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Most Cited Articles of Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology in 2013

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Digital cameras with designs inspired by the arthropod eyeNature2013721
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Transient, biocompatible electronics and energy harvesters based on ZnOSmall2013280
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Deformable, Programmable, and Shape-Memorizing Micro-OpticsAdvanced Functional Materials2013178
Three-dimensional self-assembled photonic crystals with high temperature stability for thermal emission modificationNature Communications2013166
Hydrogel-Based Glucose Sensors: Effects of Phenylboronic Acid Chemical Structure on ResponseChemistry of Materials2013146
Selective Delivery of an Anticancer Drug with Aptamer-Functionalized Liposomes to Breast Cancer Cells andJournal of Materials Chemistry B2013139
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Characterizing the membrane-bound state of cytochrome P450 3A4: structure, depth of insertion, and orientationJournal of the American Chemical Society2013115
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