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Most Cited Articles of Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in 2014

A promoter-level mammalian expression atlasNature20141.3K
Genome-wide analysis of HPV integration in human cancers reveals recurrent, focal genomic instabilityGenome Research2014259
Fully automated detection of diabetic macular edema and dry age-related macular degeneration from optical coherence tomography imagesBiomedical Optics Express2014227
Is noise-induced cochlear neuropathy key to the generation of hyperacusis or tinnitus?Journal of Neurophysiology2014220
Total thyroidectomy is associated with increased risk of complications for low- and high-volume surgeonsAnnals of Surgical Oncology2014208
High-dimensional cluster analysis with the masked EM algorithmNeural Computation2014192
Genome-wide analysis of multi-ancestry cohorts identifies new loci influencing intraocular pressure and susceptibility to glaucomaNature Genetics2014171
Cochlear neuropathy and the coding of supra-threshold soundFrontiers in Systems Neuroscience2014163
Neurotrophin-3 regulates ribbon synapse density in the cochlea and induces synapse regeneration after acoustic traumaELife2014153
The precise temporal pattern of prehearing spontaneous activity is necessary for tonotopic map refinementNeuron2014152
In vivo confocal microscopy of the ocular surface: from bench to bedsideCurrent Eye Research2014148
Etiology, diagnosis, and management of facial palsy: 2000 patients at a facial nerve centerLaryngoscope2014148
The clinically used photosensitizer Verteporfin (VP) inhibits YAP-TEAD and human retinoblastoma cell growth in vitro without light activationExperimental Eye Research2014148
Biomechanical characterization of keratoconus corneas ex vivo with Brillouin microscopy2014143
Common variants near ABCA1, AFAP1 and GMDS confer risk of primary open-angle glaucomaNature Genetics2014141
Lgr5-positive supporting cells generate new hair cells in the postnatal cochleaStem Cell Reports2014138
Continuous vagal IONM prevents recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis by revealing initial EMG changes of impending neuropraxic injury: a prospective, multicenter studyLaryngoscope2014137
Programmed necrosis, not apoptosis, is a key mediator of cell loss and DAMP-mediated inflammation in dsRNA-induced retinal degenerationCell Death and Differentiation2014133
In vivo performance of a drug-eluting contact lens to treat glaucoma for a monthBiomaterials2014122
Mammary analogue secretory carcinoma: update on a new diagnosis of salivary gland malignancyLaryngoscope2014117
The "new" head and neck cancer patient-young, nonsmoker, nondrinker, and HPV positive: evaluationOtolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery2014116
Efficient transduction and optogenetic stimulation of retinal bipolar cells by a synthetic adeno-associated virus capsid and promoterEMBO Molecular Medicine2014115
Second nonocular tumors among survivors of retinoblastoma treated with contemporary photon and proton radiotherapyCancer2014114
Nature and nurture- genes and environment- predict onset and progression of macular degenerationProgress in Retinal and Eye Research2014112
Friend turned foe: evolution of enterococcal virulence and antibiotic resistanceAnnual Review of Microbiology2014108