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Most Cited Articles of Hunter Medical Research Institute in 2008

Immunological decision-making: how does the immune system decide to mount a helper T-cell response?Immunology2008407
Clarithromycin targets neutrophilic airway inflammation in refractory asthmaAmerican Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine2008379
Dysregulation of miRNA 181b in the temporal cortex in schizophreniaHuman Molecular Genetics2008270
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Understanding the mechanisms of viral induced asthma: new therapeutic directions200896
The IL-3/IL-5/GM-CSF common receptor plays a pivotal role in the regulation of Th2 immunity and allergic airway inflammationJournal of Immunology200895
The venous manifestations of pulse wave encephalopathy: windkessel dysfunction in normal aging and senile dementiaNeuroradiology200893
Deletion of CD151 results in a strain-dependent glomerular disease due to severe alterations of the glomerular basement membraneAmerican Journal of Pathology200893
Lycopene-rich treatments modify noneosinophilic airway inflammation in asthma: proof of conceptFree Radical Research200885
Cancer specialists' palliative care referral practices and perceptions: results of a national surveyPalliative Medicine200885
Adverse drug reactions in adult medical inpatients in a South African hospital serving a community with a high HIV/AIDS prevalence: prospective observational studyBritish Journal of Clinical Pharmacology200881
Discovery, biology and therapeutic potential of RNA interference, microRNA and antagomirs200874
Dietary fat and sleep duration in Chinese men and womenInternational Journal of Obesity200873
Perfusion CT: is it clinically useful?International Journal of Stroke200866
Vegetable-rich food pattern is related to obesity in ChinaInternational Journal of Obesity200865
Development of the palliative care needs assessment tool (PC-NAT) for use by multi-disciplinary health professionalsPalliative Medicine200865
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Smoking care provision in hospitals: a review of prevalenceNicotine and Tobacco Research200860
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Prospective association between physical activity and falls in community-dwelling older womenJournal of Epidemiology and Community Health200853
Chlamydia muridarum infection subverts dendritic cell function to promote Th2 immunity and airways hyperreactivityJournal of Immunology200850
Maternal asthma and placental morphometry: effects of severity, treatment and fetal sexPlacenta200846
The VEGF_936_C>T 3'UTR polymorphism reduces BRCA1-associated breast cancer risk in Polish womenCancer Letters200845