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Most Cited Articles of Warneford Hospital in 1988

Suicide, and other causes of death, following attempted suicideBritish Journal of Psychiatry1988353
Non-psychotic psychiatric disorder after childbirth. A prospective study of prevalence, incidence, course and natureBritish Journal of Psychiatry1988351
Sexual dysfunction among middle aged women in the communityBritish Medical Journal1988156
Recent clinical and epidemiological trends in parasuicide in Edinburgh and Oxford: a tale of two citiesPsychological Medicine1988144
Self-esteem--a psychiatric viewBritish Journal of Psychiatry198894
What happens to medical patients with psychiatric disorder?Journal of Psychosomatic Research198892
Hyperventilation in panic attacks. Ambulant monitoring of transcutaneous carbon dioxideBritish Journal of Psychiatry198869
Changes in behaviour in dementia: a neglected research areaBritish Journal of Psychiatry198862
Psychosocial and neuropsychiatric aspects of HIV infection: review of their extent and implications for psychiatryJournal of Psychosomatic Research198861
Five-year follow-up study of extremely low-birthweight infantsDevelopmental Medicine and Child Neurology198855
Alpha-2-adrenoceptor function in alcohol withdrawal: a pilot study of the effects of iv. clonidine in alcoholics and normalsAlcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research198852
The current status of the psychological treatments for bulimia nervosaJournal of Psychosomatic Research198845
Psychotherapy and dysmorphophobia: a case reportBritish Journal of Psychiatry198829
Changes in eating in dementiaNeurobiology of Aging198828
Treating the premenstrual syndromeBMJ: British Medical Journal198826
Female unemployment and attempted suicideBritish Journal of Psychiatry198821
Demonstration and treatment of hyperventilation causing asthmaBritish Journal of Psychiatry198819
The hypothermic response to clonidine is absent in alcohol withdrawal but returns in abstinenceBiological Psychiatry198816
Predicting response to anxiety management in patients with generalised anxiety disordersBehaviour Research and Therapy198814
Changes in benzodiazepine/GABA receptor complex function in benzodiazepine-tolerant micePsychopharmacology198812
Teaching psychiatric ethicsMedical Education198811
The ethics of enforced medical treatment: the balance modelJournal of Applied Philosophy198811
Alcohol misuse in patients attending a genitourinary clinicAlcohol and Alcoholism19888
Evidence that imipramine-induced postural hypotension may be centrally mediatedHuman Psychopharmacology19886
Time-dependent variations of transcutaneous PCO2 level in normal subjectsJournal of Applied Physiology19884