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1Food and Chemical Toxicology487,258381
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4Industrial Crops and Products451,9052726
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7Food and Function561,3172135
8LWT - Food Science and Technology3593665107
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13Microporous and Mesoporous Materials8528363194
14Journal of Functional Foods652023975
15Current Medicinal Chemistry3507437112
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18Journal of Applied Microbiology4412588241
19Food Analytical Methods637213019
20Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research18351388528
21Meat Science11342155215
22Journal of Apicultural Research133243457
23European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry3322987476
24Applied Catalysis B: Environmental4290666712
25Planta Medica2262734190
27Plant Foods for Human Nutrition52597951
28Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry32571.1K619
30Carbohydrate Polymers32451.1K899
31Phytochemical Analysis224323542
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206Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management22810089
212Journal of Medical Microbiology1271.1K1.2K
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218Journal of Hydrology1251.5K1.7K
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