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1Some Picture Fuzzy Aggregation Operators and Their Applications to Multicriteria Decision-MakingArabian Journal for Science and Engineering2017286
2DDoS Attack Detection and Mitigation Using SDN: Methods, Practices, and SolutionsArabian Journal for Science and Engineering2017258
3Blockchain for COVID-19: Review, Opportunities, and a Trusted Tracking SystemArabian Journal for Science and Engineering2020161
4Atomistic Simulation: A Unique and Powerful Computational Tool for Corrosion Inhibition ResearchArabian Journal for Science and Engineering2019158
5Natural Convection Analysis in a Cavity with an Inclined Elliptical Heater Subject to Shape Factor of Nanoparticles and Magnetic FieldArabian Journal for Science and Engineering2019145
6Novel Physical Insights into the Thermodynamic Irreversibilities Within Dissipative EMHD Fluid Flows Past over a Moving Horizontal Riga Plate in the Coexistence of Wall Suction and Joule Heating Effects: A Comprehensive Numerical InvestigationArabian Journal for Science and Engineering2020144
7Some Generalized Complex Intuitionistic Fuzzy Aggregation Operators and Their Application to Multicriteria Decision-Making ProcessArabian Journal for Science and Engineering2019141
8Node Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Butterfly Optimization AlgorithmArabian Journal for Science and Engineering2017128
9Brain Tumor Detection and Segmentation in MR Images Using Deep LearningArabian Journal for Science and Engineering2019125
10Cyber Security Threats and Vulnerabilities: A Systematic Mapping StudyArabian Journal for Science and Engineering2020125
11A Review of Corrosion and Protection of Steel in ConcreteArabian Journal for Science and Engineering2018103
12A Survey on Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization AlgorithmsArabian Journal for Science and Engineering2019103
13Irreversibility Analysis and Heat Transport in Squeezing Nanoliquid Flow of Non-Newtonian (Second-Grade) Fluid Between Infinite Plates with Activation EnergyArabian Journal for Science and Engineering2020101
14Mixed Convective Magneto Flow of SiO2–MoS2/C2H6O2 Hybrid Nanoliquids Through a Vertical Stretching/Shrinking Wedge: Stability AnalysisArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202098
15Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Color, Shape and Texture Descriptors and FeaturesArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202098
16Segmentation of Ischemic Stroke Lesion in Brain MRI Based on Social Group Optimization and Fuzzy-Tsallis EntropyArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201895
17Ripeness Classification of Bananas Using an Artificial Neural NetworkArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201993
18Ohmic Heating and Non-uniform Heat Source/Sink Roles on 3D Darcy–Forchheimer Flow of CNTs Nanofluids Over a Stretching SurfaceArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202093
19Prediction of Heart Disease Using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202188
20Impact of Entropy Generation and Nonlinear Thermal Radiation on Darcy–Forchheimer Flow of MnFe2O4-Casson/Water Nanofluid due to a Rotating Disk: Application to Brain DynamicsArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202086
21Corrosion Inhibition Performance of Acarbose on Mild Steel Corrosion in Acidic Medium: An Experimental and Computational StudyArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202085
22Predictive Performances of Ensemble Machine Learning Algorithms in Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Random Forest, Extreme Gradient Boosting (XGBoost) and Natural Gradient Boosting (NGBoost)Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering202285
23Numerical Computing Paradigm for Investigation of Micropolar Nanofluid Flow Between Parallel Plates System with Impact of Electrical MHD and Hall CurrentArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202184
24Some Aggregation Operators for Linguistic Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set and its Application to Group Decision-Making Process Using the Set Pair AnalysisArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201883
25Radiation, Velocity and Thermal Slips Effect Toward MHD Boundary Layer Flow Through Heat and Mass Transport of Williamson Nanofluid with Porous MediumArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202282
26IoT-Based Smart Waste Bin Monitoring and Municipal Solid Waste Management System for Smart CitiesArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202081
27A Comparative Study on the Adsorption of Eriochrome Black T Dye from Aqueous Solution on Graphene and Acid-Modified GrapheneArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201880
28Generalized Cubic Intuitionistic Fuzzy Aggregation Operators Using t-Norm Operations and Their Applications to Group Decision-Making ProcessArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201980
29Numerical Differential Quadrature Examination of Steady Mixed Convection Nanofluid Flows Over an Isothermal Thin Needle Conveying Metallic and Metallic Oxide Nanomaterials: A Comparative InvestigationArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202080
30Diagnosis of Focal Liver Diseases Based on Deep Learning Technique for Ultrasound ImagesArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201779
31Determination of MQL Parameters Contributing to Sustainable Machining in the Milling of Nickel-Base Superalloy WaspaloyArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201778
32Real-Time Prediction of Rheological Parameters of KCl Water-Based Drilling Fluid Using Artificial Neural NetworksArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201777
33Prediction of Overall Characteristics of a Dual Fuel CI Engine Working on Low-Density Ethanol and Diesel Blends at Varying Compression RatiosArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202277
34Deep Learning Based Sentiment Analysis Using Convolution Neural NetworkArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201976
35Toward Design of an Intelligent Cyber Attack Detection System using Hybrid Feature Reduced Approach for IoT NetworksArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202176
36Finite Element Modelling of Cutting Forces and Power Consumption in Turning of AISI 420 Martensitic Stainless SteelArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201873
37Literature Review of Coral ConcreteArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201872
38A Linguistic Neutrosophic Multi-criteria Group Decision-Making Approach with EDAS MethodArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201972
39Data-Driven Short-Term Forecasting for Urban Road Network Traffic Based on Data Processing and LSTM-RNNArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201972
40Recent Advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: A ReviewArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202272
41EMHD Flow of Radiative Second-Grade Nanofluid over a Riga Plate due to Convective Heating: Revised Buongiorno’s Nanofluid ModelArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202270
42Gaussian Process Regression Technique to Estimate the Pile Bearing CapacityArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202069
43Comparative Investigation of Water-Based Al2O3 Nanoparticles Through Water-Based CuO Nanoparticles Over an Exponentially Accelerated Radiative Riga Plate Surface via Heat TransportArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202269
44Bioconvection in a Convectional Nanofluid Flow Containing Gyrotactic Microorganisms over an Isothermal Vertical Cone Embedded in a Porous Surface with Chemical Reactive SpeciesArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202168
45Removal of Heavy Metals from Industrial Wastewater by Chemical Precipitation: Mechanisms and Sludge CharacterizationArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202268
46Nodal/Saddle Stagnation Point Slip Flow of an Aqueous Convectional Magnesium Oxide–Gold Hybrid Nanofluid with Viscous DissipationArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202168
47Removal of Copper and Lead using Banana Biochar in Batch Adsorption Systems: Isotherms and Kinetic StudiesArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201866
48A New Improved Model of Marine Predator Algorithm for Optimization ProblemsArabian Journal for Science and Engineering202166
49Flexural Wave Propagation Analysis of Embedded S-FGM Nanobeams Under Longitudinal Magnetic Field Based on Nonlocal Strain Gradient TheoryArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201764
50A Study on the Mechanical Behavior and Statistical Damage Constitutive Model of SandstoneArabian Journal for Science and Engineering201864