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1European Journal of Operational Research9569529449
2Nature Physics4471315361
3Lecture Notes in Computer Science52653.5K1.3K
4Machine Vision and Applications122245243
5Physical Review Letters12092.4K1.9K
6Physical Review B41441.9K1.7K
7International Journal of Computer Vision277276325
8Journal of Alloys and Compounds7741.4K2.1K
9International Journal of Psychoanalysis1469930
10Neuropsychiatrie De L'Enfance Et De L'Adolescence540196
11Journal of Physics Condensed Matter4391.0K1.2K
12International Journal of Production Research6375011.2K
13Journal of Materials Science1362.4K2.1K
14Journal of Power Sources1341.5K1.8K
15Zeitschrift Fur Naturforschung - Section B Journal of Chemical Sciences231445310
16IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine123493475
17Annales Medico-Psychologiques1121619
18Transportation Research Part B: Methodological120372525
20Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology1151.3K1.4K
20Journal of Heuristics115199314
22Computers and Operations Research1148181.1K
23Plant and Cell Physiology113587892
24Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials2121.7K2.3K
24Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal112101173
24Perspectives Psy212165
27Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion111108139
28International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology1101.7K2.1K
28Powder Technology1101.3K1.7K
30PLoS ONE178.8K11.1K
31Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers15587598
31International Journal of Intelligent Systems15536870
31Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry15187384
34IFAC Postprint Volumes IPPV / International Federation of Automatic Control141.9K1.6K
35NPG Neurologie - Psychiatrie - Geriatrie132414
36Microelectronic Engineering128561.3K
36Electronics (Switzerland)221.4K2.6K
36Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan12143159
36Springer Optimization and Its Applications12269326
36International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology12140102
41Optics Communications111.7K2.5K
41ECS Transactions111.1K1.3K
41IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity111.0K1.4K
41Applied Sciences (Switzerland)113.5K5.0K
41Applied Mathematical Modelling111.2K2.0K
41Music Educators Journal21150205
41Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing11601935
41Evolution Psychiatrique112429
41Journal of Artificial Organs11143305
41Diseases (Basel, Switzerland)11133390
52Microelectronics Reliability108421.4K
52International Journal of Theoretical Physics101.1K1.6K
52Microsystem Technologies206001.4K
52BMJ Global Health106731.3K
52Revue Sage - Femme101419
52The International Journal of Essential Oil Therapeutics: Exploring the Bioactivity of Aromatic Plants10946