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Most Cited Articles of Warneford Hospital in 1987

Assessment of suicide riskBritish Journal of Psychiatry1987210
Psychiatric disorder and gynaecological symptoms in middle aged women: a community surveyBritish Medical Journal1987149
Anxiety management for persistent generalised anxietyBritish Journal of Psychiatry1987111
Evaluation of out-patient counselling compared with general practitioner care following overdosesPsychological Medicine198797
Family life and diabetic controlJournal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines198762
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Anorexia nervosa in males. A comparison with female patientsBritish Journal of Psychiatry198748
Psychiatric disorder in medical in-patientsThe Quarterly Journal of Medicine198741
Diazepam alters brain 5-HT function in man: implications for the acute and chronic effects of benzodiazepinesPsychological Medicine198736
Quality of life after coronary artery surgeryThe Quarterly Journal of Medicine198732
Congenital hypertrichosis lanuginosa: neonatal shavingArchives of Disease in Childhood198728
The neuroendocrine effects of oral imipraminePsychoneuroendocrinology198726
A single dose of FG 7142 causes long-term increases in mouse cortical beta-adrenoceptorsEuropean Journal of Pharmacology198718
Social and psychiatric factors associated with the intention to breastfeedJournal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology198715
A sadly neglected cognitive element in depression: A reply to EllisCognitive Therapy and Research198710
A British view of liaison psychiatryGeneral Hospital Psychiatry19879
Clonidine in alcohol withdrawal: a pilot study of differential symptom responses following i.v. clonidineAlcohol and Alcoholism19879
ECT for Post-stroke Depression: Beta Blockade to Modify Rise in Blood PressureConvulsive Therapy19878
Do antidepressants cause postural hypotension by blocking cardiovascular reflexes?European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology19877
Platelet monamine receptor binding in alcoholics during withdrawalAddiction19874
A psychosocial view of the nuclear arms raceMedicine and War19872
Attitudes of British Psychotherapists Towards the Role of Humour in PsychotherapyBritish Journal of Psychotherapy19872
Capgras' syndrome in a patient with dementiaBritish Journal of Psychiatry19871
“Caesar of the Salpêtrière” J.-M. Charcot's impact on Psychological Medicine in the 1880sBulletin of the Royal College of Psychiatrists19871
Psychiatry and the Public SchoolBulletin of the Royal College of Psychiatrists1987