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Most Cited Articles of Azusa Pacific University in 2016

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Screen-identified selective inhibitor of lysine demethylase 5A blocks cancer cell growth and drug resistanceOncotarget201655
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Meta-Prediction of MTHFR Gene Polymorphism Mutations and Associated Risk for Colorectal CancerBiological Research for Nursing201621
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Women in Leadership: The Future of Christian Higher EducationChristian Higher Education201613
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Organizational Identification: A Mixed Methods Study Exploring Students’ Relationship with Their UniversityCommunication Quarterly201611
Older Latinos: Applying the Ethnocultural Gerontological Nursing ModelJournal of Transcultural Nursing201610
Early visual processing for low spatial frequency fearful face is correlated with cortical volume in patients with schizophreniaNeuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment201610