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Most Cited Articles of Journal of Geophysical Research

Global analyses of sea surface temperature, sea ice, and night marine air temperature since the late nineteenth century20036.8K
Radiative transfer for inhomogeneous atmospheres: RRTM, a validated correlated-k model for the longwave19975K
Summarizing multiple aspects of model performance in a single diagram20014.1K
Relationship between wind speed and gas exchange over the ocean19923.2K
Calibration of the ruby pressure gauge to 800 kbar under quasi-hydrostatic conditions19863.1K
Sequential data assimilation with a nonlinear quasi-geostrophic model using Monte Carlo methods to forecast error statistics19943K
A global model of natural volatile organic compound emissions19953K
Tectonic stress and the spectra of seismic shear waves from earthquakes19702.8K
Revised calibration of the geomagnetic polarity timescale for the Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic19952.6K
A simple hydrologically based model of land surface water and energy fluxes for general circulation models19942.5K
A third-generation wave model for coastal regions: 1. Model description and validation19992.4K
Radiative forcing by long-lived greenhouse gases: Calculations with the AER radiative transfer models20082.3K
Global observed changes in daily climate extremes of temperature and precipitation20062.3K
Limit on stably trapped particle fluxes19662.2K
Magmatism at rift zones: The generation of volcanic continental margins and flood basalts19892.2K
Finite strain isotherm and velocities for single-crystal and polycrystalline NaCl at high pressures and 300°K19782.2K
An analysis of the variation of ocean floor bathymetry and heat flow with age19772.2K
Precise point positioning for the efficient and robust analysis of GPS data from large networks19972.1K
NRLMSISE-00 empirical model of the atmosphere: Statistical comparisons and scientific issues20022.1K
A moment magnitude scale19792K
Seismic velocity structure and composition of the continental crust: A global view19952K
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Monsoons: Processes, predictability, and the prospects for prediction19982K
Slip instability and state variable friction laws19832K
Elasticity and constitution of the Earth's interior19522K