic drug treatment to maintain sinus rhythm after electrical cardioversion for chronic atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter1991213
Prevalence of risk factors in men with premature coronary artery disease1991213
In-hospital symptoms of psychological stress as predictors of long-term outcome after acute myocardial infarction in men1991211
Dobutamine digital echocardiography for detecting coronary artery disease1991205
Evidence of endothelial dysfunction in coronary resistance vessels in patients with angina pectoris and normal coronary angiograms1991200
Comparison of rubidium-82 positron emission tomography and thallium-201 SPECT imaging for detection of coronary artery disease1991196
Effect of heart rate on left ventricular diastolic transmitral flow velocity patterns assessed by Doppler echocardiography in normal subjects1991190
Usefulness of systolic excursion of the mitral anulus as an index of left ventricular systolic function1991186
Exercise echocardiography as a screening test for coronary artery disease and correlation with coronary arteriography1991182
Duration of the QT interval and total and cardiovascular mortality in healthy persons (The Framingham Heart Study experience)1991180
Mean and range of the ambulatory pressure in normotensive subjects from a meta-analysis of 23 studies1991173
Short- and long-term results of catheter balloon percutaneous transvenous mitral commissurotomy1991167